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[It all started at the courthouse where a young man named Simon D Hunter was presenting his project.]

Simon Hunter: After years of research, field work, and ordering stuff from catalogs, I'm happy to report that you're generous grand money has finally paid off. I'm have found proof that monsters really do exist. And so without further or do I represent. [takes out a bitten can.]

Man: And you say these are?

Simon: Teeth marks. Yes yes. Exactly. They eat these things. I found it near the dump.

Man: You mean just like the produce?

Simon: The cucumbers was slimed yes. I found those by the dump also.

[Everyone started laughing until they calm down.]

Man: You said you bring us proof. This isn't proof this is leftovers. As a respected university,

Simon: Well I can thank you gentleman with a wonderful lunch.


Simon: Proof? Proof? They want proof!

Oblina: Okay any ideas for this scare?

Ickis: You could do you're rope trick.

Krumm: Why it never works.

Oblina: It does to work! I'm just saving it for that special occasion.



All: Alright!


Simon: Simon says open up. Still closed. Nonononono! Stupid! Open! Open!

[Later on]

Simon: Okay do it for my baby. Do it. Simon says closed. They'll never doubt me again.


Simon: Wednesday 300 hours. It's been quiet so far. Too quiet if you ask me. Hey keep it down!

Oblina: I need a snack. Terror always makes me so hungry.

Ickis: Last weeks delivery was pretty good.

Krumm: Yeah. It's molding up real nice.

Simon: Yes. At least.. Hey you're in my way. I said move it!

Oblina: Don't mind if I do.

Simon: Simon says closed! I got it! I got my monster! Note myself I'm good. It's in there alright. I can hear it. Wait until those pinhead in the board see this. They'll throw the bank wide open! Note to myself don't panic.

Oblina: And then I slip down the hole you know the one by the fish heads.

Ickis: Wow this sounds bad. Somebody should take the Gromble.

Krumm: Bad idea.


Ickis: Yeah you're right.

Oblina: Let's look at the manual. 'In case if monster hunter, wake the Gromble...'

Krumm: Gromble? Your worshipfulness?

Oblina: Go ahead. Wake him.

Gromble: [waking up] What is the meaning of this?

Oblina: There's a monster hunter in the dump.



Gromble: There is no monster hunter.

Oblina: But you're grombleness.

Gromble: Are you doubting me!?

Monsters: No.

Oblina: It's just that..

Grombe: Yes?

Oblina: I thought he captured me in a box and-

Gromble: SILENCE!

Oblina :He was right over there.

Gromble: I don't see anything. Maybe he's hiding.


Krumm: This is dumb. The Gromble's right there's nothing here. I'm going to sleep.

Ickis: Yeah me too.

Oblina: But what about the Monster hunter?


Oblina :I did no imagine him!

Krumm: Go find us some proof.

Ickis: Yeah find us proof.


Oblina: I am telling you, I was extremely lucky to escape.

[Ickis pulls over the mattress and squeals. It startles Oblina.]

Oblina: What what?

Ickis: I thought I saw your monster hunter.

Oblina: I do not find this amusing..

Ickis: Gee Krumm, I am hungry. Let us go over to the canned goods. Oh wait what about the monster hunter?

Krumm: I'm hungry too! Whatever shall we do!

[They both laugh wickedly.]

Oblina: FINE! [sadly] You two just have a good laugh on me.

Krumm: Now look what you did.

Ickis: Me? What about you?

Krumm: You started it.

Ickis: No way you did. Where'd she go?

Krumm: I don't know.

Ickis: You go this way. I'll take that. Hey Oblina! I'm sorry.

Krumm: [laughing]

Ickis: Krumm. That was good. You're really had-[gasp!]

Krumm: Oh boy you should have seen your face.

Ickis: Krumm. Look!


Ickis: Do something!


Krumm: I held him down..

Oblina: How brave of you Krumm.

Ickis: And I disarm him and we took this rope and strung him up.

Oblina: Funny. That sounds exactly like my rope trick. You know the one that never works.