[It all began in a stormy night. A kid named Bradley is reading his book at bed.]

Bradley: "It's ugly moon blank green Billy is fulit. as it came closer and closer,[sniffs and coughs] till the monster's hot breath was right in his face."

Dad: Bradley, are you asleep?

[Bradley hides his comic book and turns off the lights.]

Bradley: Yeah dad.

Dad:I thought so. I hope you're not reading those monster comics again. They'll give you nightmares son.

Bradley: Monsters? Get real.

[Bradley goes back to sleep. A figure under Bradley's bed is shown with it's eyes turning bloody red and makes a chomping sound with its teeth, waking Bradley instantly. The figure under the bed is revealed to be Ickis, who is reading a monster manual that glows. Bradley looks under his bed and catches Ickis in the act, in which the imp shrieks in terror and runs out of the bedroom in the process.]

[Now we cut to the dump.]



Krumm: Where's Ickis?

Oblina: I really woudn't know.


Oblina: I hate it when he does that.

Monster: Excuse me sir. My nose is running!

Gromble: ENOUGH!




[Krumm goes to the Viewfinder. Ickis slowly enters the auditorium.]

Gromble: Good work, Krumm! The old smelly armpits attack!

Krumm: (bragging) And, I don't wear deodorant!

Gromble: (smells Krumm's stench and gags) We know. (to the students) Alright, which one of you nose pickers is next?

Monster #2: (with his many hands raised) Me, me, me, me, me!

Gromble: No. [sees Ickis and points at him] YOU!


Gromble: Hmmm, the old "It Came From Under the Bed" approach. Well, not exactly original.

Ickis: Scary poses!

Gromble: At least, you checked the manual.

[Just like that scene, when Bradley sees Ickis he screams.]

Oblina: Here we go again.

Gromble: STOP! Do you have any idea of what you did?

Ickis: Completely humiliated myself?

Gromble: No. (bellows at Ickis) YOU LEFT YOUR MONSTER MANUAL BEHIND! (scratches his chin) Do you know what will happen if you do not get that manual back?

Ickis: You're not gonna tourture me, are you?

Gromble: [Chuckles] Of course not. [Ickis sighs] That's his job.

Monsters: [Gasps] The Snorch!

Ickis: I can't go back.



Oblina: [in her bed] Will you please shut up so I can get some sleep?!




Oblina: Unfortunately...

Ickis: I hate that word.

Krumm: Bummer.


Ickis: Swell.

Krumm: I know a shortcut.

[Now we cut to the sewer. It was dark and ghoulish in all times at night.]

Oblina:What was that?

Krumm:The sounds of the sewer. Beautifull huh?

Oblina:Hurry up Krumm. I don't really trude around much longer.

Krumm:Let me see that's north. Which means that's east,

Oblina:Which means we should have taken the bus.

Krumm: Grungy?

Grungy: Krummy!

Krumm:Ickis and Oblina, meet my uncle Grungy.

Oblina: Oh my.


Ickis:Oh..It's not nesssary.

Oblina:Nah I'm sure...

Krumm:Grungy, you know the sewers.



Grungy:Bye Krummy. Take is sneezly.

Krumm: I love it when he does that. Give me a hand.


Krumm:Let's go. I really miss this.

Oblina:What exactly have you miss? The cold the damp or the furry little creatures that crawl up your nose? Never mind.

Ickis:What's that noise?

Krumm:Sounds like water.

Oblina: We got to get out of here!

Krumm: It's just water. And some extra goodies.

Oblina: Wha..What... what are you dong to do?

Krumm: The backstroke.

Oblina: Krumm you imbecile!!

[Water spashes all over the monsters.]

Oblina: I CAN'T SWIM!

Krumm: Oblina, catch!

Ickis:We're coming after you!

Krumm:Surfs up.

Ickis: Here goes nothing.


Krumm: Hang on Oblina!


Krumm:That was a royal flush.


Oblina: Next time I'll take the bus.

[The group slowly enter Bradley's room and hide in the closet.]

Oblina:How adorable.

Krumm:This is gonna be easy.

Ickis: That book is mine.

[Ickis was about to grab it but it was filled with human kids.]

Oblina:What monsters.

Ickis:I can't do it guys. I can't. Please let's go home.

Krumm:Well it's them or the Snorch.


Kid: Hey Brad, what's this piece of crud?

Bradley: Probably my sister's.

Kid:Sure stinks.


Kid: Hey, Let's throw them out the window and see if they bounce.

[Hearing this, Ickis starts to trigger his looming form. He bursts out of the closet and scares them. Oblina and Krumm grab the book and runs back. The three boys scream and ran out of the room.]

Krumm:You were awesome Ickis. You really saved out butts. Especially mine.

Oblina:I must admit you were very impressive. I didn't know you could be a monsterous monster.

Ickis: Neither did I. When I saw you guys in danger, my instincts just kicked in.

Oblina:Do try to hold on to the manual in the future won't you?

Ickis:[climbing into his bed. Oh, I am not letting it out of my sight. In fact, I'm going to read a chapter or two right now. 'Arf, arf, arf, arf-' Huh? Sergeant Mike, Police Dog? Oh, guys, we've got the wrong book!


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