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Monsters Are Real

Monsters Are Real is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 2nd season.

Characters present[]


Ickis makes front page news when a photographer snaps his picture and now he must retrieve every copy before the Gromble finds out.


At a club in the city, a bunch of women are chasing a male celebrity, who runs into the bathroom for sanctuary. He hides into the stalls, and a female photographer disguised as a man sneaks inside to search for him. Later, Ickis emerges from the toilet the young celebrity is, scaring him. When the photographer catches him, she inadvertently takes a photo of Ickis, causing the monster to shriek, scaring away both the celebrity and photographer. As Krumm and Oblina emerge from the toilet later on, Ickis tells them that he got "flashed" and the proof of the monsters' existence is now going to be out. Krumm notices the photographer's press pass on the floor and shows the other two monsters, who decide to search for the photo to keep the monsters' proof of existence out of the public eye.

At the Daily Dispatch, they follow the photographer into the dark room and Oblina sneaks inside. Krumm sneaks into the Night Editor room, grabs the photo of Ickis, and hides inside a file cabinet right before the editor walks into the room. At the print room, Ickis finds his picture on the newspaper and panics in fear. Back in the dark room, the photographer is about to photo copy the photo, only for Oblina to scare her away, which causes her to drop a bottle of acid on the photo as well, disintegrating it. Back at the Night Editor room, the editor is talking to his employee about a newspaper article and shows him the picture of Ickis, telling him to find more pictures like it to put on the newspaper article.

As Ickis is trying to eliminate his picture off the newspaper back at the print room, the machine he is on turns on and he gets caught into it. As he exits out, Oblina shows up and shows him the picture of him that she has retrieved. Krumm also shows up and says that he has the picture as well. The Monsters soon discover that there are multiple pictures already prepared for delivery.

Back at the monsters' home, Ickis rounds up the other monsters and tells them that he has been flashed. Knowing that their existence is now set to be shown around the world, the monsters run away panicking. But Ickis stops them and devises a plan to stop this. But the monsters want no part of this, leaving Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina to finish the job their selves. They later reluctantly join in.

At the street, Ickis hops onto the Daily Dispatch truck and scares away the driver. He gets the other monsters to barge into the truck and take all the newspapers one by one to dump them into the sewer. But their luck is running out as a paperboy is delivering the papers as well. So the monsters go to each lawn to grab each paper being tossed to each lawn. Ickis finally scares away the paperboy and snatches the bike he was riding on. As the monsters continue to collect the papers, Ickis emerges from the toilet of the celebrity's mansion and scares away the celebrity.

Back home, the monsters have collected all of the papers and store them away. They are, however, tired due to being up the entire day collecting the papers. When the Gromble asks the students why they are still tired, Zimbo comes around and shows him the newspaper of Ickis, which caused the Gromble to scream upon learning that Ickis has been flash, leaving the monster to explain everything to the Gromble. The Gromble says that he is impressed by Ickis' diligence to collect the papers and asks Ickis if he's sure he got every last one, which the young imp nervously says he has.

However, at the Pentagon, in the headquarters of a captain, a soldier hands the captain a newspaper, which he places inside his pet bird's cage. The bird relieves itself directly onto the newspaper, covering the photo of Ickis.