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[The episode begins with a shot of the dump and then the scene changes to a close up shot of a file moving back and forth of Ickis filing his teeth]

Oblina: Ickis, aren't you finished yet? The Gromble will snorch us if we're late.

Ickis: All yours.

Oblina: Thank you. [dusts herselff]

Krumm: Are you gonna be long?

Oblina: I just I have to do my lips.[removes and stretches her lips] There.

Krumm: [Notices a pimple on his head while looking in the mirror] Look at this.

Oblina: Krumm we are very late, show us your pit hair animal some other time.

Krumm: No look. I have a pimple.

Oblina: Oh, it's ugly, disgusting and frighteningly vile.

Krumm: Thanks.

Ickis: We always knew you had it in you.

Krumm: Now I have it on me.

[The scene changes to the cafeteria where the three monsters are served their lunch, while all the other monsters admires Krumm's pimple.]

Krumm: I grew it myself.

Horrifica: Hello, Krumm.

[Krumm drops his eyeballs in his lunch]

Ickis: Horrifica.

[Girls giggle]

Horrifica: You can pick up your eyes now. Bye Krumm.

Oblina: I don't know what you see in that monster, Krumm, her charm is all surface.

Krumm: But what a surface, she's scaly.

Oblnia: That is no ordinary pimple.

Krumm: It's a biggie alright.

Oblina: If you made it bigger, you could most likely to make others nauseous.

Krumm: Wow, how do I make it bigger?

Ickis: Well even I know that. Pick it.

Krumm: I'm on it. [Searches through his locker] Where did I put that thing. Oh, thank you.

Krumm's Locker: I've seen some pimples in my day, but that one curdles the goo.

Krumm: Well I really know how to grow a good pimple.

Monster Janitor: Hey, heck of a nice pimple.

Krumm: It's all mine, too.

Monster Janitor: That is probably the most impressive skin growth I've seen in these parts in quite some time.

Pimple: Thank you. I really appreciate it. Hey Krumm.

Krumm: Who's that?

Pimple: Up here.

[Krumm looks up and saw that his pimple is alive.]

Krumm: My pimple?

Pimple: Alive and in the flesh.

Krumm: I don't understand what's happening.

Pimple: Hey, what's to understand I formed for what I am.

Krumm: You can talk?

Pimple: Talk, sing, I can even make a mean snout cake if you give me the right ingredients.

Krumm: But, but you're a pimple on me.

Pimple: And let me tell you. You've been a great host.

Krumm: Thanks.


Oblina: No no no. That's pus. I said slime.

Ickis: I always confuse those two.

Krumm: Ickis, Oblina. You won't believe this. My pimple talks.

Pimple: Is everybody happy? I sure am, you must be-

Oblina: Oblina.

Pimple: Oblina, let me say that you have the most revolting set of eyes I have ever seen.

Oblina: Krumm, he's charming.

Pimple: And this guy this giant of the business we call monstering must be Ickis?

Ickis: Hey, he's great.

Krumm: Well. he is my pimple.

Pimple: I prefer thinking of myself as independent.

Krumm: I didn't mean that.

Pimple: It's okay, it's okay. By the way, call me Steve.

Ickis: Steve? What an odd name.

Steve: I know but what the heck. I like it.

Oblina: Well, I think it's unique and distinctive.

Steve: Thanks a load, Obliny. You know you guys remind of the famous monsters Cilla and Caribtous.

[The scene changes to the auditorium]

Monster: Gruesome's first law of general fried ability states that the scare route of the ratio is inversely proportional to gross functionality.

Steve: Well, if he's gonna ask an easy one.

Krumm: You know that.

Steve: Sure. That kids stuff.

Krumm: Wow.

Gromble: Ah, Master Krumm wishes to volunteer.

Krumm: Oh no.

Gromble: Krumm, can you name the three chemical elements that make up hygrid phlegm.

Krumm: Um... That, That would... Um...

Steve: My Good friend Krumm is probably thinking of... revoltium, yuckaminium and snotockum.

Gromble: Bravo! This blemish is brilliant.

Krumm: I knew it, too.

Gromble: Yes, yes, I'm sure you did, where did you come by such learning?

Steve: Sir even though I've spent my life buried beneath the surface of Krumm's skin, I couldn't help but absorb be genius.

Gromble: Delightful! As for you KRUMM! If you paid as much attention as your blemish, maybe you would learn something.

[A blech sound is heard, indicating the end of class]

Krumm: You didn't have to make me look bad.

Steve: Sorry Krumm. I just...Got be meeeeeee!

Horrifica: Hi.

Krumm: Horrifica.

Horrifica: A bunch of us are going to hang out after school. Why don't you come and bring your friends, too?

Krumm: That'd be great.

Horrifica: Not you. Him.

Steve: Call me Steve. We'd be delighted. Right fellas?

Oblina: Oh yes.

Ickis: Great.

Horrifica: I guess you have to come too. See you there Steve.

Steve: Farewell, Horrifica. [Kisses Horrifica's hand] I'll let you go with me buddy, but you better not cramp my style.

[Later at the back of Sam's Diner, Steve is singing a song to the tune of Camptown Races]

Steve: Slime down monsters sing this song doo-dah doo-dah, I want a soup pie by five miles long oh the doo-dah day, Flush me down below the ground up or down through the ?. [Man throws stuff from a garbage can behind him]

[Krumm and Steve get covered in the garbage that the man threw from the garbage can. Everyone cheers.]

Steve: You like me! You really like me!

Oblina: Bravo!

Ickis: Great great! Krumm, wasn't that great?

Krumm: Yeah great.

Steve: I owe it all to Krumm, and his magical musical pit hairs.

Krumm: Gee, thanks.

Steve: Of course he just sat there while I did all the work.

Horrifica: That's right. Don't be so modest.

Steve: Thank you.

Krumm: Alright, he's so modest.

Borl: Hey guys. There's some rotting goat cheese in here.

Ickis: Last one in is a human.

[All the monsters jump in the trash]

Horrifica: Are you coming, Steve?

Steve: My dear, I would be honoured to frolic in the stinking flying colored garbage with you, but first, I like to have a word with my great friend, Krumm.

Horrifica: Okay. See you a bit bye.

Steve: [Slaps Krumm] Thanks A LOT, KRUMBONE! You really know how to ruin a party! [Pounds Krumm]

Krumm: You're the one ruining the party. I grew you, why are you getting all the attention?

Steve: We need to discuss your attitude, young man. You didn't grow me, I grew me.

Krumm: But you're on me.

Steve: Let's get one thing straight. I, and I alone are responsible for the magnificence that is me.

Krumm: No, you're not.

Steve: Yes, I am!

Krumm: No, you're not!

Steve: [While pounding on Krumm] Yes! I! am! 

Krumm: Hey. [Proceeds to attack Steve with his Eyeballs.]

[Ickis and Oblina came out of the garbage.]

Steve: Krumm, I'm so hurt, You know all I ever wanted was for you to like me. [Sobs]

Oblina: Krumm!

Krumm: He started it.

Steve: Please, Oblina. Krumm can't help it. It's just his nature to be vicious to those who love me.

Ickis: Krumm, I have never seen you be so mean.

Oblina: I think you should apologize.

Krumm: Why? He's the one who made me look bad in class and now Horrifica.

Ickis: If you stayed a little, you would have known the answer too.

Oblina: And forget Horrifica. You are better off without her.

Steve: I'm with Obliny, so what if she's scaly, It's what's under the skin that counts. Ickis, Oblina. Krumm's taking me.

Ickis: Krumm, don't go.

Krumm: Why not? You don't want me here.

Oblina: Of course we do. But you shouldn't be mean to Steve, he's our friend.

Krumm: I don't think so.

Steve: Please. Krumm we can work it out. [Sobs]

Oblina: Oh, Krumm how could you?

Steve: Yeah, how could you?

Krumm: Why are you taking his side?

Ickis: Steve has tried to be your friend since he appeared.

Krumm: It's me or him. Take your pick.

Steve: It's picking that got me here to begin with- [Krumm shoves a tree branch into Steve's mouth]

Krumm: I guess that's your answer. I'm going home.

[Scene changes to the cafeteria]

Cafe Monster Lady 1: Oh, dearie, does it hurt bad?

Steve: [Wearing a plaster] Oh, I can take the intense, psychical pain, it's, the mental anguish that really hurts.

Cafe Monster Lady 2: Here have a little extra treat. [Puts a worm into Steve's mouth]

Steve: You're too kind. [Spits out the worm] Cafeteria worms uhh, that sympathy gets them every time while she's- Oh the pain... the pain...

[Steve pretends to faint, all the other monsters sigh]

Steve: [to Oblina and Ickis] Listen youy guys I really truly hope that this little tiff between you and Krumm won't infect our special relationship. See you later that's love. [Blows a kiss at them]

Ickis: Oblina..

Oblina: I know.

[Scene changes to outside of the dump with Krumm sitting on a tire]

Steve: Face it Krumhead, you're a loser!

Krumm: No, I'm not.

Steve: Yes, you are! [Rubs dumbbell on Krumm's head]

Krumm: Hey!

Oblina: Ickis, look.

Steve: [Laughs] I love it. I guess your stupid friends won't play with you anymore. [Hits dumbbell on Krumm's nose] [Laughs]

Oblina: [angered] Stupid friends you say?

Steve: Eggmyster, Oblinypoo, I didn't say stupid, I said stupendous, and let me say you two are the most wonderful, fantastic-

Obina: We saw how mean you were to Krumm.


Ickis: Oh, Krumm. [Squeaky] We are so sorry for how we acted.

Krumm: That's okay.

Steve: [groans in disgust]

Oblina: No one will be you're friend now.

Steve: Who cares! I got bigger fishheads to fry. [Gets out of Krumm's body] I'm free! I'm freeeeee! No more smelly Krumm to put up with.

Krumm: I want you to leave!

Steve: My pleasure, Mr. Krumm! I've had it with you and your stupid friends and stupid, stupid, idiots, morons, nogginheads. [Runs away]

Oblina: Sorry, Krumm. We, we should have known.

Krumm: I'm the one who should be sorry, I guess my pimple went to my head.

[all laughing]

Steve: A whole new dump full of suckers, I'll be running this place in no time at all.

Steve's Pimple: Oh yeah? That's what you think, Boo! [laughs] Scared you, didn't I?

Steve: Shut up!

Steve's Pimple: Oh make me, you loser. [Slaps Steve's Eye]

Steve: You're a jerk!

Steve's Pimple: Oh, I know you are, but what am I?

Steve: I know you are, but what am I?

Steve's Pimple: I know you are, but what am I?

Steve: Baby, baby all you like, get off my head.

Steve's Pimple: Hey quit squeezing me.

[Steve runs away into the distance with the sun setting as the episode fades out]