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Mayberry UFO

Mayberry UFO is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from Season 2.

Characters present[]


The monsters become stranded in a rustic town with an angry mob that thinks they are aliens and only one working toilet.


A storm emerges outside and The Monsters are seen hanging inside the sewers. Just then, the rain storm causes a tide of water to sweep The Monsters through the pipes and they end up flying through Luluville, a farming site, and into a cornfield. When two farmers named Zeke and Otis see them flying through, they spread the word that aliens are invading the backwater town. The farmers search through the cornfield to hunt for The Monsters they believe are aliens, only to get scared away by them instantly.

At a local house, a local sheriff informs everyone of the so-called alien invasion and The Monsters go on a quest to search for more humans to scare. They end up being chased by the sheriff and angry mob, who still believe they are aliens, and escape through the toilet of an outhouse, only to discover that there is no pipe to it, so therefore, they can't escape. The mob finally catches them and Brisko, one of the humans of the mob, traps them inside. But The Monsters manage to dig their way out. As they emerges from the soil, they find a horse carriage, which includes an indoor toilet haystack on the back. The Monsters scare away the horse rider, as well as the horse to run faster, speeding up the carriage. The mob spots them and chase after them once again. The carriage ends up passing town hall, much to The Monsters' dismay, as they have no idea how to stop. The horse then stops, sending Oblina and Ickis flying off the carriage and right into a water trough, as they continue running from the angry mob. They head inside the house and come across a toilet, only to discover that it doesn't flush. So Ickis reluctantly distracts the mobs as Krumm attempts to fix the toilet. Ickis, at first, scares away the mob, but the sheriff reminds them that they should be chasing him instead and do so. Ickis hides inside the mayor's office and is cornered by the mob. Enraged, he triggers into his usual scare mode and scares away the mob. He joins Oblina and Krumm to escape through the toilet, and The Monsters return to the dump.

Back at Luluville, Otis says that maybe the creatures he and Zeke saw were really monsters, but Zeke denies it, saying that there are too many aliens around for anyone to believe in monsters. The two are oblivious to a UFO that hovers over the farm and steals a cow right before flying away.


  • This episode was released on the Paramount VHS re-release of Monsters' Night Out.
  • This is one of the few episodes where the Monster Academy doesn't appear.