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[The episode starts at the Valley View Mall, a burglar is seen holding a ski creeping past Hal the security guard and uses a card to open a door and the burglar makes his way towards a sports shop.]

Announcer: Attention Shoppers. The Valley View Mall will be closing in five minutes.

Shopper: Please the store is closing, You want the crystal or not?

Teen: Gee, I don't know. Why is it so expensive?

Shopper: It's very special. Look into the crystal and you'll see the depths of your very soul.

Teen: Oh.

[The crystal ball reveals itself to be actually Krumm's eyeball that he is holding, both people scream and run out of the shop]

Both: Monsters!

Krumm: That was fun.

Both: Monsters!

Hal: Hey! No running in the mall.

Bob: Hello, Could I have you attention over here?

Hal: Yeah.

Bob: Anyway, the new security system is totally state of the art so try not to get in it's way.

Hal: State of the art. State of the art? Can your state of the art security system put an immediate stop to horseplay on the escalators?

Bob: Just keep your eyes open, the security system is good, but I don't want to take any chances, three burglarys in a month is enough.

Hal: Don't you worry. I've got it covered. There's not a man alive who's gonna get by this rilla cop.

[Meanwhile Oblina spots a rest room]

Oblina: There's our way out. Come on!

[They flee to the exit, only for Oblina to stop and see a lava lamp.]

Oblina: [gasp] It's wondrous...

[Ickis and Krumm stopped and turn to see Oblina staring at the lamp.]

Ickis: Oblina.. Come on!

Krumm: What's she doing?

Ickis: I don't know. Will you come on? we just can't...

[Ickis saw the lamp as his eyes become wide.]

Ickis: It's...really...

Krumm: What?

Ickis: Wondrous.

[Their eyes stare at the lava lamp like they were hit into a spell.]

Krumm: Wow.

Bob: Make sure you activate the system after I leave. Oh and let the dogs go too.

Hal: Oh yeah sure.

[Releases the dogs out barking, Bob hides behind a door with the dogs still barking at him]

Boss: After I leave you moron!

Hal: Oh.

[Hal then activates the door button on the security systeam and all the doors and entrances are closed off]

Hal: Hey! No running in the mall! Darn dogs.

[The security guard then falls asleep and accidentally activates the door button on the security system again with his elbow and all the doors and entrances all open up again, meanwhile the burglar takes off his ski clothes and sets down a net trap and puts a piece of meat on it and then he drills a hole in the glass of the jewellery shop window but the glass on the window breaks completely making a loud noise but the security guard is still sleeping and the burglar takes a necklace.]

[Meanwhile, the monsters are still staring at the lamp still hypnotized.]

Ickis: Lava Lamp 2000, It's...

Oblina: It's...

Krumm: It's...

Ickis: There are no words. [Sheds tears of joy]

Oblina: It is beyond comprehension.

Krumm: It reminds me of my mother. I feel warm all over.

[The dogs are barking behind the monsters, the monster turn to look and sees them.]

Ickis: Dogs!

[The monsters try fleeing towards the exit, but the security guard acidentally hits the door button again on the security system making all the doors and entrances close again, Oblina trys scaring the dogs but to no avail and the monsters continue running with the dogs still behind them.]

Oblina: Hey, use me!

[Oblina lifts up the barred entrance grating and the monsters run under it into a shop]

Oblina: That was close.

Krumm: Tell me about it. [Shows a painful mark on his butt] Where are we?

Oblina: Far away from.. the Lump.

Ickis: The Lump?

Krumm: The lamp.

Ickis: Oh, the lamp.

[The dogs are panting and drooling outside the barred entrance]

Ickis: But how do we get pass them?

Oblina: We cannot leave without it.

[The dogs continue barking as the security guard accidentally hits the door button on the security system again causing all the doors to open up again as the monsters are seen driving a car through the shop window as the dogs chase them, Oblina tries scaring the dogs again but again to no avail. and continue chasing them.]

Ickis: Do something.

Oblina: I just did! They're getting closer.

[Krumm then tries to stink them away with his armpits but the dogs keep chasing them, the monsters then drive the car up the escalator crashing through a lot of things in the process and the drive the car back down the escalator again, then the dogs eventually end up crashing into a litter bin and the monsters are then seen driving outside and then their car stops.]

Oblina: Why are we stopping?

Krumm: This is bad. Real bad!

Ickis: That's it. I've had it. [He them attempts to scare the dogs away with his loom, as the dogs turn the corner he looms but fails to scare them away.]

Ickis: Well, it's been great knowing you guys. Guys?

[As the dogs continue running up to Ickis, Oblina and Krumm stop the dogs by hooking muzzles on to their noses from strings.]

Oblina: Come on. Let's find the lump.

[Oblina and Krumm then lure the dogs with a bone on a string towards a sleigh]

Ickis: How did you know how to do that?

Oblina: Well I once aid a spaghetti western. Yes.

Krumm: Giddy on little doggies.

Oblina: Krumm what are you doing?

Krumm: This outta fix their wagon, Here you go little doggies.

[They jump off the sleigh and Krumm picks up a branding iron and hooks a piece of meat on to the string with the bone.]

Krumm: They'll never get it now. [Laughs and then gets caught in the net trap that the burglar set.]

Oblina: Krumm!

Krumm: Get me down I hate heights.

Ickis: Oh no. What are we gonna do? He's all the way up there, and we're all they way down here..

Oblina: Ickis, get a grip!

Ickis: Sorry.

Oblina: Do not move we will get you down.

Ickis: Unless monsters have learnt to fly we are in big trouble!

[Ickis is then seen on a plane]

Oblina: Don't be such a baby. Just jump.

Ickis: I'm not having fun here.

[Ickis jumps off the plane and takes Krumm down with him, Oblina inflates her lips to use as a safety net, the plane then crashes into a wall.]

Hal: No running in the mall.

Krumm: Thanks.

Oblina: Not at all.

Ickis: [Angrily] You know I could have been severely bruised.

Oblina: Don't be ridiculous. You're in more jeopardy standing here then you ever were up there.

Ickis: Oh really? Well I just don't think-[Gets run over by the sleigh that the dogs are on] Yah! Ouch.

Krumm: Bummer.

[The burglar then drills a hole into another shop door and proceeds to take all the items in the display box.]

Ickis: I'm telling you I have no feeling in my right claw.

Oblina: I bet you would feel better if you were near the Lump.

Ickis: I bet I would.

[The burglar then sees the lava lamp and breaks the shop window and steals it.]

Oblina: That human is talking our Lump!

Ickis: Well, he can't have it.

Oblina: Let's say we scare him so he'll sleep with the lights on for the rest of his life.

Krumm: Yeah!

[The security guard accidentally presses the door button on the security system again all the doors and entrances close again, meanwhile the burglar is using a flamer to melt the metal bars and in the process picks up Oblina and Oblina scares him by pulling out her tongue showing lots of worms and bugs, the burglar screams and drops his bag of stolen goods and runs away.]

Oblina: The Lump.

Ickis: The lamp.

Krumm: The lamp.

[The burglar goes up to the security guard and lifts him up.]

Burglar: Monsters. Monsters!

[The security guard unaware presses the alarm button the security system with his elbow.]

Hal: Hey.

Burglar: Please please you got to take me in. Lock me up where it's safe.

[The police officers and Bob arrive to arrest the burglar]

Hal: What the?

Bob: Great job Hal! You caught the burglar.

Hal: Burglar?

Police Officer: We've been after this guy for months.

Hal: Oh yeah sure Burglar. I caught the burglar.

Burglar: Monsters! I'm telling you I'm telling you. They were here.

Hal: Yeah. We all struggle with our own monsters. Don't you worry son. A few years and one of our fine maximum security prisons and you'll feel much better.

[The dogs come running up still pulling the sleigh.]

Bob: What the?

Hal: Hey! No running in the mall! Darn dogs.

Bob: Hal, as manager as this mall I couldn't be prouder.

Hal: Well..

Bob: How did you catch him?

Hal: It was no big deal.

Bob: And so, I like to present you with this token of appreciation for your fine work.

Hal: Thank you. What a fine thing this is.

[Hal throws the Lava lamp away in the trash can where the monsters are inside it and gaze into the lava lamp as the episode fades out.]