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[episode starts.]

The Gromble: Good morning, my little puss pirates. We have a special guest today.

Dr. Buzz Kut: I work at the NESA.

The Gromble: And I have been asked to choose my very best student to be the first to test the human suit. The winner is... Oblina.

Oblina: Oh me. Thank you.

The Gromble:

Dr. Buzz Kut: You positive this is your best student?

The Gromble: Class. I taught her too well.

Dr. Buzz Kut:

Krumm: Here Oblina, in case you get hungry,

Oblina: Why thank you Krumm. Icky, are you alright?

Ickis: Me? I'm fine. Go get them. No don't go! I'm never gonna see you again. What I'm gonna do without you? (cries). Please! Get out while you can!

Oblina: Ickis let go of me!

Krumm: Come on Ickis.

Ickis: Wow.

Oblina: Dump control Oblina has landed.

Ickis: Yes yes yes!

Dr. Buzz Kut: Excellent.

Kid: Seats taken.

Kid: Same.

Frieda: Hi, You must be new. I'm Frieda.

Oblina: Oblina.

Frieda: That's a strange name. Where are you from?

Oblina: Down. Downtown. Downtown.

Frieda: That's Stan. He must really like you.

Dr. Buzz Kut:

Frieda: Aren't you gonna eat your lunch?

Stan: Come on guys.

Frieda: Leave him alone Mick and Rick.

Oblina: That means they like him does it not?

Rick: Hey you talk funny.

Stan: Guys that's not very nice.

Mick: What are you gonna do about it?

Oblina: Why don't you pick on someone your own species!

Dr. Buzz Kut:

Rick: Food fight!

Dr. Buzz Kut:

The Gromble

Oblina: What?

Others: Duck!

Oblina: You have just completed a full day at school. What exactly do you do next?

Both: We're going to Wacky world.


Oblina: Tell me, Frieda. Do you find this enjoyable?

Dr. Buzz Kut: Uh, that's a yes.

Stan: That was great.

Frieda: I feel sick.

Both: Let's do it again.



Monsters: Love equals pain, nausea equals fun.


Oblina: I have you! I have you! [grunting]

Dr. Buzz Kut: She's becoming overstimulated!

Ickis: I'm getting a little dizzy.

Krumm: Are we having fun yet?

Frieda: Oblina, want some?


[As she bites she starts to sputter and her head spins around.]

The Gromble:

Dr. Buzz Kutt: We must contact the subject.

The Gromble: Subject I see. That's no subject, that's my monster!

Oblina: Ickis, Krumm. Welcome to my world.

Ickis: Come on, Oblina. It's time to go home.

Oblina: Home? Why Ickis, I am home.

Krumm: This has to be the wackiest place on earth.

The Gromble: Quickly, Kut. Get her out of that thing!

Dr. Buzz Kut: It requires a delicate touch. (The Gromble removes the human suit by invokement) Maybe seconds.

The Gromble: Oblina speak to me!

(Oblina wakes up.)

Oblina: What a dump.

The Gromble: Oblina, you're not human. You're a monster. That's basic, I try to be very clear in the first day of class.

Dr. Buzz Kut: It's no use Gromble. There's only one alternative. Deprogramming.

Ickis and Krumm: (gasp)

[At the Library where Oblina was tied up with a rope, belt, and a cable wire in a chair with her eyes open with a thumb crusher. The Library Monster shows the video of a Monster Training Video.]

Announcer: Monsters versus Humans! The age-old struggle, the struggle the monster always wins!

[As Oblina watches three monsters scare a human while Ickis adding eyedrops to Oblina's eyes, she reacts with tears]

Oblina: Stop! Lies! Lies! all lies!

[At the Cafeteria, Oblina was tied to a Pipe while Krumm gave her a worm to feed her]

Oblina: (sigh) Get away from me! I must have pure refined sugar.

[Krumm ate the worm and whispers on Ickis]

Oblina: Sorry boys, but you left me no choice! (Oblina captures the boys, then ties up Ickis and Krumm with a rope and a cable wire together in a chair)

Ickis: Oblina! Untie us!

Oblina: I hope one day you will understand. I realized that I was a human trapped in a Monster's body, I must be free, free from my own kind and natural habitat!

Ickis: Oblina, if I was in this chair.

Oblina: You are in this chair Ickis! You are in this chair HA!

[Ickis bites the rope off and ran for Oblina's attention while Krumm has his wrist tied up to a chair.]

Ickis: Oblina! Oblina! come back come back!

(Up in the human world, Oblina started to appear and the people screamed as they saw her.)

Oblina: Fellow humans, please do not be afraid. I know I may look a bit odd. But rarely I am one of you really I am.

Frieda: Leave him alone Mick and Rick.

(Flashbacks begin to enter Oblina's mind. Her green snake eyes blink and snapped out of it.)

Stan: Give it back.

Mick: I like to see you make me.

Oblina: I got an expression for humans like you, we call it GUTLESS! (scared off Mick and Rick)

Frieda: Thanks.

(Frieda and Stan got scared of Oblina's true reveal and her smile as well)

Oblina: Icky, Krummy, did you see that scare?

Ickis: Yes. Oblina you are still the best.


Krumm: Oblina do you like my stench?

Oblina: Seems to be weak today.

Both: She's back!