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Ickis and the Red Zimbo

Ickis and the Red Zimbo is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season three.

Characters Present[]


Ickis finds a radio-controlled plane in the dump and uses it for his scares, which annoys Zimbo as he is no longer the only one who can fly.


While The Monsters are running through the dump, Ickis decides that he is tired of going scaring and it gets redundant to him very quickly. He tells Krumm and Oblina to go ahead without him and he'll catch up. While searching through the dump, Ickis finds a radio controller and uses it, controlling a helicopter, which flies after Ickis as the monster manages to duck. As the helicopter comes at him, he uses the controller to bring it to a halt and discovers that it controls the helicopter.

Meanwhile, Krumm and Oblina hide in a local mailbox and are preparing to scare the upcoming mailman. But as the mailman comes to the mailbox, he spots the helicopter flying after him and runs away in terror. Oblina and Krumm come out of the mailbox. Oblina is convinced that someone stole their scare and Krumm spots Ickis controlling the helicopter. Ickis tells his friends that he didn't know they were inside the mailbox and tells Oblina that she was right; scaring is fun. He uses the helicopter to scare a couple of children playing water balloon pranks, a robber who sneaks into a house via chimney, and a couple viewing the city from the roof.

The helicopter scares are shown via viewfinder back at the Monster Academy and the Gromble berates Ickis (who has noticeable gained a little weight) for his expedience. Ickis tells him that he is tired of looming and claims that there is nothing that says he should in the monster manual. Zimbo then comes around and says that Ickis is tainting his reputation of being the only flying monster due to using the helicopter. The Gromble then concedes the fact that Ickis can scare however he chooses, much to Zimbo's dismay.

In The Snorch's room, Zimbo talks about how he would not let Ickis destroy his reputation, while at The Monster's dorm, Ickis tells his friends that he would much rather use his helicopter to scare away the humans rather than doing it the old fashion way. Oblina takes away his controller, telling Ickis to loom, which the young monster responds that he doesn't feel like it. Oblina throws the controller at Ickis and takes Krumm along with her to go scaring. While Ickis rests, The Snorch and Zimbo step in to destroy the helicopter, but Ickis uses the controller to control it as it flies out of their reach. The helicopter urges Snorch out of the dorm room and Zimbo tells Ickis that he hasn't seen the last of him.

At the library, Zimbo gets Oblina to tell him Ickis' next scare at an attempt to ambush him so he and Snorch could destroy the helicopter, to which Oblina rapidly refuses. So they go to Krumm and feed him motor oil and snakes to get him to tell them where Ickis is planning his next scare. Krumm refuses, but accidentally gives away Ickis' location to scare at the lighthouse. Zimbo flies to the lighthouse and Oblina and Krumm try to go to the lighthouse to warn Ickis before it's too late.

At the lighthouse, the helicopter scares away the guard of the lighthouse and Zimbo confronts Ickis in the process. Zimbo and the helicopter controlled by Ickis get into a battle, which causes the helicopter to crash against the lighthouse, destroying it completely. Zimbo brags about his victory and flies away, only to get zapped by an overhead power line in the process. Things get worse for Ickis when he is chased into the lighthouse by a dog. When he makes it to the top of the lighthouse and hears the Gromble's words in his head ("You are a loomer, Ickis"; "You come from a long line of loomers"), he triggers into his scare mode and scares the dog away. Oblina and Krumm come up the lighthouse and The Monsters head back home.

As they make it to the dump, Ickis finally concedes that The Gromble was right and he is a loomer. Just then, they spot the Gromble controlling an airplane, which rapidly crashes down in the process.


  • This title is a pun off of Snoopy and the Red Baron.