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Krumm's Pimple

"Krumm's Pimple" is the first part of the fifth episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from Season 1.

Characters Present[]


Krumm sprouts a gigantic pimple. The pimple has its own personality, and is a hit with the other monsters, putting the squeeze on Krumm's popularity.


Ickis is sharpening his fangs and Oblina is doing her lips while staring at the mirror to prepare themselves for class. When Krumm stares at the mirror, he notices a pimple on his head and tells his friends about it. During lunch, the other monsters notice the pimple as well and start talking about it. A female scale monster named Horrificia is attracted to Krumm as well. A jealous Oblina doesn't see much in her, and later tells Krumm that he would gross others out if his pimple was bigger. So Krumm tries picking at it with a wrench to expand the size and later notices that the pimple has come to life. Krumm introduces the pimple (who he calls himself Steve) to his friends.

Later, at at the Monster Academy, The Gromble asks Krumm to name the three chemical elements to make phlegm, which he doesn't know, but Steve responds "revultium," "yuckaminium," and "snotoricum." The Gromble is impressed by Steve's knowledge and tells Krumm that he would learn something if he paid attention to his pimple. Krumm runs into Horrifica again, who invites Steve over Krumm to hang out with her and the others.

They hang at the dumpsters by Sam's Dinner, where Steve sings for the other monsters. They later dive into the dumpster to eat rotten goat cheese, but Krumm stays, as Steve says that he needs a word with him. Steve chastises Krumm for "ruining the party" and soon, Krumm gets into a fight with his own pimple. Steve feels emotionally hurt and tells Krumm that he just wanted him to like him. Oblina and Ickis both chide Krumm for mistreating his pimple and Krumm heads home.

The monster is seen at the lunch room the next day and a female monster asks Steve (who has a bandage around him) about his physical pain and offers him a worm. Steve then tells Ickis and Oblina that he hopes that the altercation between him and Krumm wouldn't affect his relationship with them. Krumm walks away and sits on a tire in the dump outside on his lonesome. Oblina and Ickis watch to see Steve teasing Krumm and catch the pimple isulting them. Steve then somehow frees himself out of Krumm's head and runs away. Ickis and Oblina apologize to Krumm and Krumm says that he's the one who should apologize, as the pimple "went to his head," at which point the trio laugh in delight. Steve is later seen finding a home for himself, only for a pimple to sprout on his head as well. He later begins arguing with the pimple.

Voice Cast[]

  • Charlie Adler as Ickis, Dishwasher
  • Christine Cavanaugh as Oblina, Cafe Lady
  • David Eccles as Krumm
  • Gregg Berger as The Gromble, Monster
  • James Belushi as Steve
  • S. Scott Bullock as Steve's Pimple, Student
  • Aaron Lustig as Locker Monster
  • Sharon Mack as Horrifica, Cafe Lady


  • Steve’s arm is seen while Krumm is talking to Horrifica for the first time.