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Krumm Gets Ahead

Krumm Gets Ahead is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 3rd season.

Characters present[]


Krumm gets a prosthetic head so he no longer has to carry his eyes, but the new appendage goes to his head.


Krumm has placed both his eyeballs on the ground outside of the dump and his eyes stare at a pile of the trash, which Krumm promptly hops inside and munches. His dream is then interrupted by Ickis, who tells him that they are supposed to meet up with Oblina. Krumm grabs one of his eyes, but discovers that the other eye is missing. He gets a vision of his lost eye and sees that his eyeball is in a bowl of stew, which is dumped onto a monster's plate at the lunch room. Ickis and Krumm run into the lunch room and narrowly save it from being eaten by another monster.

At the Monsters' dorm, Krumm talks about how upset he is about having to carry his eyes around in his hands and wants a head so he could hold them in place. So Ickis and Oblina find different objects for a head for Krumm. But they all prove to be futile. So Krumm goes to the monster doctor, where the surgeon operates on him. When the surgeon finishes, Ickis and Oblina ask him if they could see Krumm's new head.

Next day, at the Monster Academy, Krumm shows up with a new head made of an old purse with screws attached to each side on his shoulders and annoys the Gromble by shouting out random answers. Ickis feels that Krumm's new head is changing him, But Oblina claims that it is only a phase he is going through.

Later, Krumm tops his new head with an orange rug as hair and shows off his dance moves in front of the other monsters. Meanwhile, Ickis and Oblina sneak into a human's house via the toilet in the bathroom, but Krumm is stuck to the toilet. Oblina tries to flush it, but ends up flooding the bathroom. Ickis successfully pushes Krumm back down the toilet and Oblina follows along. The human runs to the bathroom and opens the door, only to get swept away by the water.

Meanwhile, The Monsters make it outside the city streets through the sewer, and Ickis and Oblina chide Krumm for ruining their scare. They demand that Krumm should get his head removed, but Krumm refuses, prompting Ickis and Oblina to bail on him.

Krumm is later seen asleep in the dorm room and Ickis and Oblina attempt to remove his new head off of him, which causes him to wake up. Ickis and Oblina decide to go to sleep and Krumm begins to fall asleep as well.

Later, during the night, Ickis and Oblina walk through the junkyard, upset that Krumm isn't here with them to go on scares. Their depression soon alters to delight when they find aluminum cans inside an old car and munch on them as they hop inside. Little do they know, the car they are inside is being lifted off the ground by a crane and is lowered into the car crusher to get crushed. Ickis and Oblina cry for help, and Krumm, hearing their cries, runs to them, only to get his head taken by the magnetic crane. Krumm gets his eyes back and finds that his head is still on the ground. But he also takes a look at his friends about to get crushed. So he climbs up the crane and scares away the owner. He uses the crane operator to stop the car crusher, saving Ickis and Oblina.

Back at the dump, Krumm stares at himself in the mirror and Ickis and Oblina try to convince him that he is a better monster without the head. Krumm says that a head is too much trouble for him and wonders what happened to it. Krumm's old head is later revealed to be an ornament for the hood of the car of two humans driving it.


  • The Monster Doctor is colored differently in this episode.