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Laugh, Krumm, Laugh

Laugh, Krumm, Laugh is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 4th season.

Characters present[]


Eating a feathered headdress makes Krumm laugh uncontrollably during a multi academy competition.


Ickis, Oblina, Krumm and Kriggle scare two painters working on a billboard, as well as a number of humans at the annual recycle-a-thon, and The Gromble gives them acclaim for their task, which is used for training for the imminent Scaring Olympics, and The Monsters had just completed the 100 meter hurdle. He has them train for the high jump later on and The Monsters are feeling tired, only for the Gromble to push them back into energy, for he is determined to win the competition and wants his students to do the best. As he takes Ickis and Oblina with him, Krumm finds an Indian feather head and devours it instantly.

Back at The Monsters' dorm room, Oblina asks Krumm if the trio have been working too hard. When Krumm tries to respond, he feels a tickle in his stomach and begins laughing. Ickis thinks that Krumm is mocking the training and Oblina stops him from laughing. Oblina tells him that the training has taken its toll on him, but Krumm denies this and he continues laughing again. Eventually, the Gromble enters the dorm room and has the three monsters huddle up so he could have a discussion with them about the competition. He then notices Krumm laughing and thinks that he is taking the championship as a joke. So he kicks Krumm off the team and gives him permission to just watch the Scaring Olympics instead.

During the Scaring Olympics, in which the teams include Mega Monster Tech, coached by Lombar, and the Monster Academy. Krumm has a brace tightened to his lips to keep him from laughing. But this proves futile as the brace falls out and Krumm continues to laugh once again. Later, the two monster team try the first event, which is the long jump. As a human comes out a side door of a building, Ickis long jumps behind him and scares him, causing him to jump twenty-four feet and eight inches. Smelldoor, one of the monsters from the opposing team, scares another human and causes him to jump a single inch further, giving Mega Monster Tech the victory of the event by default.

The next event is the hundred meter dash, in which Oblina and one of the monsters from Mega Monster Tech scare two humans, causing them to run away. The human Oblina scared makes it through the goal line first, giving the Monster Academy a victory, tying the score.

As the Olympics continue, Mega Monster Tech and Monster academy are tied at twenty-five each at the end of regulation, and the tiebreaker is the face-to-face scare, in which the monster has to scare their opponent and the one who does so the most is the winner. Also, a monster must choose the monster from the opposing team to complete this task, and the Gromble chooses Smeldor. Lombar also decides to pick Krumm, much to the Gromble's dismay. During the face-to-face scare, Smelldoor constantly tries scaring Krumm. But the monster continues to laugh and soon, everyone else starts laughing, causing Smelldoor to run away in fear of being laughed at. Krumm wins the championship for the Monster Academy and the Gromble, letting his students have the trophy, thinks that the reason why Krumm was laughing was to teach him a lesson of how to enjoy the games rather than trying to win them and thanks him for it. When he hugs Krumm, the young monster spits out the Indian feather head and the Gromble then realizes that the feather head is what caused him to laugh. He tries to take the trophy back from his students and Krumm is seen wearing the feather head, laughing in the process as well.


  • The sign the monsters hold up is called "Scare-A-Thon", but the judge calls it "Scaring Olympics".
  • This is the final time Slickis and Horvak appear in an episode in any form whatsoever.
    • This is also the only episode in season 4 where Slickis has a physical appearance (albeit as a cameo)