The Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Wiki

[It all started in a theater.]


Man: You stink!




Gromble: No.







Dad: Here you go son. Flashlight, cantei, bug spray, dental flossing, beef Jerky plenty of zinoxide.

Bradley: Dad, everyone's gonna pick on me on this camping trip.

Dad: Oh son I was picked on when I went to camp. So was your grandfather.

Bradley: Ickis?

Ickis: Bradley?

Bradley: Ickis what are you doing here?

Ickis: I was just in the neighborhood checking out the garbage. Care a monster just drop by?

Bradley: Listen Ickis, I'm busy right now. I gotta on this stupid camping trip.

Ickis: What's a stupid camping trip?

[Ickis curiously picks of the magnifying glass.]

Bradley: That's when you sleep on rocks with ten other guys and bugs crawl all over you. It's dark and scary.

Ickis: Sounds great. Wait. Ten other guys?

Bradley: Yeah. and they all pick on me.

Ickis: Bradley. I'm gonna go stupid camping with you and then I'll put a scare the shorts of those other guys.

Bradley: How?

Ickis: Good question. But I will scare them by a very scary method.

Bradley: Hey what if you scare them and then I scare you then those guys won't think I'm a whimp.

Ickis: You scare me? Don't make me laugh.

Bradley: You hide in the woods, then I'll give you the signal.

Ickis: That could work. What's the signal?

Bradley: The signal is when I do this.

Ickis: How about you say

Bradley: That could work.


Kids: 99 jars on placed on the wall, 99 jars are place....

Bradley: Ow! Quit it.

Ickis: Wait!


Camper: The toenail fungus root, the hideous carcass root, the moldy cheese root.

Bradley: Quit it!

Camper: And the hideous painful Mongolian death root.. later known as Stumpy.

Bradley: Help me!

Camper: Yes. Help me is exactly what Dr. Stumpy screamed when his feet were skered by the thorny spines.


Ickis: Hello? Bradley?

Boy: Some say that man with the hook hand is still alive.

Bradley: That wasn't scary at all.

Boy: You were too scared.

Boy 2: Yeah cause you're mommy wasn't hear to hold you're hand.

Bradley: Well, if you get out of here, I'll tell you a real scary story that if you think you can handle it. One night, on a night much like this one.

[Back with Ickis.]

Ickis: Go away! Go find a human to eat.

Bradley: The boy ran and ran but there was no escape. Everywhere he look the creature was right behind him. Until the big hairy monster with the huge fangs, leapt onto his unsuspecting prey. And once more. The big hairy monster with the huge fangs, leapt onto his unsuspecting prey!

[No answer]

Boy 3:Then what? What happen?

Bradley: The boy ran some more and the creature was really mad.


Man: Here you go, Roy.

Ickis: That's the signal. Yah!

Roy: Tiny what is that?

Tiny: I don't know.

Man: Get him.

Bradley: And then the creature go really really mad, even madder than before.

Boy: Hey I'm getting really really really bored.

[Ickis appears out of the woods screaming.]

Boy: AAHH! The big hairy monster!

[The boys run away.]

Bradley: Do not fear the hideous creature. Be gone foul monster.

Man: Hey kid. You see any strange looking creatures around here?

Bradley: Small purplish big ears about this high? Nope.

Roy: Darn I wanted me a new hood ornament.

[The people leave.]

Bradley: Ickis, you can come out now. You were great.

Ickis: Thanks. I think.

Bradley: Where were you? You kept me waiting forever.

Ickis: I thought I saw you...

Bradley: Go away, We're not afraid of you,

Ickis: We're not? Hey Why don't you pick on somebody your own size [eyes turn red] like me?

Camper: What's all the hoo ha?

Bradley: Ickis, you got to go.

Ickis: Okay. Thanks.

Bradley: Thank you.

Ickis: You're catching on.

Camper: What's going on here Bradley?

Bradley: I scare a bear away sir. See? He tore my shirt.

Camper: Oh sure you did son. Why if there was a bear there would certainly be tracks. and I don't see any...BEAR TRACKS!




Boy: Tell it again.



Ickis: Thank you. Now can I have my friends back?

[The Snorch lets Krumm and Oblina go by dropping em down.]

Monster: Ickis, show us your scare again.

Ickis: Oh come on! Ten times is enough!

Monsters: Please?

Ickis: Alright, if you insist.