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Krumm: Hey where am I? Yeah haha alright!

Ickis: Krumm! Krumm! Wake up.

Krumm: Ickis? You're not a can. Too bad.

Ickis: Yeah right. Now get your eyes. We're supposed to meet Oblina. Where's the other one?

Krumm: I put it here before I went to sleep. At least I thought I did. Wait, I'm seeing something. But it's all dark. Banana peels, coffee grounds, metal shavings, and all mixed into a delightful stew. Oh, no!


Ickis: Excuse me, coming though! It's an emergency!


Krumm: Borl!


Krumm: How are you little buddy?


Krumm: That's the seventh time this week I lost my eye.

Oblina: Oh, Krumm dear. These things happen.

Krumm: Not to you. You have place for your eyes. Me, I have to carry them from day out.

Ickis: Oh, Krumm. None of us are perfect. Look at these babies. [holds his ears] If I am not careful, I'll pick up radio.

Krumm: I don't care! I'm tried of being different. I'm the only monster who has to carry the eyes and I'm sick of it! I want... a head!


Oblina: Try this.

Ickis: Bingo!

Krumm: Sorry.

Ickis: Alrighy. Oh Krumm, just get over it.

Krumm: That's easy for you to say. You have a head.

Oblina: You know the monster doctor did an excellent job on my uncle's tentacle reattachment. Perhaps he can fix you up.

Monster Doctor: Monsters today. I don't know why you can't be satisfied with the way you were born. I mean, look at him. He's learned to live with those ears.

Nurse Monster: Patient is ready.

Monster Doctor: Can opener.

Nurse Doctor: Can opener.

Monster Doctor Screwdriver.

Nurse Doctor: Screwdriver.

Monster Doctor: Gloves.

Nurse Doctor: Gloves.

Monster Doctor: Head.

Ickis: Is he? Who is he?

Oblina: Yes, how is he? Is he? Ohh, can we see it?

Monster Doctor: Congratulations. It's a head.

Gromble: Dreadful morning, class. Today, we will explore some of the unique human fears. Long visits from relatives, unwanted gifts, being called into the boss' office.

Krumm: You don't have to say it. Ouch!Sorry. Can't see behind me.

Gromble: Well Krumm, What a hideous new look for you.

Krumm: Thank you. It's a head.

Gromble: No, thank you for clearing that up for me! Now, do you and your head mind if continue with class?

Krumm: No, no, no, no, go right ahead. [laughs]

Gromble: To continue, these unique human fears can be utilized in a number of ways. [Krumm raises his hand again.] Yes, Krumm?

Krumm: Just testing out the old armaroonies.

Gromble: Well, why don't you test them when you actually have an answer. These unique human fears can be exploited in a number of wa-- Yes, Krumm?

Krumm: The answer is four.

Gromble: Good answer, Krumm. But I wasn't answering the question! Now, these human fears can be utilized by a wise monster- [Krumm raises his hand once again.] YES, KRUMM!?

Krumm: The answer is Zorbloc the All-Knowing.

Gromble: [Furious] NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Ickis: I think Krumm's head is going to his head.

Oblina: No, no, no, this is just a phase he is going through. He shall be fine.

Krumm: Perfect! And it brings out my eyes.


Ickis: Ready, Oblina?

Oblina: As always.

Ickis: Krumm? Krumm? Krumm! Get out of there!

Krumm: I'm stuck!

Man: Hey, come on, I got to go.

Ickis: Time for Plan B.

Krumm: What's plan B?

Man: That's it, I'm coming in! 1, 2, whoa!


Oblina: Thank you for ruining our scare Krumm.

Krumm: Boy, am I sorry.

Ickis: Good. You should be.

Krumm: Sorry I took the sewer. Look what it's done to my hair.

Ickis: You and that head, ever since you gotten it, it has been nothing but trouble!

Oblina: Yes. Now it is ruining our scares, not to mention the danger it put us in. Why do you not go back to the doctor and have the head removed?

Krumm: No way! You two are just jealous of my head!

Ickis: If I heard the word head one more time, I'M GOING TO SCREAM!

Krumm: Hey Ickis, you couldn't grabbed my shoulders before I got a head.


Oblina: Krummy, when you and your head are ready to scare, let us know. In the meantime, Ickis?

[They leave him behind.]

Ickis: [whispers] You take that screw I take this one.

Oblina: [whispers] Alright, let us hurry.


Ickis: Ow. [cries] I broke a claw.

Oblina: Wait! I have an idea.


Krumm: Wow. I just dreamed I was a rubber band. Hey, what are you guys doing here?

Ickis: Um, you were.

Oblina: Um, you were snoring, dear. Yes, that's it. Well, good night.


Ickis: It's not the same going on scares without Krumm.

Oblina: Hmm, 'tis a sad day.

Ickis: Tragic.

Oblina: Ooh, aluminum cans! Yum!


Ickis: Oblina?

[both scream]


Both: Krumm behind you!

Krumm: Oh no! My head! My ugly head!

Oblina: I never thought I would go this way.

Ickis: Yeah. Flat.


Krumm: This just isn't my day.


Oblina: Ickis, I think it stopped.

Krumm: You guys okay?

Both: Krumm!

Ickis: Oh, am I glad to see you.

Krumm: Sorry I couldn't be here sooner, but I kind of lost my head.


Oblina: Take it from me, Krummy, you are a better monster without it.

Ickis: Yeah, you guys were no good together anyway.

Krumm: No, you're right. Besides, a head is too much trouble. Still, sometimes I wonder what happened to the old noggin.

Man: Purdy hood ornament, Fred. What'd it cost ya?

Fred: Nuthin'. Found it at the junkyard.