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[Episode starts]

Man: I'm proud to award Rain forest rangers troop This lovely... Monster!

Gromble: Excellent. We're a cinch to win the 100-meter hurdles. Now, let's train for the high jump again. Oh, you're tired and you'd like to is that it? Rest up. Well, forget it! In 200 years no team of mine Has ever won the scaring olympics. But this year, the trophy of champions is going to be mine. And you three are going to win it. Come! We've got hours of training ahead of us.

Krumm: Can't we have something to eat?

Gromble: There's no time for eating! come on!

[Krumm sees and eats a feather hat]

Ickis: After all this we better win.

Oblina: Of course we're going to win. We have the best team this year.

Ickis: Half the team isn't alive to compete.

Oblina: Oh, Ickis.

You want to win, do you not?

Ickis: Of course I do!

Oblina: We have to train! Krumm, you do not think We have been working too hard?

Krumm: [giggles when the feathers tickle inside him] Well, um, I mean.

Oblina: Krumm, are you alright?

Krumm: I'm fine I just.. [laughs]

Ickis: There's your answer, Oblina. Krumm is cracking up. He can't take the stress anymore.

Oblina: Nonsense. Krum is just... He's... Oh, krummy, poor, poor lost krummy.

Krumm: What was that all about?

Oblina: Oh, poor Krumm, all this training Has taken its toll on you.

Krumm: No it hasn't. There's nothing wrong with me. I'm... [ Laughing] Fine.

Ickis: Of course you are. Everything is just great. We'll lose for sure. Wait till the Gromble finds out.

Gromble: Finds out what?

Ickis: I'm so excited about the olympics. We cannot wait to win, win, win.

Gromble: Good. The moment has arrived. Huddle up. I'd like to say a few words Before we take the field of competition. When the games begin today I want you to remember That winning isn't everything. It's the onlything! [ Krumm laughing] Is anything wrong? Do you find my pep talk amusing?

Krumm: No sir. I find it very inspiring.

Gromble: I see, you think My wanting to win the trophy of champions Is a joke!

Oblina: Um, your grombleness, may I?

Gromble: Don't try to cover for him, Oblina. I know a quitter when I see one.

Krumm: No I want us to win. I really do [laughs]

Gromble: I'd kick you off this team if I could But the rules won't allow me. You'll be out there with us, but you won't compete. You're going to sit there And watch how realwinners play. Are you happy now?

Krumm: [laughing] I'm heartbroken!

Judge: Fellow monsters, I bid you welcome To the the annual all-dumps monster scaring olympics. Today we shall see the best In scaring competition Between our two finest schools. Mega-monster tech Coached by Lombar The intimidator. And the monster scaring academy Under the leadership of the Gromble.

Gromble: Are you sure those are on tight?

Judge: Perhaps we should start the first event. Event one: the long jump. The academy will go first.

Gromble: Go on, Ickis, make me proud.


Judge: 24 feet, 8 inches.

Gromble: Yes, yes. Ickis, you are brilliant.

Judge: Next up, Smelldour.


Judge: 24 feet, 9 inches. Mega Monster Tech wins the event.


Gromble: NO! NO! NO! Ickis, you stink!

Ickis: I thought I was brilliant.

Gromble: That was until you lost. [Krumm laughs] Oh, shut up!

Judge: Event 2. The 100 meter dash.


Judge: The winner is Oblina.


Judge: at the end of regulation time we have a tie.

Ickis: Yes, we have a tie.

Gromble: We do not want a tie, Ickis, we want to win! A tie is worthless. We have to win the tie-breaker!

Oblina: What is the tie-breaker, your Grombleness?

Judge: The face-to-face challenge scare. One pair from each team will enter the field. The first monster to scare the other is the winner.

Gromble: Perfect, Oblina. Go out there and...

Judge: It's called the challenge scare Because each team Must choose the member of the opposing team They wish to scare. Gromble, your team may choose first.

Ickis: Some choice.

Gromble: Uh, the middle one.

Judge: Lombar?

Lombar: I think I'll pick... him!

Krumm: [laughs] Your Gomblness may I-

Gromble: Don't listen to me, laughing boy. This is the most important moment in my life. It is not a joke. You get out there and scare that monster. AND NO LAUGHING!

Judge: You may begin scaring.

[Smelldoor attempts to scare Krumm, but Krumm laughs.]

Smelldoor: What's the matter with you? Aren't you scared?

Krumm: No. [laughs] I'm terrified.

[Smelldoor attempts to scare him again, but Krumm kept laughing.]

Gromble: What is wrong with him? I'm going to lose. I'll never get the trophy and all he can do is laugh!

[Suddenly, everyone started bursting into laughter for no reason at all.]

Gromble: This is... [starts laughing] This is.. hahaha.. Serious. I have to win the trophy.

[Everyone continues laughing and Smelldoor starts to cower in fear.]

Smelldoor: Stop! Laughing at me!

[He starts screaming in humiliation and runs away.]

Judge: Krumm is the champion!

Ickis: Yes yes!

Krumm: Your grombleness! Here's your trophy won!

Gromble: Keep it here. It belongs to you. Krumm, now I know why you laughed at me. You were teaching me a lesson About how silly it is To be blinded by the desire To win at all costs, and I thank you for it.

[The Gromble hugs Krumm and he ends up coughing the Indian hat out of him stomach.]

Krumm: Whew. That's out of me.

Oblina: What is that?

Krumm: I kept trying to tell you that thing is inside me and it was tickling me.

Gromble: That's why you were laughing?

Krumm: Yep.

Gromble: So, you weren't teaching me A lesson about winning?

Krumm: No.

Ickis: Isn't it great?

Oblina: Yes, it's magnificent. And I know just the place in our room to put it. Come on.

Gromble: Kidding. I was kidding about the Trophy being yours. Stop! You can give it back now. It's my turn to hold it!