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I Heard the Snorch Call My Name is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 3rd season. It first aired on November 16, 1996.

I Heard the Snorch Call My Name
Episode 72 (Season 3, Episode 11b)
Airdate November 16, 1996
Directed by Andrei Svislotski
Written by Mary Elizabeth Williams
Spencer Green
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
"Monster Blues"
"Wake Me When It's Over"

Characters present


Tired of not being able to express his true intellect or talk to Oblina, the Snorch has a voicebox implanted that allows him to speak.


Ickis and Krumm are playing with their food during lunch time and Oblina, annoyed more than usual, is convinced that there is not a single monster in the dump with a brain. The young monster walks past The Snorch, who stares in disappointment. In Snorch's room, Zimbo asks Snorch why does he want Oblina's friendship. Snorch groans and Zimbo laughs at the idea of him having intelletual conversions with Oblina. Zimbo tells Snorch he is only true friend and the only one who truly understands him. Hearing this, Snorch falls to the floor bawling, while Zimbo keeps saying he's the only one truly care about him(which doesn't make Snorch feel any better). Snorch and Zimbo enter The Gromble's room(who's doing a shoe count) to tell him that although that Zimbo does a personal job of translating Snorch's words, Snorch would like to (literally)speak for himself. But Gromble says that teaching him to speak coherently is incorrigible, since they tried everything to teach the Snorch their language, so they can't help him in the traditional sense, but knows someone who can. So Gromble gets Dr. Buzz Kut to help him. Dr. Buzz Kut checks inside of Snorch's mouth and notes that he has very large vocal cords, saying this is going to be a real long shot. Dr. Buzz Kutt uses the Kutt Translator 3000. When it doesn't take affect for a few seconds, Snorch is heard talking in a coherent sentence in his own voice, much to the impressions of Dr. Buzz Kut, Zimbo, and Gromble.

The next day, at the Monster Academy, Gromble is teaching the other students when Snorch comes around and discusses the monsters' history to the other students, much to their impression. After class, Zimbo tries to convince Snorch to get rid of his new voicebox, but to no avail. Oblina comes around and Snorch walks with her, leaving Zimbo behind.

During lunch, Oblina and Snorch talk about the monsters' philosophy of scaring when Ickis and Krumm arrive and ask Oblina to go scaring in the cemetry with them, to which Oblina calls "so 19th century." She leaves with Snorch, much to the annoyance of Ickis and Krumm. Zimbo arrives and accuses them for having Oblina spend more time with Snorch than him. He compels Ickis and krumm to help him get Snorch back by making sure that Snorch and Oblina have no peace together. But their plans become foiled in every attempt.

So when Oblina and Snorch go to a factory to scare the workers, Oblina suddenly becomes lethargic and drops from an overhead catwalk, landing on a crane over a barrel of steaming sludge. Snorch tries to save her and his mouth catches on fire. Ickis, Krumm, and Zimbo arrive and Snorch throws Zimbo to Oblina, only for the latter to return feeling soporific as well. So Ickis and Krumm walk on the overhead catwalk and rescue her. When she finally regains consciousness, Oblina discovers that Snorch has strained his voice from yelling.

He is taken back to Dr. Buzz Kut, who says that Snorch has strained his voice box too badly and has to be removed, reverting Snorch back to being silent. Ickis asks Dr. Buzz Kut if he can give Snorch another artificial voice box, unfortunately, Dr. Buzz Kut says Snorch is too primative; his vocal cords will chew up anything they put in. Zimbo and Snorch are reunited, as well as Ickis and Krumm with Oblina. Krumm shows Oblina one of his tricks and Oblina can't help but laugh along with her friends.

Snorch is back in his room bawling and Zimbo is glad to be back with him. Oblina then comes around and offers Snorch a night at Club Sludge together, much to Zimbo's disappointment.


  • When Zimbo gets frustrated at the very end of the episode, the animation from when Zimbo was speaking to Dr. Buzz Kut for The Snorch is reused.
  • According to the Gromble, trying to teach The Snorch to speak was impossible. Mainly because The Snorch is too primitive.


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