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Loch Ness Mess is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season four.

Loch Ness Mess
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Episode 88 (Season 4, Episode 6B)
Airdate October 18, 1997
Directed by Jim Duffy
Written by Bill Braunstein
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"Nuclear and Present Danger"
"Super Ickis"

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The Gromble's hero, the Loch Ness Monster, visits and he's thrilled about it, until he finds himself that he's unable to keep up with his idol's pace.


At the Monster Academy, The Gromble introduces his students to the Loch Ness Monster, an irish monster who had once scared human vikings sailing the sea. The other monster gather up around him and Lochy accidentally knocks over a few monsters with his tail. Gromble offers him to stay with him at the academy, which Lochy, skeptical at first, agrees to.

Ickis, Oblina and Krumm haul Lochy's bags into Gromble's room and Lochy brings Gromble along to scare away the humans with him. The next morning, Gromble, now tired from staying up all night scaring away humans, dismisses class early. Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina come to the headmaster and Oblina tells him her thoughts of the Scotsmonster, infuriating Gromble as he states that Lochy is an infallible hero. Just then, Lochy appears again playing a bagpipe, singing, and breaking the viewfinder as he dances around the academy. He also announces that his lecture has been great and he will stay at the academy forever, much to Gromble's annoyance.

Lochy re-decorates Gromble's room with kilt-fashioned walls and soon begins annoying Gromble with his dancing and singing. It isn't long before Gromble finally goes into a nervous breakdown and runs out of his room and into the three young monsters' dorm room explaining everything to them about Lochy, finally figuring out that the other monsters are annoyed by his personality as well. He tells them that he can't tell him about his annoying habit, as this would cause him to alienate the Scotsmonster. Oblina suggests that the only way to get Lochy to leave is by being nice to him.

While Lochy is sleeping in Gromble's bed, Gromble wakes him up and tells him that Ickis wants to learn his Scottish song. So Ickis and Lochy spend the whole night singing the scottish song and soon, Oblina also wants to learn the song and sings along with Lochy. Soon, every other monster sings along with Lochy, as well as going out for scares all night, and the Scotsmonster eventually becomes soporific, as well as all the other monsters.

Lochy is ordered by Gromble to come to class for his lecture, but the Scotsmaster has decided to pack his things and leave. Gromble, as well as the other students, fall asleep, and Lochy is also seen sleeping on the floor. His second head then comes to life and tells him that next time, he'll do the talking instead.


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