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[Episode starts]

Hotel Owner: Your penthouse suite, Monsieur fromage.

Wealthy Man: You call this a penthouse? I can't stay here. It smells more lik, a how do you say, a locker room.

Ickis: Hide!


Wealthy Man: This place is so filthy, I wound not be surprise to see a big rat running across the floor.

[The two men saw the monsters rush out of the bathroom. They scream and run away. Ickis and Oblina pop their heads out of the window.]

Ickis: Come on, fill you're lungs with the pollution humans can produce.

Oblina: Come on, Krumm. It is wonderful.


Oblina: Come on, Krumm. You have to get that flowery stuff out of your system. Who know what it will do you.

Krumm: [cough] I don't care! I rather take a bath and get out on that ledge. [coughs]


Oblina: Krumm, what ever are you doing?

Krumm: Running in a circle.

Ickis: We can see that, Krumm. Why are you running in a circle?

Krumm: To stop these....To stop stop these...[crash] To stop these hiccups. My dad used to run around in a circle to get rid of them. Maybe that was to get rid of bad sardine fever.

Oblina: Oh ho ho. Krummy. My mother got rid of hicoughs in a simple gentle fashion way.

Ickis: No no no. Watch and learn. Old grandpa, Crickis taught me this one.

Oblina: Stop! That is not working. I know what do to.

Ickis: Amateurs! You are not pulling hard enough. Here.

Krumm: Hey that was fun. [coughs]

Oblina: This is not helping, Ickis. We have to work together to cure, Krumm.

Krumm: How?


Ickis: Yes, yes. Victory, yes.

Oblina: Oh, yes, thank you.

Ickis: Oh, finally we will be able to get some sleep.

Oblina: Good night,

Ickis: Sleep tight.

Krumm: Thanks for helping me out. I feel a lot better now.

[Suddenly, it seems Krumm hicoughs are still there, Crash went the mailbox on Ickis..]

Oblina: Oh stankit.

[The next morning, things got a lot worse. Ickis and Oblina didn't sleep well.]

Oblina: Oh, I cannot take this anymore.

Ickis: Neither can I. What are we gonna-[gets shakes by Oblina]

Oblina: You are not listening to me! I need my ugly sleep. Look at me, my lips are sagging.

Ickis: Oblina. I am sure he will get better soon. I am going back to bed.


Ickis: On the other hand.

Library Monster: Hiccoughing you say? How long has he been doing this?

Ickis: A couple of days.

Oblina: And nights.

Library Monster: There it is. This should tell you what you want to now. It's an old one. but it's a classic.

Announcer: The hicough menace. This is SpIvo, a monster just like you. Except for one thing. You see, Spivo has the hiccoughs. There are many kinds of hiccoughs. Most last only a few minutes. Others linger for days, months Even years. This monster has bouncing hiccoughs. They'll last three to four hours Accompanied by a delightful body odor. This one has gillespie-itis. Note the expanding stomach. He'll be over this in a day or so. This poor monster, however Suffers from the worst hiccough of all: The dreaded nolox. The dreaded nolox is contracted By prolonged exposure to perfumes And air fresheners used by humans And can only be driven out of the monster's system By a powerful scare. This must be done Or the monster could nolox forever.

Ickis: Poor Krumm.

Oblina: Poor Krumm? Poor us!

Ickis: We got to scare him.

Oblina: But how?


Ickis: Hey Krumm. Time for breakfast.


Oblina: Well? Well?


Krumm: Hi, Oblina.

[Later on the two monsters look worse than ever.]

Krumm: [clatter] Sorry.

Ickis: No problem.

Krumm: [splat!] Sorry.

Oblina: No problem.

Krumm: So wanna go play in the sewer?

Oblina: No thanks.

Ickis: Maybe later?

Krumm :Okay. [coughs] See ya.

[Right after Krumm left, the two monsters scream insanely.]

Oblina: We have got to do something! I can not take this anymore.

Ickis: We can take him out of the woods and leave him there. He'll never find his way back.. No one will suspect us.

Oblina: He must be stopped. We will seal his mouth but anything necessary. You get the wire, I will get the cement.

Ickis: I know. We'll blow him up! [An explosion is heard.]

Oblina: Snap out of it! All right, let's be cool, rational, levelheaded.

[They scream again.]

Ickis: Forget being rational, forget it. We got to think think think. What else is Krumm afraid of?

Oblina: Okay. Getting snorched, running out of food, flowers in the springtime.

Ickis: Uh, been there, done that, tried it. Wait.

Oblina: What?


Krumm: Come on where are we? Why is the air so thin?

Oblina: Is it time to show him, Ickis?

Ickis: It's time.

Krumm: So what? I've seen that big white ball before I don't. [screams] Hey, I'm not noloxing.


Man: Although y'all might notice A slight decline in sales on the bar graph Once we implement my...

Hotel Man: Those pigeons get fatter every year.

Man: I told you the sales have been down for this year, there is no cause for alarm.


Ickis: Here's your eye, Krumm.

Krumm: Thanks, buddy. The other one was getting lonely. Thanks for saving me, too. Wait. I'm cured. I don't have the dreaded nolox anymore.

Oblina: Hehehe. Now I can finally get some sleep.

Ickis: Now we can finally get some sleep.

Krumm: Uh oh.