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Joined at the Hip

Joined at the Hip is the second part of the eighth episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the Season 1.

Characters present[]


When the Gromble gets fed up with Ickis and Krumm, he merges them into a new monster called Krickis. They're two, two, two monsters in one.


At the dump, Ickis and Krumm are raiding through the trash and swimming in gunk. They then get to class, where The Gromble is demonstrating transformation. During class, they play with their pet caterpillar named Fido. They end up disrupting the class and are ordered to isolate from each other. When the two monsters continue to disrupt the class, the Gromble becomes fed up with their behavior and decides to merge Ickis and Krumm together, renaming them "Krickis".

Krickis struggles to walk back into his bedroom; however, the two merged monsters figure out a strategy to overcome their walking problem. Ickis and Krumm are now satisfied with the fact of being conjoined monsters. At Chez-Chez Restaurant, they end up scaring everybody inside. Back at the Monster Academy, the Gromble is delighted of the conjoined monster's work. However, they soon have problems, for they can't do separate activities, decide on their favorite food, or sleep the way they usually sleep much.

The next morning, Oblina tells Krickis that his rolling around has kept her up all night. At a bakery shop, Krickis attempts to scare the kids inside, but end up falling asleep in a barrel of flour. The conjoined monsters are then dumped in a conveyor belt and tossed out with the rejected trash. When the conjoined monster head back home, they blame each other for their failed assignment and end up wrestling with each other. Oblina tells them that they have two choices: 1) See the Gromble, or 2) Leave it to her.

They enter the Gromble's bedroom to ask if they could be separated, when the Gromble tries to separate them, he manages to adhere himself to the two monsters. After a few more tries, he finally succeeds. Just as the two monsters exit his home, the Gromble tells them to look down, as Ickis and Krumm are seen wearing the Gromble's red high heels.


  • In this episode, while Krickis fight over how they sleep, Ickis says that he sleeps on his belly. But in the other episodes, he usually sleeps on his back.