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History of the Monster World

History of the Monster World is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season two.

Characters Present[]


The Gromble relates to his students the highlights of monster history and how it related to human history.


At the Monster Academy, the Gromble tells his students that they are going to study history, much to the students' annoyance. The Gromble tells that that those who ignore the past will repeat it and those who don't pay attention to the film will repeat the class. He shows them a video of cave monsters who lived without luxuries that are prevalent now, not to mention that since there were very few humans, they had to scare the same one over again. The cave monster in the video scares a caveman over until he runs away and invent a wheel of his own to escape the monster. He rides his hand-made wheel downhill.

As the video ends, the Gromble tells the other students that the monsters' ancestors are responsible for changing the way they live now. The next video he shows is set in the Arabian Empire, where humans were focused on world conquest while the monsters had other ideas. A monster named Leakikus, Leaky's great grandfather, was the first monster to roam through the sewer system, meaning that sewage is in Leaky's blood. Leakikus facilitated the ability to travel the human world via sewers. The monster emerges through a fountain and scares away the humans eating at the table in the dining room.

At the Academy, the monsters cheer for what they have seen when the Gromble shows a video of Oblina's great aunt Florina scaring away a fighter in a fighting arena and another video of a monster scaring away a human selling rags in an old village is shown, in which the streets were dirty, rats were plentiful and humans were physically unsanitary. There were also monsters who reside in a dilapidated castle around a large pool. A monster king tells them that the monsters are there because of their rudeness, ugliness, and lack of chivalry, congratulating them in the process. They scared away a number of humans around the streets successfully.

The Gromble also shows a video of one human who thought the same as the other monsters, who followed where he went. Pirates are shown sailing ships to Spain for pizza when they spot a ship replete with monsters, one of whom scares them from long distance. They get scared and turn the ships around. As the video ends, the Gromble tells his students that they discovered America this way.

A video of pilgrims are shown about to dump a woman into the wading well, believing she witnessed a witch, which the woman denies and says that it was a monster, which the pilgrims don't believe and promptly dumps her into the well until she finally says that she saw a witch. After the video Ickis asks Gromble about his father, which Gromble states that everybody knows how great Slickis was.

A video showing Slickis and Horvak in the past is then shown, as well as Gromble, who the other monsters laugh at. Slickis is also shown scaring a british ship slave on a ship, prompting him to drop the box of tea he and his mates were loading. His mate thinks that he was trying to get rid of the box and they dump the boxes into the ocean. Slickis also scares humans in the western city and humans carrying a liberty bell, which causes them to drop it as it falls on the ground with a crack, impressing Ickis.

A video of the american revolution is shown and Horvak attempts to scare the britains, but slips and drops his right eyeball, which one of the britains mistake for a bullet and launch out of his gun. Videos of railroads and factories are also shown and the Gromble states that all those things inspired the greatest scares in monster history. More videos such as monsters scaring humans through transmitters, inside the white house, and at a music concert are shown, and as the video finally comes to an end, the Gromble tells his students how the video would inspire them to attempt impossible scares to give a good name to monster history.

At the three young monsters' dorm, the trio feel inspired and wonder if they would do just as great now. A video of the Monsters scaring an astronaut flying a spaceship is shown and the ship destroys the ring around saturn as the episode ends.


  • This episode was released on the Paramount VHS re-release of Meet the Monsters.
  • This is how the monsters came to be in this episode.
  • This episode shows how Krumm's father, Horvak, lost his right eye.