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Monster Blues

Monster Blues is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 3rd season.

Characters present[]


Ickis meets a blind human Bluesman who teaches him all about the Blues.


Leaky tries to heave a handful of sludge at Ickis and hits a wall. Ickis scoops up the sludge and tries to throw it back at Leaky, only to accidentally hit The Gromble instead. He is later seen dressed as a clown and all the monsters at the academy tease him. So Ickis writes a letter to Oblina and Krumm, telling them that he's running away from the academy for good.

The young monster is later seen walking through the city streets during the night and comes across an aggressive bulldog, who chases him through the dump. Ickis ends up inside an old apartment building and decides to make it his home. Just then, he hears a guitar playing upstairs. He walks upstairs to find an old bluesman playing the blues. Ickis sneaks from behind him and triggers into his scare mode in front of him. But the bluesman makes no reaction, thinking that the monster's scare was a belch. Ickis tells him that he is a monster and the bluesman also informs him that he is blind. Ickis introduces himself to the bluesman, who returns the favor by introducing himself as Ellis Robinson, who plays the blues. Ickis tells Ellis his story as the bluesman plays along.

The next morning, Oblina and Krumm wake up to read Ickis' letter to them and go on a search for him. Oblina informs Krumm that it's up to them to convince Ickis that he must come home. Back at Ellis' apartment, Ellis continues playing the blues and Ickis sings a song about his headmaster, implementing the "Monster Blues". Just then, they hear a banging sound and  relocate to the roof. Ickis looks down and find a demolition crew preparing to destroy the old building. So Ellis uses his catapult to fling melons at the crew, prompting them to run away. Despite this, however, the destruction of the building is just beginning and that he crew will still come back again tomorrow.

During the night, as Ickis sleeps, Ellis says that he has one monster of a problem. Oblina and Krumm are later seen looking through the city streets in search of their friend as Ellis continues to play the blues. As morning emerges, Oblina tells Krumm that if the two were to find Ickis, they should think like him. When Oblina asks what ickis would do, Krumm says that he would run as they spot the aggressive bulldog in the alley. The bulldog chases the two monsters around the dump. They end up inside Ellis' building and Ickis wakes up to find a rumbling sound. He heads on top of the roof and finds a wrecking ball about to tear down the building. Ickis tries to persuade Ellis to come with him to leave. But the bluesman refuses, saying that he is staying on the roof to hold them down. Ickis says that he will stay with Ellis. But Ellis tells him that he has to go back to school to face his problems similar to how he is facing his problems to hold back the wrecking ball. Ickis heads downstairs and leaves, running into his friends in the process. As The Monsters head outside, the building is being rammed by the wrecking ball, and Ickis finds the harmonica given to him by Ellis. He narrowly dodges the melons thrown off the roof and triggers into his scar mode, scaring away the demolition crew. He saves Ellis from dropping off the roof to his demise and the bluesman finally concedes that he really is a young monster. He tells him to return back to his home and agrees to him him visit his building right before Ickis goes home with his friends.

Back at the dump, Ickis is heard laughing before uttering "Yes."