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Monsters are the creatures featured in Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. According to Attack of the Blobs there are multiple species of monster.



Biology with the Gromble


Monsters have a seemingly unlimited variance in appearance, although ones who are related may share similar traits. Relative to humans, monsters are fairly small, averaging around 1–3 feet in height. Monsters' bodies are extremely pliable and are capable of expanding to several times their original size or squeezing through small pipes with proper training.


Monster reproduction is a seemingly elaborate ritual involving placing the elbow on the knee, putting the thumb on the nose and waving the hand, ending with touching fingertips and forming a blob which hatches into a bonsty 30 days later.

Physical Development[]

While little is known about monsters' physical development beyond the earliest stages, it seems likely that they experience rapid development early in life which slows down when they reach adolescence. Aging from adolescence through late adulthood seems to progress very slowly, lasting hundreds of years. Aging may then speed up again when monsters reach old age. This would explain the extremely low numbers of juvenile and elderly monsters relative to adolescents and adults.


Monsters cannot survive in the oxygen-rich human world without first filling their breathing sacks with putrid air. Exposure to perfumes and air fresheners can incapacitate monsters and cause Nolox.

As shown in Garbage In, Garbage Out, monsters are extremely susceptible to starvation, and will begin to waste away after only a few days without food.

Monsters shouldn't consume any human foods because it's extremely hazardous to their health. Sometimes caused them to sleepwalk, shown in Wake Me When It's Over when Ickis ate a chocolate bunny candy. Also they shouldn't eat anything comes from a tree or they turned into trees themselves, shown in The Tree of Ickis and need termites crawled on them to reversed the process. This also occured in The Monster Who Came In From the Cold, when Oblina ate some cotton candy and fell unconcious, and later thought herself to be a human.

Soap and clean purified water is also hazardous to monsters' health.


Monsters primarily eat garbage, and are shown to be capable on injecting almost anything from insects to metal. Monsters also sometimes eat other monsters, as seen in Monsters, Get Real! and also Oblina did threaten to eat Ickis in The Rival.


The Gromble, Shroink, and Oblina have been heard speaking incomprehensible gibberish that may actually be a monster language. Monsters also their own unique terminology for many things, see: Monsters/Terminology.


It is unknown where the monsters come from but it said that they arrive to earth in the cave man ages. They are responsible for changing the world and become what they are now. The monsters started to live in the sewers during the medieval ages. When the 20th century came, railroads and factories are building creating toxic gases to monsters to breathe.


Monster's often have different shapes and looks. For skin, monsters have fur, that resemble mammals, scales that resemble reptiles, and flesh that resemble humans. Monsters have unique scaring abilities so they switch between scare mode and normal mode. Usually, they have different eye shapes, tails, texture and voices.


Minor and Unnamed Monsters[]

The following monster characters are unnamed and/or only have minor appearances in the episodes in which they appear. Note: several names on this list come from the class list seen in Monsters Are Fun and seating chart from The Master Monster.

Name Description
Appears in Snorched If You Do, Snorched If You Don't in the snorch chamber waiting room sitting next to Kriggle before being called into the The Snorch's Chamber.
Appears in Snorched If You Do, Snorched If You Don't in the snorch chamber waiting room where Ickis tries to cut behind him. Has a tall head with three mouths.

Voiced by Ron Fassler

Appears in Curse of the Krumm, mocks Krumm for being a crossing guard.

Bears a strong resemblance to Stazula.

Voiced by Loren Lester

Basketball Monster
Appears in Smile and Say Oblina, round orange monster resembling—and used as—a basketball. Has a single eye, human-like ears, wide mouth with exposed fangs, and two small legs. 
Basketball-Playing Monster
Appear in Smile and Say Oblina. Two monsters wearing jerseys and white pants. They are only seen in the establishing shot of the game.
Betting Monsters
Appear in The Great Wave, placing and taking bets on the race.

The monster taking the bets is tall and teal with six arms. In addition to several reoccurring monsters there are three more monsters only appearing in this scene.

Monster 1 (seen only from back): Grey with rounded ractangular body and bulbous hands with claws. Places a bet of five tonails on Krum. Likely voiced by Rodney Saulsberry.

Monster 2 (seen only from back): Yellow monster with large head and a single horn. may be the "Monster 2" who bets eight worms and a leech on Krum voiced by Tazia Valenza, although this line may have been ment to come from Dizzle or Stazula.

Monster 3: Tall round peach-colored monster with stubby limbs, purple lips, and small eyes. Places a bet of fifteen maggots on Ickis... to lose. Likely voiced by Gregg Berger.

Camera Monster
Appears in The Great Wave. Purple monster who wears a helment which presumably acts as a remote transmitter to the viewfinder to broadcast the Great Wave Race. Seen only from behind.
Cheerleader Monster
Appears in Smile and Say Oblina cheerleading at the game with Horrifica, Dizzle, and Harryette. Has an appearance similar to Splazu but with a smooth, wide body and large, sturdy legs.

The role of "Cheerleader" is credited to Charlie Adler, Christine Cavanaugh, and Angel Harper.

Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 2.26
Danka is a blue monster with red lips, and eyes and mouth on stalks. She sits in the back row of the lexture hall next to Snav


Pink Slug-Eyed Monster

Dazumbie has a single eye, big nose, and mustache.

Pink Slug-Eyed Monster is pink with thick eyestalks. It is also the only regular background monster whose name does not appear on The Gromble's class ranking chart in Monsters Are Fun and cannot be seen on the class seating chart in The Master Monster.



Often seen in backgrounds,

Doybu appears similar to Snill, but green with long legs.

Izzith has four legs and a long nose.

Gillybegs and Kuffle
S01E10a Kuffle Gillybegs 1
S01E10a Kuffle Gillybegs 2
Gillybegs (right) and Kuffle (left) were two of the monsters who began hanging around Ickis once he became wealthy in Cold Hard Toenails

This is their only appearance, voiced by Pat Musick (Gillybegs) and Bob Frank (Kuffle)

Geometric Monster
Seen in Mother, May I among the students laughing at The Gromble sitting next to Danka.

Pink with an odly angular head.

Jack-o'-lantern Monster

Round Purple Monster

Both seen only briefly in the first monster scene of The Switching Hour.
Jump Rope Monster
Appears in The Great Wave. Very large green monster with yellow eyes, a chin beard, powerful legs, dorsal spines, and a long tail that Ickis uses as a jump rope while training for the Great Wave Race. This monster's body is never fully seen.
Le Dump Staff
S01E10a server
S01E10a chef
S01E10a masseuse
Server, Chef, and Masseuse monsters who serves Ickis while he was living at Le Dump Luxury Appartments in Cold Hard Toenails
Little Monsters
S01E10a little monsters
5 young monsters being told the sort of the Pirate Monsters by Wodget in Cold Hard Toenails
Mustache Monster
S01E01 mustache
Originally seen in The Switching Hour, a blue monster with a large nose and purple mustache. Can sometimes be seen sitting next to Ickis in the Lecture Hall
Nerdy Monster
Appears in The Great Wave. Comes with Slickis to watch the Great Wave Race. Bears an extremely strong resemblance—and is presumably related—to both Ickis and Slickis but is distinguished by a tall, narrow head, wiry mustache, and perpetually oozing ears. 

Voiced by David Eccles

Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 2.41
Ocka is a long-necked yellow monster.
Offended Monster
Appears in Attack of the Blobs, is very offended—to the point of spraying liquid out of her nose—by Ickis making what are assumed to be gestures used in monster mating.


Red-Eye Tusked Monster

Appear in backgrounds starting with 
The Switching Hour.

Korga usually sits in the back row of the middle-left column of the Lecture Hall.

Red-Eye Tusked Monster sits in the back row of the middle-right column.

Pencil-Headed Monster
Appears in The Switching Hour. Has a pencil-shaped head what it uses to write on its flesh, which can then be torn off like paper.
Pink Monster
The Viewfinder in use.
Appears only in The Switching Hour bright pink with multiple spider-like legs and a set of clawed hands forming from inside their mouth.
Running Nose Monster
Appears in Monsters, Get Real!/Pilot. Gag monster whose nose is literally running away. Running Nose Monster was eaten by The Gromble.
Sailor Monsters
S01E10a Sailor Monsters
Three monster sailors attacked by the Pirate Monsters in Cold Hard Toenails
Scoreboard Monsters
Appear in Smile and Say Oblina, two pink-colored monsters who keep score during the game. One bears a resemblance to Tamfo, but is likely not him, as Tamfo is playing in the game.


Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 2.16
According to the Gromble's class ranking chart, Shroink is the name of the monster with two faces who sits in front of Ickis. Shroink has a face on each side or its rotating head. One face has masculine features and voice, and the other feminine.
Blue monster with red eyes and purple pumps. Appears in many episodes, often seen in the second row of the middle-left column of the Lecture Hall.


Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 2.43
Spoop is a pink monster with two tufts of blue hair.
Swamwump Swamwump is a lavender monster who wears a neck brace and has a magenta mustache and antennae.
Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 10.23




Tamfo has an appearance very similar to Snill, but red in color. Where Have All the Monsters Gone? suggests they may be part of a sub-group of monsters called trolls. Tamfo is voiced by Gregg Berger in Spontaneously Combustible.

Uwapo is a round brown monster who is voiced by Rodney Saulsberry.

Triangle Monster
Seen only briefly and at a distance in The Switching Hour. May be Running Nose Monster's Nose.
A monster with a british accent who appears in The Great Wave selling such things as slugs, worms, and slime-coated leeches.

The vendor is voiced by Tim Curry

Whistle Monsters
Whistle monsters are monsters that serve the function of whistles.

Krumm uses a whistle monster in Curse of the Krumm while working as a crossing guard. Zooeuh is seen during the basketball game in Smile and Say Oblina, and again used by Ickis in Things That Go Bump.

Zooeuh Zooeuh is a purple monster with three tufts of blue hair. He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson in "Slick Ick".
Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 10.33

Unseen Named Monsters[]

The following monster characters are referenced by name, but never appear in an episode.

Credited Name Details
Borvak Father of Horvak and grandfather of Krumm (citation needed)
Forina Oblina's great aunt. Mentioned in History of the Monster World

Unknown Credited Monsters[]

The following monster characters appear in the credits of an episode, but have not been linked to a specific character.

Credited Name Details
2-Heads Appears in Monsters, Get Real!/Snorched If You Do, Snorched If You Don't; voiced by Paddi Edwards. Presumably a monster, although no 2-headed monsters appear in these episodes.
Monster #1 Appears in Curse of the Krumm/Krumm Goes Hollywood; voiced by Neal McDonough.
Monster #2 Appears in Curse of the Krumm/Krumm Goes Hollywood; voiced by Loren Lester
Monster 1 Appears in The Switching Hour; voiced by E. Faye Butler
Monster 2 Appears in The Switching Hour; voiced by Ron Taylor
Monster 2 Appears in The Switching Hour; voiced by Jim Cummings
Schvitz Appears in Curse of the Krumm/Krumm Goes Hollywood; voiced by Scott LaRose. Possibly a monster, based on name.
Thornk Appears in Curse of the Krumm/Krumm Goes Hollywood; voiced by Charlie Adler. Possibly a monster, based on name.