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[episode starts]

Man: Raunchy Ronnie Sloan here coming to you live In front of the KDMP studios. KDMP has hidden 50$, somewhere in this city. That's right. You're probably saying to yourself "I'd do anything for 50$ , , even dig through garbage." You're going to have to 'Cause the money's hidden in the city dump! Did you hear me? I said 50$ , .

Man: Sorry honey, Got to go!


Old man: An eight-track player. Well. Hey, a typewriter with no keys. What treasures.

[All the people appear in the dump]

Gromble: Class, this is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. We are at def-dump one. Humans are swarming all over our precious dump. They're getting closer to discovering Our academy. But we will not take this. We shall scare the humans awayWith our teeth, with our tentacles, with our wonderful Foul stenches. Go forth, young monsters And scare as you have never scared before!


Krumm: How are you little buddy?

Oblina: I've always said they are highly overrated As lifeforms. Still, I wonder what they were doing here.

Ickis: Who cares? I could go on scaring all day.

Krumm: Good cause here comes some more.

Oblina: We will be all right As long as we stick together. So, um... The three of us then. Let them come. Out of here. I said, the three of us.

Ickis: Alright.

Man: This is raunchy ronnie sloan of kdmp. Hey, so far, no one has won the 50$ , garbage greed grab. There's still time for you to root around in the filth And find it. If you need directions to the dump, cal 555 kdmp, Disgusting, dirty dollars are waiting for you.

Oblina: So that is what is going on. This is all some kind of human contest.

Krumm: Maybe we should call and scare them.

Oblina: What number was that he said?


Ickis: Now what?

Oblina: We need those cookies the humans put in this call thingy. Now, what was that number?


Oblina: Never mind.

Man: You've reached dial-a-joke. Why did the chicken cross the road?

Krumm: Now, we'll never know.

Man: Hello. Kdmp. You're on the air with raunchy ronnie sloan. Oh, well, if... It's him.

Oblina: Now what do I say?

Krumm: Um, hey, ronnie. First-time caller, long-time monster.

Man: What can I do for you?

Krumm: That's right, and as a monster I'm ordering you and all humans to get out of the dump.

Man: Hey, uncle stevo! That's about the hundredth call we've had today About monsters in the dump. I'll tell you what I'm going to do, monster man. Anyone who shows up at the dump Dressed as a monster will get a free kdmp t-shirt. How about that? Bye.

Ickis: Perhaps this would be a good time to tell the gromble.


old Man: Look at them 500 dollars You want riches? Just look around you.

Woman: I bet the money's in here. Of course. It's the perfect place. And no one else even suspects. I'll be rich! Rich! Rich, I tell you! Rich!


Borl: Humans! Humans! They're trying to get in!

Gromble: Remain calm. I SAID REMAIN CALM! Now, it is true, we have a bit of a situation here. In fact, we are now at...Def dump five! LOCKDOWN THE DUMP!


Ickis: Hey, open up! It's Ickis!

Oblina: The Gromble must've ordered a lockdown.

Ickis: A lockdown? [whines] He doesn't know that we're out there.

Oblina: But he must not...

Ickis: Please! Please, please let me in, let me in!

Krumm: He's taking this better more than I guess.

Oblina: Ickis! We cannot give up!

Ickis: Oh, sure, great idea. While we're at it, why do we find that Ronny Sloan and do something about him too, huh? I was not being serious, you know?

Oblina: That is our ride. Follow me!

Man: Okay, folks, that's it. I got to head back to the station. Happy hunting.

Woman: Hey! I dressed as a monster. I want a T-shirt!

Man: I'm all out. It happens, you know?


Gromble: Well?

Borl: Still no sign of Ickis, Krumm and Oblina, sir. I'll keep looking

Gromble: This is terrible. They're out there somewhere with humans. I must go and find them myself.

Man: Engineer steve, how about you? You ever seen A monster? Steve? Looks like I'll have to play this record For myself. It seems my engineer had to leave suddenly. Maybe he was scared by a...

Krumm: Hello, is this thing on?

Oblina: Krumm. I think you're supposed to talk into this thingie.

Krumm: Hello? Hello? Um, this is Ronnie. Yeah, this is Ronnie, not a monster. This is Ronnie Telling you humans that money is not in the dump. There's lots of cans and bugs. Ooh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. But there is no money. The money is here at KDMP.


Gromble: That's my pupal!

Krumm: And now, here's a long-distance dedication Going out to diswald.


Ickis: Yes! [he and Oblina hug.]

Man: I told you the money's not here.


Man: Okay, okay-- here. I've got cents. Just take it. A ticket stub, a picture of my cat. It's all yours. That's all I got. Honest!

Oblina: Krumm, it worked. We scared all the humans away.

Krumm: Excuse, we? I believe it was my voice. I believe it was my lilting voice that actually...

Ickis: We all scare humans together.

Gromble: Ickis, Krumm, Oblina. You're back! Brilliant work! All three of you! Look! Look. The dump has been restored To its normal festering luster. DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!

Ickis: Thanks, I think.

Krumm: And scaring dozens of humans at a time Really works up an appetite. I'm starved. I hate ruggage.

Old man: What are you waiting for, Jenkins? Let's go hunting. Hey, lookie here. Won't this look good in the foyer? If you say so, sir. Ah! Good! Hey! Ah!