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Internal Affairs is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season four.

Internal Affairs
Internal Affairs.jpg
Episode 100 (Season 4, Episode 12B)
Airdate November 29, 1997
Directed by Jeff McGrath
Written by Kat Likkel
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
"Laugh, Krumm, Laugh"

Characters Present


Ickis and Krumm take a fantastic voyage inside Oblina to rid her of a parasite that gives her a monstrous appetite.


The Monsters scare away the flock of seagulls around the dump as they emerge through the dryer and enjoy the trash. Little do they know, a parasite named Sal is behind him thinking of which monster's body to invade. He hops in a can, which Ickis and Krumm argue over. Oblina snatches it from them and devours the can with the parasite still in it.

Inside Oblina's body, Sal decides to make the stomach bigger by rearranging her intestines, causing her to eat more food. Ickis and Krumm then bring the now-obese Oblina to The Gromble. She is taking to the monster doctor, where the doctor uses an x-ray to check inside of Oblina's insides, exposing the parasite as well. The doctor also says that if Oblina eats any more, she will burst. So Oblina decides to just simply pull out her guts. But this doesn't work since her organs are too fat to be pulled out.

In order to capture the parasite, Dr. Buzz Kut shrinks Ickis and Krumm to size thanks to Ickis' hypothetical sentence earlier with his Shrink Master 8000 and the two shrunken monsters enter the inside of Oblina's obese body. As they travel inside, they enter Oblina's lungs and go out of control. As Oblina screams very loudly, Ickis and Krumm end up back to her mouth and Gromble pushes them back inside the body as the two monsters enter Oblina's digestive system. There, they come across Sal, who pulls onto the intestines, causing Oblina to eat the corner of the x-ray. Finally, Ickis pulls the blue cord, causing Oblina to puke out Ickis, Krumm, and Sal.

Oblina is back to normal, as well as Ickis and Krumm, and Sal is caught by Gromble, who punishes him by putting him inside the music box while he is dressed as a ballerina. Gromble laughs at him and demands him to dance.


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