Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Wiki

The following terms and concepts relate to monster culture.

  • Amulet of Enfarg: A medal given to the most honored of monsters. It is a shape with a screaming mouth and a chain around it.
  • Bark & Bite: A dog. See Animals
  • Blob: The earliest stage of the monster life-cycle, although the term is used to describe very young monsters after their blob stage. Largely synonymous with the human word "baby."
  • Bonsty: A baby monster, the toddler stage of the monster life cycle.
  • Era of Disbelief: A time when very few humans believed in monsters. Lasted approximately 1943–1945. Referenced in The War's Over.
  • Festering Moon: A time when a monster sheds their skin at night time when the moon is full. When a monster is finally grown up to adulthood, they leave the academy to start their life.
  • Flashbox-a camera.
  • Great Wave: A large wave of sewage that occurs during halftime of the Super Bowl.
  • Hooty Bird: An owl. See Animals
  • Monster Hunter:human who wishes to capture, expose, and/or exterminate monsters.
  • Mover: Cars, buses, and trucks. Sometimes smaller wheeled vehicles such as roller skates.
  • Nolox: A cough and a hiccup caused when a monster accidentally breathe in perfume.
  • Sack: Breathing sack, a monster anatomical structure used for storing breathable garbage air while above ground.
  • Skankum: Brainless mush.
  • Squish: A crush in to which the monsters had feelings for a female monsters he cares about/ Reference in She Likes Me.
  • Scareus Interruptus: Being unable to complete a scare.
  • Sewer Ball: A monster game similar to human baseball.
  • Snorching: Receiving punishment from The Snorch.
  • Spontaneously Combustible: A meaning that a monster has a fiery acid in their stomach.
  • Toenails: Literally human toenails, function as currency in monster society. They are also used to purchase items.
  • Tongue-Poker: A snake. See Animals
  • Viewfinder: A movie projector that show's the monster's latest scare from it's eyes.