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Krumm Rises to the Top

Krumm Rises to the Top is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 2nd season. It first aired on November 25, 1995.

Characters present[]


Krumm swallows a helium tank and now risks floating away unless Ickis can save him.


The Monsters emerge from a gutter at a local park, where a clown is giving children balloons. Soon, Oblina has an idea and poses as a balloon. As the clown twists her like a balloon animal, Oblina scares away the children and the clown. Ickis and Krumm congratulate Oblina and Krumm impulsively gobbles a helium tank. He begins to inflate and starts to float away, with Oblina and Ickis grabbing each of his feet. Oblina comes up with another idea and hops off of Krumm, with Ickis following along, leaving Krumm floating up in the sky. They find him hovering over a tree branch.

Back home, the other monsters have fun with Krumm, who now talks in a high-pitched voice due to the helium, using him as a ball until Ickis and Oblina drive them away. Krumm has to stay tied to a rock in deference to The Gromble, who says that Krumm will float away if he is taken from the ground. Ickis and Oblina spend time with the inflated monster.

The next day, Ickis wakes Krumm up and takes him to a morning walk and feed him car parts, which Krumm quickly gets sick of, saying that his friends ruined car parts for him forever. Ickis tells Krumm about his latest scare, but before he finishes, Krumm caustically tells Ickis that he can "take all of his scare stories and stick them in his big, floppy ears." This prompts Ickis to take Krumm out for a walk, bumping him against the ceiling during the walk.

As The Monsters are sleeping in their dorm, Ickis tells Oblina how Krumm has changed ever since swallowing the helium tank. As Krumm overhears his two friends talking, they suggest that they should bribe Leaky and Splazoo to take care of him, much to Krumm's disappointment.

The next morning, Ickis and Oblina wake up to find that Krumm has left a note saying that he is running away and find that he is already gone. They chase after him, but the inflated monster is already outside of the dump and attempts to fly up in the sky. So Ickis and Oblina go to the park and go to the clown's balloon cart. Ickis swipes away the helium tank and swallows it. Oblina ties herself against the railing and grabs Ickis as the latter begins to float up into the sky. He floats to Krumm and attempts to get him down from the sky. They both apologize to each other, and Oblina loses her grip and becomes detached from the railing, causing her to float with her inflated friends. The Monsters end up arguing over his and soon, Krumm's high-pitched voice lowers back to his normally deep voice, and the helium wears off. He deflates and the other two fall down as Krumm grabs them as if he is an anchor. As they fall, they scare diving skydivers and grab a kite to break their fall, scaring away a human child and his dad in the process.

At a local city parade, Ickis, now inflated into a balloon, scares away everyone at the parade.


  • The little girl from the episode A Wing and a Scare makes a second appearance in this episode.