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Hats Off is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 2nd season.

Characters present[]


Ickis takes a magician's hat and finds himself in a wonderland of sorts when he falls in and is crowned Bunny King.


At a magic show, a human is scared away in the bathroom by The Monsters as they emerge from the toilet. They enter back stage to find a magician performing his magic acts. Ickis is mesmerized by the magician's acts, but later discovers that the hat is the one that's performing the acts. As Oblina and Krumm leave via toilet, Ickis sneaks onto the stage and swipes the hat.

Oblina and Krumm are seen walking through the sewers and Ickis follows by with the hat. Later, he shows the other monsters the hat, but the magic doesn't seem to work, prompting the monsters to leave, much to Ickis' disappointment. So the three young monsters go to bed.

The next day, a rabbit emerges from the hat and wakes Ickis up. When he sees the rabbit hopping into the hat, Ickis follows suit and begins to fall down, down, down... until He lands onto a large flying dove and falls off, only to discover that he could fly, much to his surprise. He runs into the side of the inside of the hat and lands on the bottom. Soon, Ickis begins to panic and begs to go back home. He sees the 'Exit' sign and soon hears squeaking sounds. He comes across a flock of rabbits (in silhouette form) and tries to scare them away by turning his eyes red, only to find that the rabbits re doing the same as well. When the rabbits come out in view, they offer him a crown and make him the Bunny King. To Ickis' surprise, the rabbits run away from him. When Ickis finally sees a couple of cars (driven by tigers) riding towards him, he runs away from the cars, which later crash into a house of cards. He sees the bottom half of the magician's assistant Tiffany's torso walking and the other half of the assistant, who asks Ickis if he saw a pair of legs walking by. Ickis points straight ahead and Tiffany continue to walk on her hands to chase after them. Ickis tells her to be careful of the tiger, who Tiffany says is named Mittens, who the other rabbits are expecting to get rid of since he is the Bunny King. When Mittens drives around again in his car, Ickis decides that something must be done.

Ickis rounds up the rabbits and put them, the dove, and Tiffany in their places. Mittens drive his car towards Ickis, who jumps into a hole, with Mittens following. Ickis later emerges from the hole flying a dove and Mittens ends up in a jungle. The rabbits congratulate their "Bunny King" and Ickis tells them that they are free to live their lives. He tells them that he has to return to his world, but Tiffany tells him that he can't since he's the Bunny King. Ickis tries to escape, but is surrounded by the flock of rabbits and is compelled into staying inside the hat to remain the Bunny King.

When Krumm and Oblina hears Ickis' cries for help, they take the hat to the magic show, where the magician tries to stall the audience until his top hat turns up. Back inside the hat, Ickis comes to a number of microphones and says that he wants to return to his world and go home. Soon the inside of the hat begins to shrink and Ickis scares away the magician as he pulls him out of the hat. But when Ickis comes out of the hat, he finds that the audience are the rabbits. Ickis shrieks in frustration until he wakes up and finds himself sleeping, as he has only dreamed all the things that happened to him. Oblina tells him that she took the top hat back to the magic show. Ickis tells his friends his dream and Krumm surmises that it was about him being the Bunny King, saying he read a book about dreams. Ickis laughs out of relief and as he leaves with his friends, a bunny hops from behind and winks as the episode irises out.