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Monsters Are Fun

Monsters Are Fun is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 3rd season.

Characters present[]


The monsters work over time to scare the humans when an amusement park ride paints monsters as silly and friendly.


At a local carnival, a ride operator introduces the customers to a ride named "Monsters Are Fun," which consists on monster designs that are cute, cuddly, and fun, (similar to Disneyland's ride, "It's a Small World") with The Gromble as one of the monster designs. Back at the Monster Academy, the ride is shown in the video and the Gromble is very annoyed, seeing the ride as a blasphemy to monster image. So he decides to get Oblina and Krumm to shut down the ride, completely ignoring Ickis due to him being at number 66, the very bottom of the class, as the scariest monster, much to Ickis' disappointment.

Krumm and Oblina are seen at the Monster Academy Scare Training Facility to prepare themselves to scare away the humans on the ride. Annoyed of the fact that he was not chosen to shut down the ride at the carnival, Ickis goes there on his own to refute the others. He sneaks into the ride and is appalled of the designs of the monsters and the cuddly music. Just then, a woman and her male son are riding on the boat when the child spots a design of Ickis, who he mistakes as a rabbit. Ickis emerges from behind to scare the child, causing him to jump onto his mother in surprise. Soon, Ickis scare away the other humans riding the ride and one of them try to convince the ride operator that real monsters are inside the ride, to which the operator refuses to believe.

Back at the dorm room, Oblina and Krumm take a rest and discover that Ickis is not inside. Little do they know, Ickis has scared away most of the tough humans, who decide to ride the ride again to get another scare. The ride operator then decides to take a view of the ride to search for the monster and says that he will make him stay in the ride for a long time. Meanwhile, Oblina and Krumm are seen searching for Ickis, who is inside the ride bragging about his success. His arrogance soon dissipates when he jumps onto the Roach Resort flypaper disguised as a rug and becomes wrapped to it as he attempts to extricate himself. Meanwhile, the ride operator has changed the ride and made it scary instead. Oblina and Krumm finally come to him and decide to leave him to teach him a lesson for stealing their spotlight. Ickis rapidly apologizes and Oblina, knowing that Ickis has learned his lesson, tries to free him, only to get stuck to the flypaper as well. The ride operator comes into the ride to check on the monster. Krumm frees Ickis and Oblina with his stench spray and The Monsters scare the ride operator away, telling the customers that there are real monsters. Ickis then realizes that he shouldn't steal his friends' scare to feel important. When the Monsters leave, the ride Operator decides to give the customers a full refund.

Later, the ride is revealed to be closed forever and the ride operator is shown introducing the customers to a Hog Ride.


During this episode, The Gromble references a chart showing the ranking of students for the week. A partial list follows, numbers 1–52 include a picture of the student.