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Horvak is Krumm's father, and thus not he only looks like Krumm, but also carries his eyes in his hands. He lost one eye, literally, at the Battle of Lexington, when a minuteman mistook it for a bullet and used to fire the first shot of the American Revolution. He began working as a mold-farmer after flunking out of The Monster Academy, although Krumm believes he dropped out willingly. He is the carrier of a family curse called "The Curse of the Krumm", which causes those affected to lose their horrendous stench.


Horvak is peach with two hands. One of his hands is wearing a black glove, because of the lost eye incident. He has a mustache, and he has a pimple on his nose.


Horvak has appeared in several episodes of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. His first appearance was in Curse of the Krumm.

Spontaneously Combustible: Horvak comes to The Monster Academy to take Krumm home under the pretext of needing help with the mold harvest to get him away from Ickis.

He has appeared on History of the Monster World.