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Monsters are Fun

Monsters Are Fun!

Monsters Are Fun is a carnival ride featured in the episode of the same name. It features monsters being depicted as cute, joyful, jolly, and cuddly. The Gromble, displaying footage of the ride, is outraged by the concept of the ride, so he assigns Oblina and Krumm, the two best scarers at the academy to scare the riders at the ride to shut it down, ignoring Ickis, due to him being at the bottom of the list of scarers, leaving him upset.

Wanting to prove that he is scary enough to frighten the riders and prove Gromble, Oblina, and Krumm wrong, Ickis goes to the carnival alone. Once in the ride headquarters, he manages to scare several of the riders, which gets the ride operator to want Ickis the stay longer, so he can make more money.


Ickis scares the riders
More Scaring
The Ride is Closed

The ride is officially closed!