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Hairyette is a scorpion-like monster student at The Monster Academy. She is often seen with Horrifica and Dizzle, suggesting that the three of them are a close group. Hairyette goes by "Hairy," and is even listed by that name on The Gromble's class ranking chart. She could arguably be considered the third most prominent female character, after Oblina and Dizzle.


Hairyette has a long, segmented, peach-colored body, and blue lips with protruding front teeth and snake-like fangs. She has two eyes with heavy eyelashes, six arms with four digits per hand and two legs. Hairyette wears a purple skirt and black pumps. In Slumber Scare it's shown that she can separate her body segments, each of which can grow bat-like wings—excluding the segment with her legs.

Featured Appearances[]

Krumm's Pimple: Hairyette is shown to be a member of Horrifica's core group.

The Rival: Hairyette is referred to by The Gromble by name, specifically "Hairy."

Hats Off: Hairyette is among the students gathered for Ickis' magic show, she comments that it was "A monumental waste of time." (first credited appearance)

O'Lucky Monster: Hairyette tells Oblina that she's cursed. Hairyette has eight arms in this appearance.

Slumber Scare: She joins Oblina and Dizzle for a slumber party. (first credited as Hairyette)

Oblina Without a Cause: Hairyette is one of the "cool girls" Oblina tries to impress. Unlike in most episodes, her normally purple skirt is a fushia pink.

Hairyette can be seen in the backgrounds on most episodes, often sitting in the Second row of the far-left column in the Lecture Hall, next to Ickis.