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— This is a transcribed copy of Misery Date. —
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[episode starts]

Gromble: Class, I think I've had we really had of enough for today, hmm? Let's go a little early shall we? Class dismissed.

[All of the students leave the library except for Ickis for some reason.]

Gromble: Ickis!

Library Monster: Shh! Shh!

Gromble: [quietly] You can go.

[He then removes the book and found out they are two purple socks standing in front of the desk. The Gromble is angry that he catches Ickis sneaking away from the library.]

Gromble: ICKIS!

[Ickis gets caught in the act and whimpers in fear. The Gromble shows him the purple socks he used to fool him and is about to snorch him, but he heard the Library Monster call his name.]

Library Monster: Gromble! You forgot your bone.

[The Library Monster, while carrying The Gromble's bone, trips on a film strip, causing her to fall down and the film strips almost cover her face. She then picks them up and smiles at him.]

Gromble: Oh my. Oh.

[The Gromble now has a squish on The Library Monster.]

Gromble: Ickis.

Ickis: Yes?

Gromble: Be a good monster and run along, would ya? [He gives Ickis the socks and he runs off.] My, uh, you hehe you. Heh. Hasn't you would had been hideous lately?

Library Monster: Oh uh, yeah, yes.

Gromble: Yes, dearly. Oh.

[Back at the dorm room.]

Ickis: I was snorched for sure than out of nowhere he was like "Run along Ickis." and lets me go.

Oblina: Well, that is bizarre, for no reason he'll let you go.

Ickis: Yeah, when he heard the Library Monster call his name, it's like somebody ate his brain.

Krumm: Sounds like he's, in love.

Oblina: Ooh, that's it Krummy! The Gromble has a squish on the Library Monster. Oh, isn't that darling.

Ickis: So he didn't snorch me because he was in love?

Oblina: Yes, Icky. Love has touched his heart and opened it to the world.

Ickis: Oh, so as long as he stays all goo goo for the Library Monster. [Giggles] We can do whatever we want. Oh, this is good.

Oblina: It is wonderful.

[The Gromble enters the dorm room. Ickis yelps.]

Gromble: Ahem.

Oblina: Hello. [Giggles]

Gromble: Oblina, may I speak to you, alone? [Krumm gets out of the dorm room and drags Ickis with him.] She's the most hideous creature to ever walk the dump.

Oblina: It's lovely!

Gromble: One look at her and I felt... What's the word?

[Ickis briefly peeks in.]

Ickis: Squishie?

Grobmle: That's it. I have squishie.

Oblina: Wonderful.

Gromble: But I don't know what do to. It's been 300 since I felt a slightest pit school squishie upon anyone.

Oblina: Lovely.

Gromble: No, Oblina, it's terrible. Help me Oblina, you're female, you're young. Surely you must have some idea what do to make her care. What do I do what do I say. HOW DO I MAKE HER LOVE ME?!

Oblina: Oh, uh, I don't think you can. [Ickis takes her out of the dorm room.]

Ickis: What do you mean "Oh, uh, I don't think you can."

Oblina: Because she's so nice and he's, um. well...

Gromble: What? Oblina, you can tell me.

Oblina: How would I put it. You have a, well it, Dynamic personality. Mmhmm.

Ickis: Which maybe just a tad too dynamic for the Library Monster. We could fix that. [giggles] Or Oblina can. In just two hours, I'll bet Oblina could teach you to be less dynamic, and a little nicer.

Gromble: And if I was, [clears throat] nice, you think she'll like me?

Ickis: Oh, without a doubt!

Gromble: Yeah, but then what? Where would I take her? I want it to be perfect. But I don't the first thing about dating.

Ickis: Say no more! Just get yourself sweet, and be by the banks of great sewer at eight.

[Later that night.]

Library Monster: I'm so excited.

Gromble: You are?

Library Monster: Your students said you had an unforgettable night planned.

Gromble: Eh, really?

Library Monster: So, where to?

Gromble: Well, I, I think uh, [Helooks over as The three monsters useda boat to get tothe dock.] I think we might start with the boat ride.

Ickis: [singing]

Library Monster: Isn't this nice?

Gromble: Yes, it is. [Ickis splashes the water on him with the oar, again.] ICKIS!

Library Monster: Your nice students.

Gromble: Well, I...


Gromble: You know, the dump has never looked as hideous As it does tonight. It's amazing how something or someone Can be a part of your life every day. But you never really see how hideous it is.

Library Monster: You know, you're right. I've always had this impression that you were, eh, how do I say this, mean? [Ickis is following them and clearing his throat] Whenever I turned around there, you were, yelling at one of your students. But that doesn't seem like the real you at all.

[Ickis clears throat again]

Gromble: Oh, eh, it's not the real me. Oh, I yell at my students. Just so they respect me. The real me Is a pussycat. Meow. Will you excuse me? Ickis, be a dear and don't pull my tail.


Gromble: o you think we could trouble you For something to sit on?

Library Monster: [Laughs.] You're not mad, are you?

Gromble: No. Excuse me. [He runs to the hill and screams in anger. Then he returns back]

Oblina: Oh, I'll bet you two Would love to dance.

Gromble: We would? Yes. we would.

Oblina: Quickly. A song.

[Ickis gets on stage]

Ickis: Are there any love tonight?

Oblina: Ickis, sing!

Ickis: [singing loudly]: With the lie of the festering moon.

Library Monster: Oh, sorry!

Gromble: Don't pleasant right.

Libary Monster: Oopsy!

Gromble: No problem.

Library Monster: Oh, excuse me!

Gromble: OW! It's okay! Listen, why don't we head back to the academy? I want to remember this wonderful night Just as it is.

Oblina: The stench of romance is in the air.

[Back in the dorm room, Ickis continues his loud singing.]

Krumm: I don't know, it still seems strange. Seem, The Gromble acting so nice.

Oblina: Sometimes, love is a strange thing, Krumm.

Krumm: I guess.

[The Gromble returns to the dorm room.]

Gromble: You have to help me.

Oblina: What happened?

Gromble: I was so nice the whole time. I never screamed or get mad. And now I think she really likes me.

Oblina: Did I not tell you that would work?

Gromble: Well, if I keep being nice, I lose my mind! The Library Monster likes me now so I do not know what to do.

Krumm: You have to tell her how you feel and tell you how you really are. I mean, you gotta be yourself. And if you're not, when you're around her, then, it's like you're lying to her. And if you care about her, you can't do that.

Gromble: Krumm, that's really perspective.

Krumm: I can't play dumb all the time. I'll lose my mind. [They stare at him for a bit and his stomach growls a bit.] Sorry. Am I the only one that's hungry? [Laughs]

Oblina: Krumm is right. Go open your soul to her. [Shedding her tear.] Let her know how you, truly.

Gromble: I will. And Krumm, I'll expect quite a bit more from you from now on.

Krumm: I should have kept my mouth shut.

Ickis: What are you crazy!? She likes him now. The way he is now. Who cares if it's killing him? I cannot believe you guys. Honesty. Nice idea!

[Ickis leaves the dorm room in anger and Krumm and Oblina are shocked by it.]

[Back at the Monster Library.]

Gromble: I have to speak to you.

Library Monster: Oh, come in. I really had fun tonight.

Gromble: You were wonderful. That's why I have to talk to you. Uh, I care a lot about you. But, who I was tonight, it's not who I am. How can I say this? How can I make you see?

[Ickis bumps into the Gromble and tries to say something to him.]

Ickis: Before anybody says anything, think about it. Aren't things great just the way they are?

Gromble: [Gets angry] Ickis!

Ickis: I mean, I mean look at you two. It just sets my heart all the flutter, just they way it is right now. 

Gromble: [Gets angrier] Ickis!

Ickis: So Grombie, why don't you just, say good night here and we'll all head home. [Giggles] What do you say?

Gromble: [Finally losing his temper.] ICKIS! YOU PUTRID PUTTING PUDDLE OF PUS! BE QUIET!

[This shocks the Library Monster and also causing the book to fall off her arms.]

Gromble: I'm trying to make a point, and YOU ARE INTERRUPTING! [Ickis slowly backs out of the Library in fear as the Gromble finishes yelling at him.] NOW CLEAR OUT OF HERE, BEFORE I PRESS YOU BETWEEN THE PAGES OF YOUR MONSTER MANUAL! Oh! That felt good!

Library Monster: Oh my.

Gromble: That, my dear, is what I was trying to tell you. The part of myself I'm afraid to reveal. Tell me, now that you've seen that side of me, can you still care for me?

Library Monster: No.

Gromble: No?

Library Monster: No.

Gromble: I guess I'm a little too, dynamic?

Library Monster: No. You're a little too loud.

Gromble: Well I... I'm, afraid I can't change that.

Library Monster: I know. I'm sorry.

Gromble: So am I. Well... so long.

[The Gromble leaves the Monster Library.]

Ickis: How are you?

Gromble: I've been better.

Ickis: It was a dumb idea to try to make you different. I shouldn't have suggested it.

Gromble: I shouldn't have listened, but I did. Well, it won't happen again. My heart has had its last little adventure. This time I accepted it. No one some monster who-

Ickis: Speaks with purpose and gusto, I know.

Gromble: Well port. Good night Ickis.

[The Gromble is sad until he sees the Custodian Monster chasing Snav and Blib out of their dorm room.]

Custodian Monster: You call that room dirty? Ha! That's the neatest cleanest excuse for your dorm room I have ever seen. Well you can't run from me forever you neatniks! Those scurvy little legs will tire out sooner or later! [She sees The Gromble.] Oh, hello.

Gromble: [laughs a bit] My, uh, you hehe you. Heh. Hasn't you would had been hideous lately?

[The Custodian Monster smiles at The Gromble. The Gromble smiles at her back at we transition into the heart with bugs constantly coming out behind it. Ending the episode.]