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[Episode starts at the movie theater.]

Krumm: Yeck. Those give me the willies.

[While Ickis enters the movie room, he saw the glimpse at the movie.]

Cuddles: Wait a minute, Mr. Lumberjack. Don't hurt this tree. It's your friend.

Oblina: Ickis...

Ickis: Look at this. Isn't it creepy? [laughs] Very so cute.

Oblina: Which is precisely why it is against rules to watch movies like this.

Krumm: Yeah, buddy. This cute stuff is gonna give you pleasant dreams.

Ickis: Will you stop being such babies? This stuff is not gonna scare me. Look at it.


Oblina: Don't say I didn't warn you.

[Oblina and Krumm leave the movie theater.]

Ickis: Those guys are such scaredy monsters.


Girl:I love you Cuddles bar

Cuddles: And I wuv you Tiffany. and I love all of you. Come on everyone let's hug.

[Ickis gets disgusted and leave. Seeing this, Zimbo gets an idea.]


Dizzle: And Ickis stayed and watch the whole thing?

Zimbo: Not a chance. The little pipsqueak Ickis.

Ickis: Wanna bet?

All: Ickis!

Dizzle: You sat through the whole movie? Weren't you scared?

Ickis: Scared?


Ickis: Ha! That bear can walk up to be right now.


Ickis: Hey, give me that! That's my snooky!

Oblina: Ickis, you are scared.

Ickis: Okay.

Oblina: Goodnight, Ickis. Goodnight, Krummy.

Krumm: Goodnight, Oblina.

Ickis: It's a movie and I'm a monster. Goodnight.

[The next morning.]

Krumm: How did you sleep buddy?

Ickis: Great. Nothing but nightmares.


Krumm: Great I like worms.


Zimbo: Ickis.

Ickis: Hello? Who is it? Hello? Goodbye whatever you are. I got things to do.

[Before he can leave, he saw Cuddles but that would be Zimbo in his costume.]

Ickis: Cuddles...

[Terrified the imp screamed and runs away.]

Zimbo: I wuv you..

Oblina: Is that Ickis?

[Ickis continues screaming]

Krumm: Yeah, it's Ickis.

[Ickis catches up with the group]

Oblina: Ickis, what? What is it?

Ickis: [wheezing] Cuddles! The bear! He's here!

Oblina: Ickis, honestly. You did not see Cuddles the bear. You just think you did because you sat though that sweet cutesy movie, didn't you?

Krumm: Maybe you should go home and take a rest. We'll catch up with you later.

Ickis: Home alone?

Oblina: Yes. Krumm is right. Go home and rest.

Ickis: You think so?

Krumm: Good as garbage.






Ickis: Who is it?

Zimbo: [OS.] It is Oblina, Ickis. I cannot get in. The door won't open.

[Ickis opens the door only to see Cuddles again. Screaming, he shuts the door and puts a lot of stuff so that Cuddles won't get in.]

Zimbo: Ickis, Ickis, I wuv you, I wuv you....

[Ickis is terrified and he continues shivering in fear until he hears Oblina's voice.]

Oblina: Ickis? It's Oblina. I can't get in, the door won't open.


Krumm: Ickis? You alright?

Gromble: Now, Ickis think hard.

Ickis: No. No Cuddles is real.



Oblina: Yes- of course he is.


Others: No.

Gromble: Of course not, Ickis.

Ickis: Well, I'm not crazy!


Krumm: Completely off the stick. [Oblina glares at Krumm for a bit moment.] Sorry.



Oblina: You know what?

Zimbo: Ickis...

[Ickis sees Cuddles again and squeals.]

Oblina: I mean really not that bad.

Gromble: Maybe you're right.

Ickis: [appearing again screaming] He's out there!!

Oblina: He can handle it.



[Ickis disappeared again]

Oblina: Ickis?


Zimbo: I luv you, Ickis. Don't you want a hug? I going to smuggle you in kisses. Kisses in hugs.

[Zimbo takes off his costume.]

Zimbo: Eye it is hot in there.

Ickis: Why that little fluttering one legged...



Zimbo: I'm coming to get you Ickis.


Krumm: Nope, he's not in here.

Zimbo: Help me. Somebody please. Hide me. He's crazy.

Ickis: No. I'm not.

Zimbo: Okay...Well that was a pleasant joke. Don't you think?



Gromble: Play it again, Snorch.

[The Snorch continues to play the music and Zimbo screams in terror.]