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[At a club in the city, a bunch of women are chasing a male celebrity, who runs into the bathroom for sanctuary.]

Man: Alone at last. With me.


Exposia: Monsters!

Oblina: What happen to you?

Ickis: A human flashed me.

Oblina: Are you sure?

Ickis: Yes I'm sure.

Krumm: This is bad. Real bad.


Oblina: Calm down, Ickis.

Ickis: Calm down? That means they got my face on flashpaper whcih means I have proof of our existance which means were are doomed.

Krumm: Hey what's this?

Oblina: This must be the human who flash you. Follow me.

Ickis: Where are we going?

Oblina: To find that flash paper.


Oblina: Alright. Let's split up.

Ickis: Are you sure we shouldn't..stick together on this?


Ickis: Oh no. I'm gonna be on the cover of the newspaper.


Exposia: My best work ever. I can actually see his face.


Exposia: Monsters!


Man: So you got a story for me?

Man 2: I got a woman in Georgia with a rash.

Man: A rash. You call that news? I want drama I want action.

Man 2: Action okay. There's a bald man in Greece who fries eggs on his head.

Man: Let me show you something kid.

Man 2: What is that?

Man: I have no Idea,


Ickis:Big metal...spinning...Ickis spinning.

Oblina:It's alright Ickis. You can relax I got you're flash paper right here.

Krumm:But If you got it and I got it...

Oblina:There is no telling how many there could be..

Ickis:Yes there is.


Ickis: I'm sure you're all wondering why I ask you here. It's nothing really.

Kriggle: Spit it out already.

Ickis: I was flashed by a human. And they use this to make copies.

Snav: Oh, no!

Urbab: It's over!

Stazula: We're done for!

Kriggle: The Gromble's gonna-

[All screaming. Snave hides under the bed.]

Ickis: Wait wait. There's no need to panic. I have a plan. We go up there and get all the papers back before the humans get them. Now who's with me?

[None of them did but Oblina and Krumm did.]

Ickis: Alright. I'm sensing a little fear here. That's okay. We can do this. I know we can. Now let's out get there and get those papers!

[Ickis leaves the room. But comes back because Snav, Kriggle, Urbab and Stazula are not moving.]

Ickis: Did anybody hear me? We got to act like a team here. One for all, all for one. Come on!

Snav: Too dangerous. Much to dangerous.

Krnggle: Hey it's not are problem. We didn't get flashed either.

Ickis :Okay. Fine. Don't help me. See if I care. I don't need you anyway [shirlly] I'll do it myself.

Urbab: Think they'll make it?

Kriggle: Not a chance.

Stazula: Let's hope they do!

Snav: Hey, wait up! Wait for me!

[The monsters follow.]


Oblina: Allow me.


Krumm: We got bigger problems.

Kriggle: Go ahead. Will get these for you.

Ickis: You will?


Kriggle: Open!


Kriggle: Just grab them all and let's go!

Urbab: That would be wrong.


Kriggle: And now may present the very last paper.

Krumm: Allow me.

Gromble: Well well well.

Krumm: No sir. There's nothing I like to tell you.



Gromble: Zimbo. My little eyes and ears.


Ickis: I got flashed. My face was printed on the papers we go them back every paper.


Ickis: You are?

Gromble: Yes.

Ickis: Really impressed?


Ickis: Yes. Every last one.

Gromble: Every last one?

Officer: Thank you hildament..