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— This is a transcribed copy of Ickis and the Red Zimbo. —
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Krumm: Hurry up, Ickis.

Ickis: Scare, scare, scare, all we do is scare. Scaring is boring.

[He eats the empty can.]

Oblina: Shame on you Ickis. Scaring is our life.

Krumm: We scare, therefore we am. I mean, are.

Ickis: I know but.. the stress of scaring is starting to get to me.

Krumm: The Gromble has been pushing pretty hard lately.

Oblina: Poppycock. Scaring is fun, fun-- Come on.

Ickis: You guys go ahead. I'll catch up.


Krumm: This stinks.

Oblina: Shh.. This is it.

Krumm: This is gonna be good.


Oblina: Someone stole our scare.

Krumm: Hey, look what Ickis has.

Ickis: Sorry. Didn't know you were there. But you're right, Oblina. Scaring is fun.

Boy: Look here comes my brother, Tommy. Let's get him. Ready aim.. fi... what the?


Woman: Oh, what a beautiful city. Don'’t you just love it?

Harry: I hate it. It's dirty, smelly and filled with thieves, crooks and con men. I can'’t wait to get back home.

Woman: Oh, Harry, you won't see any thieves, crooks or con men if you look through here. What is it, honey?

Harry: Monster!

Ickis: Well, there you have it. Another fine scare brought to you by me... [laughing] .. and my flying thing.

Gromble: You seem very pleased with yourself, Ickis. I just have one problem. LOOK AT YOU! You're fat. You're lazy. When was the last time you loomed?

Ickis: I'm tired of looming. Looming is boring.

Gromble: Boring? You are a loomer, Ickis, your father was a loomer. Your father's father was a loomer. Your father's father's father was a loomer. You've come from a long line of loomers.

Ickis: But the monster manual clearly states "I scare, therefore I am." Nowhere does it say "I loom, therefore I am."

Gromble: Let me see that.

Krumm: If you ask me, it doesn't look like the Gromble has a hoof to stand on.

Oblina: No one asked you.

Zimbo: Forgive me, my all-knowing, all-wise and forever patient Gromble. May I humbly interject?

Gromble: STOP GROVELING, ZIMBO! What is it?

Zimbo: Since I, Zimbo, am the only flying monster in this academy, Ickis is violating my airspace.

Gromble: You know you can'’t hoard scaring territories, Zimbo. As much as I don'’t like it, Ickis is right. According to the monster manual, he can scare wherever and however he wants.


Zimbo: I don't care what the Gromble or the monster manual says. On my worse snakeless, Snorch, that little red-faced two-legged floppy-eared, piano-toothed upstarts will have to answer to Zimbo.

Krumm: Ickis, you want to come scaring out with us? I'’m smelling strong tonight.

Ickis: No offense. Smelling and looming and pulling your guts out served a purpose in
the old days, but this, this my friends is the future of scaring.

Krumm: Can I try that sometime?

Ickis: Sure. [Oblina swipes the controls away] Hey! Gimme that back!

Oblina: I will, if you loom for me. Come on, Icky, let me see you loom. Just once, for all time's sake.

Ickis: Maybe I don't feel like it today miss bossy.

Oblina: Just what I suspected. Come along, Krummy. Come scare with someone who appreciates your native stench.

Ickis: Don't let the future pass ya by!


Zimbo: So long, flying thing.

Ickis: So long, Zimbo!

Zimbo: Oh, very clever, my fat, flatulent friend. But mark my words. You have not seen the last of Zimbo.


Zimbo: Oblina, what a rare treat. May I say you look especially grotesque this evening? Listen to him. The Snorch says he wishes to drown in the murky cesspools of fetid brown filth that are your eyes.

Oblina: Cut the flattery, Zimbo. What do you want?

Zimbo: The flying thing. Everyone hates the flying thing. You tell me where Ickis is planning his next scare and I will ambush and destroy the flying thing.

Oblina: No.

Zimbo: You will be sorry. Woe unto to all those who slam the book shut on Zimbo. Ay yi yi, Snorch, it was just an expression. When Zimbo said "slamming the book", Zimbo did not mean for you to literally slam the book shut on Zimbo. Oh, stop your whimpering. Zimbo has not given up yet.

[He hears something]

Zimbo: Listen. Welcome, Krumm. Please forgive the indelicacy of Snorch'’s sevens.

Krumm: But I didn't do anything. I don't deserved to be snorched!

Zimbo: Snorched? Oh, but you'’re not here to
be Snorched. You are a guest. Isn'’t that right, Snorch? Precisely. Drink.

Krumm: Thanks.

Zimbo: Good boy. Snack? And there is plenty more where that came from, my good friend, if you tell me where Ickis is scaring next.

Krumm: No deal, Zimbo. Ickis has the right to scare at the lighthouse if he wants to-- Oops.


Zimbo: Not so tight. Load. Zimbo is ready to rumble.

Krumm: I didn't mean to, it just came out. It was an accident.

Zimbo: Out of my way Krumm. Ickis, here comes Zimbo!

Oblina: Krumm, we must warn Icky.

Krumm: Let's go!


Ickis: Mission accomplished!

Zimbo: Ickis... you have met the enemy and his name is Zimbo!

Ickis: It's time I clipped your wings, Zimbo.


Ickis: Time for a trim, Zimbo.
Zimbo: There's only one monster who does scares in the skies. And that is, Zimbo!


Ickis: What am I gonna do without you?


Krumm: Uh-oh, Ickis is in trouble.

Oblina: Come on.


Ickis: I guess the Gromble was right. I am a loomer.


Gromble: Gromble to flying thing, Gromble to flying thing. Prepare to scare, prepare to scare. [laughing] I had no idea this was so much fun.


All: Gromble!

Ickis: Was that for a flying thing?

Gromble: Flying thing? Don't be ridiculous. Whatever gave you that idea?