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Horrifica is a student at The Monster Academy.


Horrifica has light blue-green skin with a scaly, darker green-blue, cone-shaped torso, which closely resembles a dress. She has three eyes, a wide mouth with purple lips, two pairs of protruding fangs, and long fleshy appendages coming off her head. She has two arms with three digits on each finger and two legs, she wears black high-heeled shoes. It is implied that Horrifica is very attractive by monster standards.

Featured Appearances[]

Krumm's Pimple: Horrifica is nice to Krumm, because of his new pimple, but soon becomes only nice to Steve.

Smile and Say Oblina: Horrifica is a cheerleader at the game and later wins the affections of Gludge, as he can see his reflection in her scales. (non-speaking role.)


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