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Less Talk, More Monsters

Less Talk, More Monsters is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the Season 3.

Characters present[]


A human contest threatens exposure of the monsters when $50,000 is hidden in the dump.


A radio DJ named Ronnie Sloan is in front of the KDMP studio building announcing to the citizens that $50,000 is hidden around the city. His announcement is also heard on the radios and soon, every human go to the dump and swarm around it in search of the money.

At the Monster Academy, The Gromble announces that the humans are about to discover the monsters' hideout and orders them to scare the humans away. They grab their materials and walk outside of the dump to get the job done. They scare a few people, but their confidence soon begins to dissipate when they discover that more humans are coming. The other monsters hide inside their home, leaving Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina to finish the task. But when they hear the DJ announcing the quest to find $50,000 in the dump via radio, they decide to search for the DJ.

In the city streets, the trio go to a phone booth to get the DJ's number. They finally come across a call from him and Krumm tells him that he is a monster ordering him to get all humans out of the dump. But this only encourages the DJ to reward any human a free KDMP T-shirt if they dress as a monster.

Back at the academy, the monsters find that humans are trying to get into their place and run around panicking. The Gromble quickly gets them to stay calm and has the academy on lockdown, locking Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm out. When Ickis caustically says that the trio should do something about Ronnie, the trio spots a radio van and try to hitch a ride. But the ride is squelched when the other humans demand a T-shirt each for them. Luckily, the driver hops inside the van and rides away. Back at the academy, the Gromble attempts to look for the trio outside himself.

At the KDMP station, The Monsters walk inside the building and scare away one of the DJ's. When Ronnie notices that his assistant is not responding to him, he walks into the record room to get a new record, only to get scared away by Krumm, who takes Ronnie's spot on the microphone. Krumm pretends to be Ronnie Sloan and tells every human through the radio that the money is inside the KDMP station, prompting the humans to leave the dump to go to the building. Krumm also plays a record through the radio, but stops when he, Ickis, and Oblina hear the humans ready to enter the building. The Monsters enter the restroom and escape through the toilet. The humans storm the building and corner Ronnie.

Back at the dump, The Gromble is enthusiastic that his three students have returned and congratulates them for clearing the dump from the humans. He tells them never to let it happen again and leaves. Krumm begins munching on a bag when he finds the money in the dump. He tosses it away, saying that he hates roughage, and the bag lands into the cart of a homeless old man, who gets a limousine chauffeur to hunt through the trash with him.