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[We began at a local toy store.]

Mr. Miers: No, No, No! Not the Lizards! How many times do i have to tell you, Lizard out! Murray in! I'm getting Murry coming and this kid put out the Lizards. Why did I hire you?

Manager's son: Sorry dad.

Krumm: Ugly.

Oblina: Quite sad actually. This is what human girls use to look like? Why would anyone want smooth skin, and fingers and toes?

Krumm: Well let's go outside and scare them.

Man: And now ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, the moment you all been waiting for. It's Murray!

Oblina: Shocking.

Ickis: I can't believe they're making him do this.

Krumm: He's like a puppet on the string.

Oblina: He's not even trying to scare him.

Krumm: They liked him?

Oblina: I know. He is making them happy. A monster captured by a inmate force to do this humiliating tricks.

[Murray Does a Cartwheel]

Krumm: Boy i couldn't do that. [Stares at Ickis] Could you do that?

Ickis: No!

[The kids enter the store and buying all the toys. Krumm Buys the last one]

Oblina: This is outrageous.

[Krumm Chews the Doll's Head off and Spits it out.]

Krumm: I know. No chewy center.

Ickis: Be serious Krumm.

Oblina: They have made this pathetic on fortune into a laughing stock. A buffoon play thing for their amusement.

Boy: Look mommy he grows when you squeeze him. Could I have him?

Woman: Didn't I just buy you a Murray the Monster doll?

Boy: But I want him!

Man: Hey kids! What does Murry the monster say?

Kids: Monsters are people too!

Man: That's right. Monsters are people too. Hey are monsters scary?

Kids: No!

Man: But you know what Murry is a little sad. Why? Because little baby Murry monsters are trapped somewhere in this store.

Kids: How?

Man: By telling your mommy and daddy to buy you a Murray doll.


Oblina: We have got to save him.

Ickis: Sure. Us. It's all of them.

Oblina: We can't just leave him here. He could die up there. Besides think of what heroes we would be, they'll give us medals.

Ickis: Medals?

Krumm: I love led.

Murray: Kids. Why are they so short? The things I do for money.

Krumm: I like big cars.

Ickis: It's quiet and comfortable.

Oblina: Erectly understated.

Krumm: Popular guy.

Oblina: This is more serious than I thought. He has been photographed.

Krumm: At least they got his bad side.

Oblina: We have go to do something. If humans are not afraid of him. they could lose their fear of all monsters. Then were would we be?


Murray: Thank you boys and girls. Hope you're ready to have good time because on today's show we're gonna learn how to shop. Yeah! But first, a new monster called even though you got flaking skin you're appealing to me. And Now It's lunch for Murray. So get your plates, cups and put on your hat and your buttons and your shoes and your underwear, and your Murray underwear. Don't be scare don't be blue if you see a monster say [along with kids] coochi coochi coo. Remember kids monsters are people too.

Oblina: Blastamy.

Ickis: He's a traitor, He needs a good snorching.

Oblina: Maybe he has been brainwashed.

Krumm: Maybe's he's told where we live.

Ickis: Maybe we should panic.

Oblina: Okay.

Meanchey. You kids must be the winners of the costume context. Murray wanted you to wait inside.

Ickis: Okay Murry it's over. You're coming with us.

Murray: Hey! Who let you kids-


Ickis: Maybe if we flush his head first the rest will follow. Quick help me.

Krumm: Look he shed his head.

Ickis: No! He's changing into a human!

[Both scream]

Krumm: He is a human!

Oblina: [Screams again] Oh, I touched him!

Ickis: Well at least we can get out of here.

Oblina: You must be joking. This imposter is spreading love and happiness everywhere and he must be stopped.

Ickis: You thinking what I'm thinking?

Oblina: Allow me.

Krumm: A nightmare. Hehehe..

Ickis: Aren't you supposed to use two fingers.?

Oblina: And that is exactly why you given infernal nightmares. [Murray wakes up] Krumm.

Krumm: I love my work.

Murray: Hey Kids. Bet you can't wait to get a Murray doll.

Nightmare kid: I hate those things. They're stupid!

Nightmare kid 2:I hate them too. I want a refund.

Nightmare kids:-Refund! Refund! Refund!


Murray: Who are you?

Oblina: We are monsters.

Ickis: And we're not people too.

Oblina: You have been giving monsters a bad name. Starting tomorrow they'll will be no longer be a Murray the Monster. You're quitting the show.

Murray: But what about all my kids? And all my money?

Oblina: It's over Mur.

Ickis: Yeah Mur.

Krumm: So remember, I'll be keeping an eye on you.

Murray: Wow. What happened? Boy, what a nightmare. How did I get here?

Girl: Mommy I want lips like that.

Woman: Excuse me here did you buy you ugly lips.

Oblina: Darling you do not buy ugly. You enerren it.

Murray: Don't be scare don't be blue if you see a monster say [along with kids] coochi coochi coo. So boys and girls have a heart. And give a Murray doll a home.

Oblina: We have got to do something. Nightmare's do not work.

Ickis: I told you to use two fingers.

Oblina: Don't start.

Murray: Hey kids, it's time to look under the bed. Look who i found . And i think he wants to sing a song.


Murray: Run Run for you're lives! There are monsters on this stage! Horrible, scary smelly real monsters! [screams]


Manager: No, No, No! Not Murray! That guy is washed up! How many times do i have to tell you, Murray out! Frogs in! Why Did i Hire You?

Murray: Sorry Mr. Miers.