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Krumm Gets the Dreaded Nolox

Krumm Gets the Dreaded Nolox is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 2nd season.

Characters present[]


Over exposure to air freshener gives Krumm a case of hiccups that will not go away until he is given a big scare.


At Hotel Megabux, a pompous french hotel guest disparages a new hotel room he is offered and opens his suitcase to reach for the air freshener to spray around the room. The Monsters emerge out of a potty and attempt to enter the guest's suite, only to find that he is spraying the air freshener around it. They quickly duck inside the bathroom and hide. When the French guest enters in, he sprays the bathroom as well. When he exits, he argues with the bellhop and they spot The Monsters running through the suite. They scream in terror and run away. Ickis and Oblina go to the window to breath in the polluted air outside. When Krumm comes to the window, he looks down and screams in terror, falling unconscious to the bedroom floor as well. When he regains consciousness, Oblina tells Krumm that he has to get the air freshener fumes out of his system, saying who knows what it would do to him. Krumm tells Oblina that he doesn't care, saying that he would rather take a bath than stand at the edge of the window ledge.

Back at The Monsters' dorm, Krumm is running around with hiccups (which cause him to cough up everything he has devoured as well) at an attempt to get rid of them(he says his dad does this to get rid of them), but stops and wonders it was use to get rid of Bad Sardine Fever. Oblina tries to get rid of the hiccups by wrapping herself around Krumm, but comes up short. So Ickis suggest that Krumm should hang upside down and get tickled under his armpit. But that doesn't work either. Ickis and Oblina try to pull Krumm from each side, stretching him out length-wise. When they lose their grip, Krumm's hiccups stop shortly, only for them to return afterwards.

Ickis and Oblina collaborate to cure Krumm. They try feeding him toxic waste while he lies on his back, have The Snorch spin him on his finger like a ball, give him a large amount of water, and other cures. By the time he is giving one last cure, his hiccups finally stop. But during bedtime, his hiccups return and Ickis and Oblina are kept awake all night.

The next day, the two monsters go to the library to tell the Library Monster about Krumm's hiccups. The Library Monster shows them an old (but classic) flim called The Hiccough Menace, which features a young monster named Speebo who has hiccups. The film also states that there are many kinds of hiccups, including the worst one of all: the "Dreaded Nolox," which consist on the monster to cough up a number of objects. The narrator of the film explains that the Nolox is contracted by prolonged exposure to perfumes and air freshers used by humans and can only be driven out of the monster's system by a powerful scare. The narrator states that this must be done or the monster will Nolox forever before the film ends. Knowing the gravity of Krumm's Nolox, Ickis and Oblina now have to try to scare their friend.

The two monsters put a bug in Krumm's glass of water where his eyes are floating into. They wake him up and Krumm screams in terror as he sees the bug. But it becomes futile and Krumm's Nolox continues. Ickis and Oblina continue to try to scare Krumm, but his Nolox still continues. Suffering from insomnia due to Krumm keeping them up all night with his Nolox, Ickis and Oblina go insane, screaming around. While thinking of what Krumm is afraid of, Ickis then comes up with an idea.

The Monsters return to Hotel Megabux and Krumm is back on top of the high edge of the window ledge, where he screams when he looks down. Unfortunately, this does not seem to stop his Nolox and he coughs up a plunger. When Ickis snatches the plunger off the window in frustration, Krumm becomes startled and falls off the edge of the ledge. Ickis and Oblina dive after him and Krumm ends up swinging from a flagpole. He is then saved by Oblina, who poses as an umbrella, but Ickis falls down and bounces off the hotel awning, sending him flying back up. He is then saved by the other monsters and they land safely on the ground, scaring away the bellhop as well. Krumm then realizes that his Nolox is finally gone, but also ends up getting a constant sneeze subsequently.