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[The episode starts at the Valley View Mall.]

Announcer: Attention Shoppers. The Valley View Mall will be closing in five minutes.

Shopper: Please the store is closing, You want the crystal or not?

Teen: Gee, I don't know. Why is it so expensive?

Shopper: It's very special. Look into the crystal and you'll see the depths of you're very soul.

Teen: Oh.

Both: Monsters!

Krumm: That was fun.

Both: Monsters!

Hal: Hey! No running in the mall.

Boss: Hello, Could I have you attention over here?

Hal: Yeah.

Boss: Anyway, the new security system is totally state of the art so try not to get in it's way.

Hal: State of the art. State of the art? Can your state of the art security system put a immediate stop to horseplay on the emulators?

Boss: Just keep your eyes open.

Hal: Don't you worry. I got it covered. There's not a man alive whos gonna get by this cop.

Oblina: There's our way out. Come on!

[They flee to the exit, only for Oblina to stop and see a lava lamp.]

Oblina: [gasp] It's wondrous...

[Ickis and Krumm stopped and turn to see Oblina staring at the lamp.]

Ickis: Oblina.. Come on!

Krumm: What's she doing?

Ickis: I don't know. Will you come on? we just can't...

[Ickis saw the lamp as his eyes become wide.]

Ickis: It's...

Krumm: What?

Ickis: Wondrous,

[Their eyes stare at the lava lamp like they were hit into a spell.]

Krumm: Wow.

Boss: Make sure you activate the system after I leave. Oh and let the dogs go too.

Hal: Oh yeah sure.

Boss: After I leave you moron!

Hal: Oh.


Hal: Hey! No running in the mall! Darn dogs.

[Meanwhile, the monsters are still staring at the lamp still hypnotized.]

Ickis: Lava Lamp 2000.

Oblina: It's...

Krumm: It's...

Ickis: There are no words.

Oblina: It is beyond comprehension.

Krumm: It reminds me of my mother. I feel warm all over.

Ickis: Dogs!


Oblina: Use me! That was close.

Krumm: Tell me about it. Where are we?

Oblina: We are far away from.. the Lump.

Ickis: The Lump?

Krumm: The lamp.

Ickis: Oh, the lamp. But how do we get pass them?

Oblina: We cannot leave without it.


Ickis: Do something.

Oblina: I just did! They're getting closer.


Oblina: Why are we stopping?

Krumm: This is bad. Real bad!

Ickis: That's it. I've had it. Well, it's been great knowing you guys. Guys?

Oblina: Come on. Let's find the lump.

Ickis: How did you how to do this?

Oblina: Well I once aid a spaghetti western. Yes.

Krumm: Giddy on little doggies.

Oblina: Krumm what are you going?

Krumm: This outta fix their wagon. [they jump off the wagon] Here you go little doggies. They'll never get it now.

Oblina: Krumm!

Krumm: Get me down I hate heights.

Ickis: Oh no. What are we gonna do? He's all the way up there, and we're all they way down here..

Oblina: Ickis, get a grip!

Ickis: Sorry.

Oblina: Do not move we will get you down.

Ickis: Unless monsters know how to fly we are in big trouble!

Oblina: Don't be such a baby. Just jump.

Ickis: I'm not having fun here.

Hal: No running in the mall.

Krumm: Thanks.

Oblina: Not at all.

Ickis: You know I could have been suffered bruised.

Oblina: Don't be ridiculous. You in more than standing here.

Ickis: Oh really? Well I just don't think-Yah! Ow..

Krumm: Bummer,


Ickis: I'm telling you I have no feeling in my right claw.

Oblina: I bet you would feel better if you were near the Lump.

Ickis: I bet I would.

Oblina: The human is talking out Lump!

Ickis: Well, he can't have it.

Oblina: Let's say we scare him so he'll sleep with the lights on for the rest of his life.

Krumm: Yeah!


Oblina: The Lump.

Ickis: The lamp.

Krumm: The lamp.

Thief: Monsters. Monsters!

Hal: Hey.

Thief: Please you got to take me in. Lock me up when it's safe.

Hal: What the?

Boss: Great job Hal! You caught the burglar.

Hal: Burglar?

Officer: We've been after this guy for months.

Hal: Oh yeah sir Burglar. I caught the burglar.

Thief: Monsters! I'm tell you. They were here.

Hal: Yeah. We all struggle for our monsters. Don't you worry son.

Boss: What the?

Hal: Hey! No running in the mall! Darn dogs.

Boss: Hal, as manager as this mall I could be prouder.

Hal: Well..

Boss: How didn't you catch him?

Hal: It was no big deal.

Boss: And so, I like to present you with this token of appreciation for your fine work.

Hal: Thank you. What a fine thing this is.

[Hal throws the Lava lamp away.]