Oblina: Ickis, aren't you finished yet? The Gromble will snorch us if we're late.

Ickis:All yours.

Oblina: Thank you.

Krumm:Are you gonna be long?

Oblina:I had to do my lips.[removes and streches her lips] There.

Krumm:Look at this.

Oblina:Krumm we are very late.

Krumm:No look I have a pimple.



Ickis:You always new I have it in you.

Krumm:Now I have it on me.


Krumm:I grew myself.

Horrifica:Hello Krumm.

Ickis: Horrffica.

[Girls giggle]

Horiffica:You can pick up your eyes now. Bye Krumm.



Oblnia:That is no ordinary pimple.

Krumm:It's a bigie alright.


Krumm:Wow how do I make it bigger?

Ickis:Even I know that. Pick it.

Krumm:I'm on it. Where did I put that thing. Oh thank you.

Locker monster:


Monster:Hey heck of a nice pimple.

Krumm:It's all mine too.


Zit monster:Thank you. I reallty appreciante it. Hey Krumm.

Krumm:Who's that?

Zit monster:Up here.

Krumm:Mt pimple?

Zit monster:Live and in the flesh.

Krumm:I don't understand what's happening.

Zit monster:

Krumm:You can talk?

Zit monster:Talk sing..

Krumm:But you're a pimple on me.

Zit monster:Let me tell you. You've been a great host.


Oblina:No no no. That's poside it's slime.

Ickis:I always confuse these too.

Krumm:Ickis Oblina, You won't believe this. My pimple talks.

Zit monster:Every body happy?


Zit monster:Oblina.

Oblina:Krumm he's charming.

Zit monster:

Ickis:Ickis. Hey he's great.

Krumm:Well he is my pimple.

Zit monster:

Krumm:I didn't mean that.

Zit monster:It's okay. By the way, call me Steve.

Ickis:Steve? What an odd name.

Steve:I know but what the heck. I like it.






Krumm:You know that.

Steve:Sure. That kids stuff.



Steve:My Good friend Krumm is probably thinking of...

Gromble: Bravo! This blemish is brillient.

Krumm:I knew it too.

Gromble:Yes. I'm sure you did.



Krumm:You don't have to make me look bad.

Steve: Sorry Krumm. I just...Got be me~!

Horrifica: Hi.


Horiffica:A bunch of us are going to hang out after school. Why don't you come and bring you're friends too?

Krumm:That'll be great.

Horiffica:Not you. Him.

Steve:Call me Steve. We be delighted. Right guys?

Oblina and Ickis: Oh yes. Great.

Horiffica:I guess you have to come too. See you there Steve.

Steve:Farewell Horrifica.

[Later at the back of Sam's Diner....]


[Everyone cheers]

Steve:You like me! You really like me!

Oblina: Bravo!

Ickis:Great great!

Krumm:Yeah great.

Steve:I owe it all to Kruimm. And his magical musical pithairs.

Krumm:Gee thanks.


Horiffca:That's right. Don't be so modest.

Krumm:Alright he's so modest.

Cyclops monster:Hey guys. These some rotting goat cheese in here.

Ickis: Last one in is a human.

[They jump if the trash,]

Horriffica:Are you coming Steve?


Horififica:Okay. See you a bit bye.

Steve:Thanks A LOT KRUMBONE!

Krumm:You're the one ruining the party. I grew you why are you getting all the attention?

Steve:We need to discuss you're additude young man/ You didn't grow on me I grew me.

Krumm: But you're on me.


Krumm: No you're not.

Steve: Yes I am!

Krumm: No you're not!

Steve: [While pounding on Krumm] Yes! I! am! 

Krumm: Hey. [Proceeds to attack Steve with his Eyeballs.]

Steve:Krumm I'm so hurt.


Krumm:He started it.

Steve:Please Oblina. Krumm can't help it.


Oblina:I think you should apologize.



Oblina:And forget Horrifica.

Steve:Ickis Oblina Krumms taking me.

Ickis:Krumm don't go.

Krumm:Why not? You don't want me here.

Oblina:Of course we do.

Krumm:I don't think so.

Ickis:Please. Krumm we can work out.

Oblina:Oh Krumm how could you?

Steve:Yeah how could you?

Krumm:Why are you taking his side?

Ickis:Steve is trying to be you're friend since he appeared.

Krumm:It's me or him. Take your pick.


Krumm: I guess that's your answer. I'm going home.


Cafe monster:Oh dearie does it hurt bad?


Cafe monster:

Steve:You're too kind.


Steve:[to Oblina and Ickis[

Ickis: Oblina..

Oblina: I  know.

Steve: Face it Krumm, you're a loser!

Krumm: No I'm not.

Steve: Yes you are!

Krumm: Hey!

Oblina:Ickis look.

Steve:I love it .I guess you're stupid friends won't play with you anymore.

Oblina: [angered] Stupid friends you say?


Obina:We saw how mean you are to Krumm.


Ickis: [squeaky] Oh Krumm. We are so sorry for how we acted.

Krumm: It's okay.

Steve:[groans in disgust.]

Oblina: No one will be you're friend now.

Steve: Who cares! I got bigger fishheads to fry. [Get out of Krumm's body] I'm free! No more smelly Krumm to put of with.

Krumm:I want you to leave!


Oblina: Sorry Krumm. We should have known.


[all laughing]

Steve:A whole to dump full of suckers.

Tiny zit monster:Oh yeah? That's what you think, Boo! =laughs] Scared you didnt' I.

Steve: Shut up.

Tiny zit monster:


Tiny zit monster:


Tiny zit monster:


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