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Monster Hunter

"Monster Hunter" is the second part of the fifth episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from Season 1. It first aired on November 26, 1994.

Characters present[]


Simon says there are real monsters in the world, But no one believes him. Simon says he'll prove it to the world.


At city hall, a man named Simon proves to his allies that monsters do exist by showing them a half-chewed soda can, saying he found it near the city dump. However, this doesn't convince the others and they laugh hysterically at his belief. The head of university tells Simon what he brought to them isn't proof; it's leftovers. He tells Simon that as a respected university, they require scientific evidence. The head of the university tells him that he will have his funding cut off if he doesn't provide ocular evidence to substantiate his contention. Simon drives away and The Monsters are later seen in a gutter and emerge out. They sneak into a laundromat and scare a human away.

Back at Simon's house, the man enters his bedroom and invent a monster trap to catch monsters. He runs to the city dump and spots The Monsters walking through. Ickis and Krumm make their way through the dryer, but Oblina stays outside to get a snack. Simon successfully catches Oblina with his trap and attempts to leave, only for the box to drop on the ground and open back up as Oblina is able to escape. She explains to her friends of how she almost got trapped. The Monsters read the monster manual to figure out how to deal with a monster hunter, which is wake The Gromble.

So they reluctantly wake The Gromble and inform him of the monster hunter attempting to capture them. But The Gromble denies it, saying that he has cleaned them out years ago. He coerces The Monsters to show him the monster hunter and the hunter is nowhere in sight. The Gromble storms back inside and The Monsters search for the hunter. Simon stealthily watches The Monsters and videotapes them. He follows Oblina, who is also searching for him. Finally, Simon spots Oblina and tries to capture her. Oblina narrowly escapes and tells the others about it. Ickis and Krumm laugh at this, prompting Oblina to leave in disappointment. Ickis and Krumm search for her and spot Simon about to capture them. They try to scare him away, but Simon's monster hunting gadgets prove to be immune to it. Oblina them attacks him from behind and runs away. Simon then gets a picture of her as well.

Back at home, The Monsters talk about how they defeated the monster hunter. Outside, Simon attempts to leave with photographic prove of the monster, only to get trash dumped on him, which causes him to lose the photo. But Simon says that he won't give up on hunting monsters, saying he can't give up. He declares that as long as there are monsters roaming the underworld, "crawling under beds and scaring the pants off of people", he shall not give up. Simon shouts that he will be back. It becomes revealed that The Gromble was riding the garbage truck the whole time, successfully thwarting the monster hunter's attempt to divulge monsters' existence to the other humans.


  • At one part where Simon shouts after he found out that Oblina escaped, the scene of the birds flying away from the dump is reused from the end of Monsters, Get Real!
  • This is the first appearance of Simon.

Voice Cast[]

  • Charlie Adler
  • Christine Cavanaugh
  • David Eccles
  • Gregg Berger
  • James Belushi as Simon
  • John Byner as Dean