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[episode starts.]

Krumm: Scaring seems so easy for you, Oblina. How do you do it?

Ickis: Oh, Oblina's what you call a natural.

Oblina: No, no, I'm not. I'm what you would call a hard worker, Ickis. But, it is work I love, I do.


Ickis: What is it?

Oblina: Mumsy and Dada want me to come home for the weekend.

Ickis: Oblina, you make it sound like it's so bad. Krumm, imagine that. "I don't want to go home; it's too fancy. It would be too nice."

Krumm: I wouldn't mind a little pampering.

Oblina: It's just that I have so much studying.

Ickis: Listen, Oblinski, there are two things you need right now. You need to spend the weekend in the lap of luxury and you need to take your friends. Please, Oblina, please, can't we come with you and live like rich monsters for the weekend?

Krumm: Please please?

Oblina: Oh, alright.


Oblina: Well, here we are.

Ickis: Wow.

Lugo: Welcome.

Oblina: Lugo. Krumm, Ickis, this is my oldest and dearest friend Lugo, our butler.

Lugo: Any friend of Miss Oblina's is a true friend of mine. Now, please follow me, Miss Oblina. Your mother and father wish to see you immediately.

Oblina: Alright.


Oblina: Hello, Mumsy. Hello, Dada.

Skeech: Hello, Stripes. How's my little--

Sublina: How nice it is to see you! Oh, goodness, Umo, what are these?

Oblina: These are my friends, mumsy.

Sublina: I see.

Ickis: Um, may I say, if I may, it's a pleasure to meet you, ma'am. Your daughter is just one of the greatest scarers our school has ever seen.

Krumm: The best.

Sublina: The best scarer? Hmm, well, she may as well be a mold farmer.

Krumm: Yeah, she'd be-- Hey.

Sublina: Would you two like to see my little monster shine? Oblina, play the anthraxicord for your friends.

Oblina: Mumsy, No please. Don't make me play.

Sublina: Oblina, we've just had it knocked out of tune. You have to play.


Sublina: Oblina's always been a little genius at the anthraxicord. Why she wants to waste her time scaring, I'll never know.

Oblina: Mumsy, I'm done.

Krumm: That sounded great, Oblina.

Ickis: Yeah, Oblina, that was, that was great.

Sublina: Sounded to me like someone needs some practice. Oblina, you stay here and work on your scalies. I'll have Lugo see to these little friends of yours.

Oblina: Yes, mumsy dearest.

Lugo: Ms. Oblina.

Oblina: Lugo. What happened to my scary books?

Lugo: I'm afraid your mother told me to give them all away. I did save this one. The Big Book of Scares. I'm sure the books you study now are much more advanced. Still, for sentimental reasons, I thought you might like it. We really should rejoin the others.

Krumm: I'm in heaven. That garbage was the best I've ever eaten.

Ickis: Oblina, you are one lucky monster to get to grow up here!

Oblina: Yeah yeah.

Oblina: What's that?

Oblina: That? Oh, it's just the family fortune.

Ickis: Stop! This I gotta see!

Oblina: Yes, yes, Ickis. Toenails. We are located directly under something that the humans call a pedicuria. Can you believe that? They actually have their toenails trimmed and then throw them away.


Oblina: Maybe you could go with Lugo on a toenail run. Lugo, would you mind?

Ickis: So Lugo, a toenail raid! Pretty exciting work, huh?

Lugo: Nail gathering, Master Ickis, is simply one of my duties as butler. I have never thought it, as you say, "pretty exciting."

Krumm: Ickis, let's go.

Ickis: The bark and bite! Run for your life!

Lugo: This is old Max. He is called old Max because he is aged, antique, time-worn, ancient, elderly, antediluvian, advanced in years... old.

Ickis: That's all there is to it?

Krumm: That was dull.

Lugo: I'm sure. Shall we?

Sublina: Of course you're upset, Oblina, but you'll see. This is what's best for you. You can still see your little friends. I mean, if you've got to, but this is your home. It's where you belong.

Oblina: Yes, mumsy.

Sublina: Yes, mumsy what?

Oblina: Yes, mumsy dearest.

Sublina: Better.

Ickis: Oblina, hey, hey, Krumm and I had an idea. You know, instead of sitting around the house all day, let's go back to the academy, huh?

Krumm: This wealthy stuff is too rich for me. I'm beginning to think I've forgotten how to scare.

Oblina: I know what you mean. I wish I can go back with you.

Ickis: What?

Krumm: Huh?

Ovlina: My parents have decided it's, it's just best I stay here. So I'll be learning how to mange the family fortune. I have to go.

Krumm: And give up scaring?

Ickis: I hate this place.

Krumm: Me too. It's not gonna be the same without her.

Lugo: I thought you were Ms. Oblina's friends.

Ickis: We are, but there's not much we can do about it. She's made up her mind.

Lugo: Oh, no, no, you're wrong. Ms. Oblina hasn't made up her mind, Madame Sublina has made it up for her.

Ickis: Well, if there was anything we could do...

Lugo: There is. We must remind Miss Oblina of how much she loves to scare. If we can do that, she'll insist on going back with you.

Krumm: I'm gamey. What's the plan?


Sublina: Do you hear something?

Skeetch: Well, now that you--

Sublina: It sounds like those two friends of yours. What were their names?

Oblina: Ickis and Krumm.

Sublina: Sit down! Ring for Lugo. He'll set things right.

Lugo: Help. Miss Oblina.

Sublina: Where are you doing?

Oblina: They need me, mumsy dearest.

Sublina: Better.


Krumm: Uh oh.

Ickis: Help me?

Oblina: Nice try. Come on.

Krumm: Oblina, we just trying to-

Oblina: I know. I know what you're trying to do, but I appreciate it. But it won't work.

Man: Hey Jimmy?

Jim: Yeah what?

Man: Tell me again why we're breaking into a toenail store?

Jimmy: Oh boy.

Man: It's not a toenail store, it's a pedicuria, and the reason we're breaking in here is that the stuff in here is worth a mint and after we clean this place out, all we gotta do is find somebody that wants to open their own pedicuria and we'll make a fortune, if you get it!

Jim: Yeah, that makes sense.

Man: Well, grab anything that's not nailed down, will ya?

Oblina: Pardon me, gentlemen hello.


Oblina: Did you see that? I was magnificent, was I not?

Ickis: That was amazing!

Oblina: Yes! those two big humans were standing there and I just could not help it. I couldn't.

Lugo: And you know why? Because you were born to scare.

Krumm: Oblina, please come back to the academy with us.

Sublina: Return to the Academy? Absolutely not!

Skeech: But, sweet thing...

Sublina: This Academy nonsense has got a long enough! Now fasten your seatbelt! I will not have my daughter live the life of lowly scare monger!

Oblina: Mumsy dearest. Stop!

Sublina: I beg your pardon?

Oblina: Scaring is part of who I am!

Sublina: Who you are?!

Oblina: Yes! So you might will get use to it! Mumsy, dada, please understand. I am who I am, I cannot be something I am not! And I just hope someday you can considerate. Be proud of me!

Skeech: Stripes?

Oblina: Yes, dada?

Skeech: I'm proud of you right now. I'm glad someone have taught me through the life other than toenails.

Sublina: Don't listen to your father! If it wasn't up have to him, he wouldn't build the house under the dry cleaners!

Skeech: Sublina, sit down and be quiet!

[Sublina sit down on the chair]

Skeech: Sublina, your daughter have the gift. It'd be a crime to make her turn her back on that. What matters is you're happy and you make the most out of your life.

Oblina: Oh, dada, you mean it?

Sublina: Of course, we mean it.

Oblina: Thank you, dada. Uh... Thank you, mumsy dearest. Well, I guess we'll be be going now.

Skeech: Goodbye, Stripes.

Oblina: Tata.

Ickis and Krumm: Goodbye.

Sublina: Oh dear! Now what are we gonna do with all of those toenails? Who's gonna manage them?

Skeech: I think I have an answer. Old friend, I have a job for you if you're up to it.

Lugo: Yes, sir.