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Lifestyles of the Rich and Scary

Lifestyles of the Rich and Scary is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season three.

Characters Present[]


Oblina receives an order from her overbearing mother, quit the academy and come home to her rich family.

Oblina s family by mowub87-d496vw3

Oblina's family


Oblina has scared away everyone out of the video store and tells her friends that she is a hard worker of scaring. It is also something that she loves doing. Back at the Monsters' dorm room, Oblina gets a letter from her parents, telling her to come home during the weekend, upsetting her because she has to study. But Ickis and Krumm try to persuade her to live life in luxury and take them along with her. Oblina reluctantly agrees to take the two along with her to visit her parents.

The next morning, they make it to Oblina's parents' house and Oblina introduces Ickis and Krumm to Lugo, her parents' butler. Lugo leads Oblina to the location of her parents, with Ickis and Krumm tagging along. As they make it inside the house, Oblina's parents Skeech and Sublima walk in and are introduced by Oblina to Ickis and Krumm. Ickis and Krumm tell Oblina's parents how great of a scare-er she is, and Skeech and Sublima compels Oblina to play the apraxichord for her friends. Oblina plays the instrument and Sublima talks about her talent at it, saying that why she would squander her talent at scaring is an enigma to her. Ickis and Krumm are lead out of the living room by Lugo.

Later, Oblina is seen inside her room and notices that they are all gone. Lugo appears and tells her that he gave them all away in deference to Sublima, offering her a book titled "The Big Book of Scares". She finds her friends, who are noticeably fat due to all the garbage they scarfed down, being carried in chairs by the other monsters during a tour and they come across a closet full of toenails, much to Ickis' impression.

Later, Lugo reluctantly brings Ickis and Krumm along with them to the Pedicuria to obtain more toenails. They run into Old Max, an aging dog who is asleep, and Lugo walks past the sleeping dog to grab more toenails off the floor right before he and the other two young monsters leave the shop.

Back at the home, Sublima tells Oblina that her home is in the life of luxury and that she belongs in it. When Oblina comes across her friends, Ickis suggests that the trio should go back to the academy, but Oblina tells them that her mother told her to stay with them instead. So Lugo helps Ickis and Krumm get their friend back by reminding her how much she likes to scare.

They go back to the Pedicuria and pretend to call for help, which Oblina overhears while playing her apraxichord. Oblina walks inside the shop and is not the least bit convinced. She leads the three back iside the house. Oblina tells her friends that their attempt at getting her to scare won't work. It isn't long before two human robbers breaks into the Pedicuria to find some scent to steal so they could make a pedicure business of their own to make money. As they search through the shop, Oblina scares the two robbers away and receives acclaim from her friends for the scare. Lugo tells her that she was born to scare. Krumm begs Oblina to return to the Academy with him and Ickis.

Back at the mansion, Sublima refuses to have Oblina return to the Monster Academy, stating she won't let her daugther live the life of a "lowly scare monger". Oblina persuades her parents to accept her for who she is and not make her into something she is not. Skeech tells his daughter that he's proud of her right now, saying he's glad that someone taught Oblina that there's more to life than toenails. Sublima disregards this, stating if were up to Skeech, they would of build their house under a dry cleaner's. Having enough of Sublima's condesecending attitude, Skeech tells his wife to sit down and be quiet. Skeech tells Sublima that their daughter has a gift of her own and it would be a crime to make her turn her back on it. Skeech tells his daughter that what matters is that she's happy and she makes the most out of her life. Oblina hugs her father and asks if he means it (Skeech gives his wife a look). Sublima finally accepts as well and Oblina leaves with her friends to go back to the academy. When Sublima asks what to do with all the toenails and who's going to manage them. Skeech gives Lugo a job for him to do, much to the butler's delight.