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Gromble Soup

Gromble Soup is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season four.

Characters Present[]


The Gromble's sick and his substitute is horrible, so the monsters try to cure him with an old remedy.


The Gromble is seen at the academy sneezing and dismisses class early. The students cheer in delight and start causing chaos around the lunchroom. This is thwarted by Simpah, the Cafeteria Monster, who tells the students that the Gromble has left her in charge and that she has plans for them.

Simpah makes the monsters eat cupcakes and Ickis tells his two friends that he and his friends have to cure the Gromble right away. They enter his room and the headmaster tells them that he will be cured for days or weeks. He also tells them his grandmother's home remedy called Gromble Soup, which the ingredients include the king's crown, a dragon's head, and an ogre's tail, and it would cure him as quick as possible. The only problem is that they are now ancient and very difficult to find nowadays. But Oblina refuses to give up and has Krumm search for a dragon and Ickis search for an ogre while she locates the king's crown.

When The Monsters search through the city streets, they have yet to find either of the three ingredients. But when Ickis and Krumm are about to leave, The Monsters come across a TV City shop, where the announcer on television informs that the football team the Canaries take on the Dragons, and that the showdown, sponsored by Marty the Mattress King, is located on the corner on Cheetah McFleece right across the street from Red Castle Hamburgers.

At Marty's Mattresses building, where Marty the Mattress King is being given an interview to, Oblina sneaks in, only to get crushed by a mattress. Meanwhile, at the Red Castle Hamburgers restaurant, Ickis enters the kitchen of the restaurant and scares away the employees, who had mistaken him for a rat. The young monster enters the basement and is convinced that the ogre is down there.

Meanwhile, Krumm is at the football stadium to find the dragon mascot dancing around and getting junk thrown at him. When the mascot removes his mask, Krumm sneaks inside it and runs away with it. Back at Marty's Mattresses building, Oblina steals Marty's crown and scares him and everyone else inside away. Back at the basement of Red Castle Hamburgers, Ickis sneaks down and catches a man cleaning up the floor. He spots a feather duster in his back pocket, thinking that it is the ogre's tail. Ickis tries to sneak up behind him and steal it. When the man finds out that the monster is sneaking behind him, the latter grabs the "ogre's tail" and runs back up through the door.

Back in Gromble's room, Krumm and Oblina have made the soup and are impatiently waiting for Ickis to come as well. When Ickis finally returns with the "tail", Oblina reminds him that it is really a feather duster, much to Ickis' dismay. The Gromble tells Ickis that ogres are mean and nasty, and his demonstration is interrupted by Simpah, who enters the room with a vociferous tirade. As Simpah leaves, Ickis runs to her and cuts off her tail. He returns to the Gromble's room and puts the tail inside the soup. Krumm and Oblina drop the other ingredients inside and the Gromble takes a sip of it, curing him instantly. When Simpah returns to berate Ickis for cutting off her tail, she chases Ickis around, only for the Gromble to stop this as he thanks Ickis in the process. Simpah leaves in frustration and Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina are about to leave. But they are stopped by the Gromble, who tell them that now that he is cured, he will be back at the academy to teach again, much to the disappointment of the three young monsters, who walk away.