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Into the Woods

Into the Woods is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 2nd season. It first aired on September 23, 1995.

Characters present[]


Ickis has to rely on his human friend Bradley in order to complete an important group scare assignment or be expelled.


At the Hatt movie theater, a comedian is performing his act in front of the audience and tells such corny jokes that the audience doesn't budge. Oblina sneaks backstage and disguises herself as a cane. The comedian's assistant hands him the hat and "cane" and Oblina scares the daylights out of him, as well as the audience. This is shown via viewfinder at the Monster Academy and The Gromble is very pleased with this and explains group scares, which consists of scaring groups of humans all at once. He states that humans travel in groups because they feel safer when they are with another, thus the more they are in groups, the less scared they think they are. The Gromble then picks Ickis to participate in the next group scare, for he is the only monster who has not accomplished this task. Ickis is then taken to the viewfinder to show his last group scare, which shows him scaring a number of newly-born infants. The Gromble dislikes Ickis' quickly done group scare and threatens expulsion if Ickis doesn't do a real group scare by tomorrow. He also has The Snorch take Krumm and Oblina away to inhibit them from assisting Ickis, leaving the young monster on his own.

When Ickis laments his inept ability to perform a group scare, he decides to get Bradley, who saved him from Simon once, to ask him about humans. But he takes a second thought and decides to first read the Monster Manual before doing so, which says to never ask humans for help, or all monsters are doomed, much to Ickis' despair. But he decides to do it anyway, as it's his only good option.

At Bradley's house, Bradley's father is helping him prepare for his imminent camping trip. As Bradley's father leaves the bedroom, Ickis later sneaks into his room and Bradley tells him about his camping trip with ten other guys who pick on him, giving Ickis an idea. He and Bradley then devise a plan together for Ickis to scare away the other campers after Bradley's signal (which consists of Bradley flashing his face with a flashlight stating the monster's arrival) and Bradley pretends to chase him away in an attempt to be a hero. Ickis agrees with the plan and kicks Bradley in the shin.

The next day, Bradley is on the camping bus with the other campers and is getting spit wads shot at him. Ickis is also riding under the bus as well. When night falls, the camp guide is reading a story to the other campers, who continue to pick on Bradley. As the campers finally go to sleep, Ickis searches for the campsite through the woods and runs into a bear. Meanwhile, Bradley is listening to a scary story with the other campers, who have yet to get any sleep. Bradley decides to tell a scary story himself while Ickis is trying to avoid getting mauled by the bear.

By the time Bradley gives the single while telling the story, Ickis doesn't arrive, and the monster is seen trying to fight at the bear and finally drives him away. He takes a glimpse at the smoke floating up the sky and heads there, only to find out that it is only a trio of woodchoppers around a fire. When Ickis sees one of them flash a flashlight at his face, he thinks it is the signal and tries to scare them. But it only comes out as a shriek. When the woodchoppers spot him they chase him around the woods and Ickis winds up scaring the rest of the campers (except for Bradley, who pretends to drive Ickis away) and the woodchoppers ask if Bradley has seen any creature through the woods, which Bradley replies no, and the woodchoppers turn to leave. Bradley congratulates Ickis' scare, only for the bear to appear right behind Bradley, startling him and Ickis. Bradley flashes his light in the bear's face. But the bear slaps the flashlight off Bradley's hands, prompting Ickis to confront the bear and triggering into his scare mode, scaring the bear away. When the camp guide comes around to see what the noise is all about, Ickis leaves (but not before giving him a swift kick in the shine as retaliation for kicking him in the shin earlier) and Bradley tells the guide that he scared off a bear. At first, the guide doesn't believe him, but he spots bear tracks and fearfully climbs a tree.

The next day, Bradley is back on the camping bus telling the other campers about how he fought off the monster. The campers cajole him to tell it again even though he told them ten times. Ickis' scare is shown in the viewfinder back at the Monster Academy and the Gromble congratulates Ickis for his task. The Snorch then lets Krumm and Oblina go in the process and the monsters cajole Ickis to show his scare again, even though it was shown ten times.


  • Fourth and final appearance of Bradley.


  • When The Snorch comes to take Krumm and Oblina away after The Gromble told Ickis to prevent them from helping Ickis, Zimbo's head is red. This may have been a color error.