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[Episode starts at the dump.]

Krumm: Keep it down, I'll Feed you in a minute.

Ickis: Now that you mention it, I am kinda hungry myself.

Krumm: Yeah. Let's raid the reginartor.

Ickis: Fanbelt!

Krumm: You gonna eat that last track?

Ickis: Be my guest. Look!

Krumm: Gunk. Care for a swim?

Ickis: Don't mind if I do.


Ickis: Gunk brothers forever!

Krumm: I love gunk!

Ickis: So does fido.

Krumm: Here boy. Live is good.

Ickis: You mean life was good. We got to get back to school before class starts.


Gromble: Screech. Snarl. Shlorp. Shloople. Very good. There is no shloomple. I nearly tricked you. Now, let's move on to The more advanced skill Of transformation. Oblina will demonstrate. Oblina? Now, the first thing to remember... is..

[Oblina comes over,]

Krumm: Make him roll over. He loves that.

Ickis: Roll over boy.

Krumm: Okay, now play dead.

Ickis: Now fetch.

Gromble: Ickis! Do I amuse you?

Ickis: Yes. No! I mean no. Of course not. You're not Amusing at all. Unless You want to be. Then you're very amusing. You're down right hysterical.

Gromble: As I was saying! The key to A proper transformation Is to reach deep inside. Think ugly, get a good grip and pull. Absolutely vile, Oblina. Well done, well done, Well done. Now, how about the res Of you scab-scratchers? Borl, give it a go. We'll come back to you.

[A chewing sound is heard.]

Gromble: Who's chewing gum!?

Both: Not us.

Gromble: Gum. Get back to seat won't you? [To Ickis and Krumm.] One more infraction and I will have to separate you two.

Ickis: [Mimicking The Gromble] Rub each other all into little pieces.

Gromble: That's it! New seats! Let's go! I won't have you two disrupt my class! Snav why don't you show us your transformation?


Gromble: ICKIS! KRUMM! Apparently, you can't stand to be separated. Perhaps you'd prefer to be Joined together permanently?

Ickis: Yeah.

Krumm: Yeah Okay.

Gromble: Good. NOW GET DOWN THERE! Krumm, reach down into your mouth and give it a good yank. Ickis, lend Krumm a hand.

Ickis: Alright.

Gromble: Well, what have we here? Krumm, Ickis or is it Krickis?

Krumm: Whoa.

Ickis: This is cool.

Gromble: Well, looks like you two Will be spending Even more time together. Should be interesting. Class Dismissed.


Krumm: This way.

Ickis: No, that way.

Krumm: No, this way.

Ickis: You want my leg to bend backwards?

Krumm: Might help.

Ickis: Alright stop! Let us get this Together, shall we? I step on one, You step on two.


Krumm: What a rush. I'm beat.

Ickis: Here, let me take those eyes off your hands.

Krumm: I feel like a new monster.

Ickis: We are one. Hey, I smell as putrid as you.

Krumm: And I'm fuzzy. I don't like fuzzy but I can whine.

Ickis: Best of all, the Gromble can never separate us again.


Ickis: We scared the pants off them.

Krumm: Excellent.

Gromble: You're doing quite well, Krickis. Let's see if you keep it up. [Laughs maniacally.]


Krumm: Hey, Ickis, you want to give me a hand? I can't lift us both.

Ickis: I just thought I go a little reading. Krumm I can't read!

Krumm: Sorry, just get two more..

Ickis: I don't want sloppy slugs. I'm allergic to them. They give me hives.

Krumm: What about Leeches and cream?

Ickis: I hate em.

Krumm: Moldy cheese. Stale tuna? Old rubber bands? We'll have the sloppy slugs.

Ickis: No! [choking]

Krumm: I'm definitetly gonna have seconds.


Krumm: Okay ready. On the count of three. One two...

[Both yelp]

Ickis: Oh, that's more exercise than I've had all year. I'm exhausted!

Krumm: I sleep on my back.

Ickis: I sleep on my belly.


Oblina: [yawn] Thanks to your roleathon, I didn't not get one wink of sleep last night.

Ickis: It was his fault.

Krumm: No, it's his.

[They continue arguing as Oblina tosses a pillow on the fusion and walks off.

Ickis: Okay 'll spin my head And screech And you pop An eye out and.. Krumm? Krumm, Are you sleeping?

Krumm: Me? No way. I'm with you.

Ickis What did I just say?

Krumm: You said you'd spin Your head and screech And I I do something else. Sounds good, let's go. Ickis? Ickis, wake up!

Ickis: [wakes up] I wasn't sleeping. I'm ready.

Krumm: If you're ready, What'll we do?

Ickis: I don't know. There's way too many kids in here. We'll never be able To surprise them.

Krumm: But if I come from here, and you come from there..

Ickis: Excellent idea. But how do you suggest We do that?

Krumm: Oh yeah I forgot.

Ickis: [getting sleepy] If only.. Krumm....

Chef: Look at this one.

Kid: It's a reject.

Ickis: Mocked my children... This is An all-time low.

Krumm: You blew it!

Ickis: Excuse me. You blew it!

Oblina: I guess I need not ask how your scare went.

Ickis: Well, if you had stuck To our plan

Krumm: Our plan stunk!

Ickis: We're only one monster! What were we supposed to do!?

Krumm: I'm not talking to you.

Ickis: Well, I'm not talking to you either.

Oblina: I believe you two have spend a little to much time together.

Krumm: Oblina, tell him I want out.

Oblina: Ickis, Krumm wants out.

Ickis: Tell him, good riddance.

Oblina: Ickis said good riddance.

Krumm: I've heard him.

Oblina: Hmm, as I see it, You have two choices. Either you can go see The gromble Or, you can leave it to me.

Gromble: Come in, krickis. What can I do For you?

Both: Um...

Gromble: You aren't by any chance Having trouble? That would Be such a tragedy To see you two Good, close friends


Krumm: The quicker the better.

Gromble: Give me one reason why I should.

Ickis: He smells! He whines!

Gromble: Not good enough.

Ickis: We can't work together If we are together.

Krumm: Two monsters are better than one.

Ickis: Besides, I miss being my own monster. GET HIM OFF OF ME!!!!!!

Gromble: Now, now, now, No reason to be impolite. Say, "pretty please With sprinkled warts And dung beetles on top"!

Both: Pretty please!

Gromble: Good-- separation is a very Simple process, really. Krumm, you do this. Ickis, your hand here. Little pull, little push And voila. No, no, no, this is all wrong. Shall we try again? Now, just reach into your Mouth to the left and pull. Perfect. I think.

Krumm: Good to be back in my old skin.

Ickis: Yeah, you're A nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

Gromble: Too much of A putrid thing.

Krumm: Ickis, want to raid The refrigerator?

Ickis: Great-- I have a craving For ice trays. Maybe we should to it tomorrow.

Krumm: Good idea.

Ickis: Or maybe in a week,

Krumm: Much better.

Gromble: Gentlemen?