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[episode starts.]

The Gromble: Good morning, my little puss pirates. We have a special guest today. All the way from our sister dump at cape canaveral Dr. Buzz cut!

Dr. Buzz Kut: Gromble, students, I work at the NESA. The monster aboveground suit administration. Do not be alarmed, This is not a real human. It's merely a simulation, a vehicle, if you will. It will allow monsters to spy on the human world undetected; Enhance our fright technology And create mutual parity In our fight against human plans for world domination.

The Gromble: And I have been asked to choose my very best student to be the first to test the human suit. The winner is... Oblina.

Oblina: Oh me. Thank you.

The Gromble: Come, come, oblina. It's training time.

Dr. Buzz Kut: You positive this is your best student? Don't worry. The suit's monster-age insular polymer bonding Will protect you From human vitamins and minerals. We're still working on taste. No. You don't eat that. That's soap. Okay Oblina. Open your eyes. No matter how disgusting humans seem You must suppressyour natural urge to scare.

The Gromble: Alas. I taught her too well.

Krumm: Here Oblina, in case you get hungry,

Oblina: Why thank you Krumm. Icky, are you alright?

Ickis: Me? I'm fine. Go get them. No don't go! I'm never gonna see you again. What I'm gonna do without you? (cries). Please! Get out while you can!

Oblina: Ickis, let go of me!

Krumm: Come on, Ickis.

Ickis: Wow.

Oblina: Dump control Oblina has landed.

Ickis: Yes yes yes!

Dr. Buzz Kut: Excellent. Proceed to The yellow mover coordinate as planned.

Kid: Seats taken.

Kid: Same.

Frieda: Hi, You must be new. I'm Frieda.

Oblina: Oblina.

Frieda: That's a strange name. Where are you from?

Oblina: Down. Downtown. Downtown.

Frieda: That's Stan. He must really like you. Hey! That was utterly uncalled for.

Dr. Buzz Kut: Take note how humans express love By administering pain.

Frieda: Aren't you gonna eat your lunch?

Stan: Come on guys.

Frieda: Leave him alone, Mick and Rick.

Oblina: That means they like him does it not?

Rick: Hey you talk funny.

Stan: Guys, that's not very nice.

Mick: What are you gonna do about it? Stan the man.

Oblina: Why don't you pick on someone your own species!

Dr. Buzz Kut: Negative, do not engage in scaring. I repeat, do not scare.

Rick: Food fight!

Dr. Buzz Kut: Humans behaving just like monsters.

The Gromble: Oblina, take evasive action.

Oblina: What?

Others: Duck!

Oblina: You have just completed a full day at school. What exactly do you do next?

Both: We're going to Wacky world.

Stan: I love this ride. It's so scary.

Oblina: Tell me, Frieda. Do you find this enjoyable?

Dr. Buzz Kut: Uh, that's a yes.

Stan: That was great. I thought I was going to die.

Frieda: I feel sick.

Both: Let's do it again.

Oblina: Under certain conditions Humans apparently like being scared and sickened. Nausea equals fun, just as love equals pain.

Monsters: Love equals pain, nausea equals fun.


Oblina: I have you! I have you! [grunting]

Dr. Buzz Kut: She's becoming overstimulated!

Ickis: I'm getting a little dizzy.

Krumm: Are we having fun yet?

Frieda: Oblina, want some?

Oblina: Ooh, fiberglass insulation! My favorite!

[As she bites, she starts to sputter and her head spins around.]

The Gromble: Dr. Cut, I hope You don't think me presumptuous if I ask what is going on?

Dr. Buzz Kutt: We must contact the subject.

The Gromble: Subject I see. Just a point of information if I may, doctor. That's no subject, that's my monster!

Oblina: Ickis, Krumm. Welcome to my world.

Ickis: Come on, Oblina. It's time to go home.

Oblina: Home? Why Ickis, I am home.

Krumm: This has to be the wackiest place on earth.

The Gromble: Quickly, Kut. Get her out of that thing!

Dr. Buzz Kut: It requires a delicate touch. It could take days. (The Gromble removes the human suit by invokement) Maybe seconds.

The Gromble: Oblina, speak to me!

(Oblina wakes up.)

Oblina: What a dump.

The Gromble: Oblina, you're not human. You're a monster. That's basic, I try to be very clear in the first day of class.

Dr. Buzz Kut: It's no use Gromble. There's only one alternative. Deprogramming.

Ickis and Krumm: (gasp)

[At the Library where Oblina was tied up with a rope, belt, and a cable wire in a chair with her eyes open with a thumb crusher. The Library Monster shows the video of a Monster Training Video.]

Announcer: Monsters versus Humans! The age-old struggle, the struggle the monster always wins!

[As Oblina watches three monsters scare a human while Ickis adding eyedrops to Oblina's eyes, she reacts with tears]

Oblina: Stop! Lies! Lies! all lies!

[At the Cafeteria, Oblina was tied to a Pipe while Krumm gave her a worm to feed her]

Oblina: (sigh) Get away from me! I must have pure refined sugar.

[Krumm ate the worm and whispers on Ickis]

Oblina: Sorry boys, but you left me no choice! (Oblina captures the boys, then ties up Ickis and Krumm with a rope and a cable wire together in a chair)

Ickis: Oblina! Untie us!

Oblina: I hope one day you will understand. I realized that I was a human trapped in a Monster's body, I must be free, free from my own kind and natural habitat!

Ickis: Oblina, if I was in this chair.

Oblina: You are in this chair Ickis! You are in this chair HA!

[Ickis bites the rope off and ran for Oblina's attention while Krumm has his wrist tied up to a chair.]

Ickis: Oblina! Oblina! come back come back!

(Up in the human world, Oblina started to appear and the people screamed as they saw her.)

Oblina: Fellow humans, please do not be afraid. I know I may look a bit odd. But rarely I am one of you really I am.

Frieda: Leave him alone, Mick and Rick.

(Flashbacks begin to enter Oblina's mind. Her green snake eyes blink and snapped out of it.)

Stan: Give it back.

Mick: I like to see you make me.

Oblina: I got an expression for humans like you, we call it GUTLESS! (scared off Mick and Rick)

Frieda: Thanks.

(Frieda and Stan got scared of Oblina's true form reveal and her smile as well)

Oblina: Icky, Krummy, did you see that scare?

Ickis: Yes. Oblina you are still the best.

Oblina: I never felt so monsterous!

Krumm: Oblina, do you like my stench?

Oblina: Seems to be weak today.

Both: She's back!