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Ickis: What about the time I scared a personal football player?

Krumm: Big deal. I scared a personal wrestler.

Ickis: Oh, yeah? I scared a whole hockey team.

Oblina: Enough of this. You two are full of sludge.

Ickis: You're just jealous.

Oblina: Jealous of you two? Well, if you are brave why not do something really daring like take the Snorch's new golden nose hair. What's the matter you two? Are you human?

[From inside Zimbo and Snorch's bedroom.]

Zimbo: 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 09 100. You and your new nose hair. I swear you love it more than me. Why don't youj ust pluck it out... Or not!

[Ickis and Krumm slowly enter where they see the Snorch sleeping. Ickis used the Twizzlers and pluck the golden hair out of the Snorch's nose and left.]

Oblina: So where have you two been? Stealing the Snorch's golden nose hair? [Laughs.]

Ickis: Ha! [He shows her the golden hair]

[Oblina became stunned and shocked.]

Oblina: I do not believe this. This has been the most irresponsible thing you ever done.

Krumm: It was your idea.

Oblina: Well, I never thought you would actually do it. You are going to get us all expelled. Give me that!

Ickis: No way. Besides look at it, it's so repulsive.

[Right after Ickis opened the jar, the hair piece flies off.]

Ickis: Quick! It's getting away!

[The monsters catch it.]

Oblina: Hide it, hide it before someone sees it.

Krumm: I know I got just the place. [He attempts to hide it in his armpit, but it falls off.] Oh no. I killed it.

[Ickis placed his ear on the hair.]

Ickis: No, no. It's only stunned.

Oblina: Well, this is it. I'm going to be expelled. And it is all your fault!

Ickis: Oh, yeah, Miss Tell Us to do something where you really mean us to?

Krumm: You know come to think of it, it was apparently a dumb idea.


Krumm: I didn't think of it before.

Ickis: [mimics] I didn't think of it before.

Oblina: Okay, okay. Let us just calm down. Maybe we are making too much of this. Maybe it will all just blow over.


Gromble: Good morning, class. Hope everyone slept badly. Before we begin, does anybody notice anything different about our friend, The Snorch?

[Zimbo takes the bag off the Snorch's head, revealing he doesn't have the nose hair. The monsters gasp.]

Gromble: Now, I'm going to turn my back, count to ten And the party responsible for taking The snorch's golden nose hair will come forward And all will be forgiven. One... Two... Ten! Then you leave me no choice. I will be forced to conduct A thorough search for the nose hair. Until then, this dump is under total lock-down!


Zimbo: Ok, do not fret, my dearest Snorch, my very dear friend, I will find out who stole your precious silky nose hair and when I do you will make them pay to the nose. Excuse me for mentioning the word.


Ickis: Oh no. Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no! What do we do?! This is all your fault, Oblina!

Oblina: You shush! You're the one who took it! You and Krumm!

Krumm: Hey, don't look at me, it was all Ickis' idea! I'm just a bad seed!

Ickis: You know Krumm, if we say it was Oblina's idea, maybe the Gromble will go easy on us.

Oblina: Krumm, listen to me. It was Ickis who take the deed. Let him take the fault.

[The glass jar breaks as the hair got away again.]

Gromble: Going somewhere?

Ickis: [Yelps] NO! [Laughs] What makes you say that?

Zimbo: [To Ickis] Well, we're you last night between the hours of bedtime and wake up. You never lied to the Snorch, did you? [To Krumm] And you? You have coveted the Snorch's golden nose hair. It is the stuff that monster dreams are made of.

Gromble: ENOUGH! Proceed.

Zimbo: Over here. Oh no. Over here. Search and destroy.

Oblina: Just so you know I was here all night long Studying on my, well, lurking lessons.

Krumm: Yeah, we saw her lurk. Like this.

Gromble: Your lurk needs work. Next!

Zimbo: But don't get too relaxed, for I will be watching you every moment. I have eyes at the back of my [gets hit] head.

Ickis: He knows. He knows we did!

Krumm: No, he's only bluffing,

Oblina: It does not matter. It is all over.


Snav: I love my yo-yo.

Blib: I know. You told me.

Snav: Oh, I forgot.

Gromble: Search time!

Snav: You know Mr. Snorch, I hated if someone took any of my treasures. That's way I keep them all right here under my pillow. You wanna see. My fishbone, my maggots, my golden nose hair. My golden nose hair?

[Snorch was so happy that that his hair is back.]

Zimbo: So, snav You are the morally bankrupt Despicable criminal... You... Are the... Hair-nabber.

Snav: But...

Gromble: Snav, I'm very disappointed in you.

Snav: But, but, but.

Gromble: We'll let the Snorch decide on the appropriate punishment, later.

Blib: Snav, I know you didn't do it. I'll prove you innocent even if it takes the rest of your life.

[In night time the monsters were sleeping in which they start to have dreams...]

Gromble: I sentenced you to a 90 day snorching!

Snav: Krumm, help me.


Snav: Why didn't you say something? Why?


[Ickis wakes up from his nightmare, screaming.]

Ickis: [screaming] I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Krumm: I can't either, what do we do?

Oblina: The only thing we can do.

[They go to the Gromble and woke him up.]

Gromble: I was having the most wonderful nightmare. Thank you so much for ENDING IT!

Ickis: Your Grombleness...

Gromble: Get to the point!

Oblina: Well, we took the Snorch's golden nose hair.

Ickis: What do you mean we? Krumm and I took it. I mean we took it! But it was her idea!

Oblina: Well, I wouldn't be dumb enough to do it!

Krumm: I resent that.

Gromble: SILENCE!


Zimbo: Now dance. Dance. Dance! Enjoy yourself, monsters And do try save some energy Because you shall be Doing that For the next ten days. Faster Snorch Faster.