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[Episode starts.]

Ickis: [writing and narrating] "Dear Krumm and Oblina..." No. Uh, "Dear Oblina and Krumm, By the time you read this I'll be gone."


Ickis: Oh, this place is great. It's just like me, nobody wants it. Nobody appreciates it. But I do. I do! We're perfect for each other! This will be my home, my dump! My Ickisville.

♪ When you got

a good friend... ♪

Robinson: Hey, son... You gonna come out From wherever you hidin'? I got me a nice chicken pot pie here. You want some? Oh, I get it, there's nobody there. Well, <r. Nobody, if you're not there... Then that pie didn't hit you!


Robinson: Hoo-doggie! That was one healthy burp, boy. Them pies do the same thing for me.

Ickis: Aren't you scared?

Robinson: Now, why should an old man like me be scared?

Ickis: 'Cause I'm a monster!

Robinson: And I'm a blind man! (Laughs heartily) Can't see nothin'! Ain't nobody perfect, son! But I'm sure you ain't no monster.

Ickis: Well, I am! (Whining): I'm a big, scary monster.

Robinson: What's your name, son?

Ickis: Ickis.

Robinson: Ickis? What kind of name is that, boy?

Ickis: I am not a boy, I'm a monster!

Robinson: Right. I forgot. A big scary monster. Well, Mr. Ickis monster It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm ellis robinson, and I play the blues.

Ickis: Blues?

Robinson: I can hear it In your voice, son.

Ickis: You can?

Robinson: You know what the blues are.

Ickis: I do?

Robinson: Sounds like you Been livin' 'em.

Ickis: I have.

Robinson: Watch. Tell me your story And I'll play along. All right, Ickis... What you got down? Come on, son, testify.

(Continues strumming)

Oblina: Krumm, wake up!

Krumm: Huh? What?

Oblina: Ickis is gone!

Krumm: What, what do you mean?

Oblina: Oh, Krumm. If the Gromble finds out Ickis has run away, who knows what he would do? It is up to us!

Krumm: But what do we do?

Oblina: We look for him. We find him. We bring him back! Follow me!


Robinson: All right, now you gettin' it. Now let me take a verse. Show you what we got. And when I tell you Play the harp just like I said.

(Playing intro)

Robinson: ♪ Well, I love to go

a-scarin', baby ♪

♪ Scarin' every night

♪ I love to go

a-scarin' 'cause ♪

♪ Scarin' is all right

♪ But I just can't get the hang

of how to terrify 'em right... ♪

♪ 'Cause I got the blues

♪ I got those

real monster blues. ♪

Now, man, why don't you sing that song about your teacher?

Ickis: All right, um...

(Clears throat)

♪ Well, the Gromble

is a hard one ♪

♪ With a blue nose

and red shoes... ♪


♪ And he doesn't understand me

♪ But I guess that is

(Very gravelly):

♪ hardly news...

♪ Ooh! Ho, ho!

♪ Oh, but you better know

that he picks on me ♪

♪ And gives me

the monster blues. ♪

Robinson: You better know it, you better know it.

♪ I got the monster blues.

Make me know it, son. With that harp, son. Tell me with that harp. Aw, come on, Ickis. Feel it!

(Playing soulfully)

Robinson: I can feel that. Yeah. I can... Whoa! Man, look at that, I can see! Well... I'm just kidding. Uh-oh. They comin' for us. They come quick. Help me up to the roof. Well, what do you see?

Ickis: Two humans. They're hammering something to the door.

Robinson: Aw, they mean to tear down my building, Ickis! Put me on the street!

Ickis: Well, we... Wh-what are we going to do?


Woman: "By order of Cindy and Joan, construction and demolition "This old building will be torn down "So that we can build another office building. Have a nice day."

Woman 2: I wanted it to sound friendly.

Woman 1: Oh, and it does. It does indeed.

Ickis: Bull's-eye!


Ickis: Yes! We did it! We beat 'em!

Robinson: It's just beginning, son.

Ickis: What, do you think they'll come back?

Robinson: You better know it.


Robinson: It's too bad you ain't a monster, son. 'Cause I got me one monster of a problem.

♪ I said when you got

a good friend ♪

♪ Whoo...

♪ He'll stand

right by your side. ♪

Oblina: You know, Krummy. We are going about this all wrong. I mean, if we want to find Ickis, we shall have to think like Ickis. So... What... What would Ickis do right now?

Krumm: Um... He'd run.

OBlina: Why?

Krumm: That's why.


Ickis: They're coming this way.

Robinson: Then here is my last stand.

Ickis: Come on, you can come live with me. Come on! If they knock the building down And, and you're in the building... Come on!

Robinson: No, I'm going to stay here And hold them off as long as I can.

Ickis: Then I'll stay, too.

Robinsons: No, you won't. You goin' back to that school, son. You got to face your problems Just like I got to face off this wrecking ball! Now get out of here! Ickis. Catch. Keep it. Make it sing sometime and think of me. Now go on. Get going.

Ickis: Well, what are you guys doing here?

Oblina: I believe I'm supposed to be the one Asking that question!


Robinson: Ickis! Help me! That's you, ain't it, Ickis? I don't hear that wrecking ball. Did you run 'em off?

Ickis: You bet I did!

Robinson: Well, I'll be doggone! You mighty big and I'll bet you plenty scary, too-- Just like you said. You done a good thing, son. Now you should go on home where you belong.

Ickis: Good-bye, Mr. Robinson, and thank you for... I'll miss you. Can I come back and visit?

Robinson: Well... You know I'll be here.


All right.

(Ickis squealing with laughter)