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It's Only a Movie

It's Only a Movie is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 3rd season.

Characters present[]


A cutesy cartoon bear has Ickis scared out of his mind, especially when it shows up at the dump when no one else is around.


At the Wahorn movie theater, a movie called Cuddles Saves the Forest III is being featured and The Monsters exit the restroom searching for humans to scare. Ickis sneaks into the theater and takes a view at the movie, which Oblina and Krumm warn him about watching. Ickis tells them that he isn't scared of the movie and his friends leave him to watch the remainder of the film. He does, however, become startled when he sees Cuddle Bear. Ickis walks out of the theater and screams when he sees a cardboard cut-out of the lead character of the movie. He runs away and into the toilet.

When Ickis makes it into the sewers, Zimbo notices his fear and flies away. Krumm and Oblina tell the other monsters about Ickis' temerity to watch the movie and Zimbo says that Ickis wouldn't last five minutes through the cutesy movie. This prompts Ickis to face the others and claims that he wasn't the least bit apprehensive of the film. Zimbo tells Ickis that he wouldn't have the temerity to stand up to Cuddle Bear if he was real, which Ickis says that he would. As Ickis continues to boast, Zimbo has an idea of his own.

Later, at nighttime, Ickis looks inside his locker to pull out his wet sponge. But Oblina takes it away from him, seeing that Ickis was really scared of the movie. She tries to convince him that the film was made up and that he is a real monster, which Ickis is asked to reiterate over and over right before he gets his wet sponge back and The Monsters go to bed.

The next morning, The Monsters leave the room and walk through the dump to scare humans in the city. Just then, Ickis hears a voice calling his name and looks around and was a hallucination. He finally encounters Cuddle Bear and runs away to warn his friends. Oblina tells him that Ickis only saw Cuddle Bear because he watched the movie last night and she and Krumm tell Ickis to go back home while they continue their pastime of scaring.

Back at the dorm, Ickis is reading one of his books when Zimbo calls Ickis, saying that he is Oblina. A gullible Ickis walks to the door and opens it to find Cuddle Bear standing in front of him. Ickis lets out a high-pitched scream and barricades the door. He then hears Zimbo's voice who he thinks is Cuddle Bear's voice through the pipes saying, "Ickis, Ickis, I wuv you, I wuv you." When Oblina finally arrives with Krumm, she tells Ickis to open the door. But Ickis still thinks that it is only just Cuddle Bear trying to get him and hops onto his bed hugging his sponge. Krumm manages to push through the door and he and Oblina notice Ickis shaking in his bed with trepidation.

Later, Ickis is brought into The Gromble's room, where the headmaster works as his therapist. The Gromble asks the young monster if the bear he saw in the movie is just only in his imagination, to which Ickis replies that Cuddle Bear really does exists and that he is after him. The Gromble asks Ickis to wait in the hall, which the young monster complies to, and he, Krumm, and Oblina finally concede that Ickis has lost his mind. The Gromble decides to send Ickis to a place for monsters with "special problems," and Oblina imagines Ickis being sent to Moldy Dale, a monster's asylum. While Oblina tries to reason with the Gromble, Ickis spots Cuddle Bear in the hallway and runs to the Gromble squealing out, "He's out there!".

Later, Oblina and Krumm bring Ickis along with them to scare humans in a toy store. But Ickis sees the bear [offscreen] again and runs back home. When he enters his dorm, he finds Cuddle Bear and runs away, with the bear chasing after him. When Ickis hides in the stands of the main academy, he finds the bear's head being removed, revealing Zimbo in disguise. Furious that Zimbo tricked him into losing his mind, Ickis decides to devise a plan to get back at Zimbo.

Later, Ickis attempts to get the attention of Zimbo in the bear disguise and has him chasing him. He pours oil on the floor and Zimbo in disguise slips on it and crashes into a wall. He chases Ickis once again, only to run into the door he opens. Finally, Ickis drops the elevator cage onto the bear disguise and scares the disguised Zimbo away. He runs into Krumm and Oblina and Ickis comes around, still looming, and unmasks Zimbo.

Later, Zimbo is forced to listen to the cutesy music by the Gromble and the Snorch as punishment for tormenting Ickis, much to his aggravation as he screams in torture.