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Monstrous Make-Over

Monstrous Make-Over is the first part of the fourth episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from Season 1.

Characters Present[]


Due to having issues at school, Ickis leaves and talks to a guy at the Klasky Medical Center to perform makeovers on people (giving a girl 3 nostrils). Oblina and Krumm try to get him back.


A nurse opens the door of a closet to find cockroaches dispersing through the floor. She tries to switch the light on, but the light doesn't turn on. So she looks through her file cabinet and Ickis is shown through the air conditioner vent looking through. The nurse hears a sound and asks if someone is inside with her. The door suddenly closes and she is locked inside. She takes a glimpse of Ickis' red eyes through the vent as the imp tries to scare her. But instead, she adores the monster and mistakes him for a rabbit ("Oh, look at how cute you are! Are you somebody's bunny? Oh, just look at that snoogie-woogie cheeks!").

Later, Ickis is seen walking through the vent, feeling upset of his failure to scare the woman. He looks through one of the vents inside a doctor office, where a couple of doctors are talking about frightening people in the waiting room. Ickis attempts to scare the patients in the waiting room, but it only ends in failure. His failure at scaring the woman earlier is shown on video at the Monster Academy and everyone is humiliated, including The Gromble, maniacally laughing at this. The Gromble dismisses class, still laughing heartily as he said he will deal with Ickis tomorrow. In The Monsters' room, Ickis is upset because he thinks that he isn't a good monster like Oblina and Krumm. But his friends try to convince him that he is as good as he can be and Ickis soon regains his confidence.

At a supermarket, Ickis attempts to scare an upcoming customer in an aisle, but he is marked with a price tag by a co-worker. So The Monsters go to a crying infant's room, where Ickis attempts to scare the infant. But this only seems to appease the infant. So Ickis decides to hide in a closet of a bedroom, where he says he does his best scare. A doctor walks in with a nervous patient and tells the patient to lay in bed to take a nap. With the patient nervous and paranoid, Ickis feels confidence and tries to scare the patient. But the patient mistakes him for a stuff animal and hugs him tightly. Krumm and Oblina laugh at this and Ickis storms off, telling his friends that they won't be laughing when they see the "new Ickis."

At the auto repair shop, Oblina scares away a mechanic and she and Krumm feel left out without Ickis and are contrite that they had laughed at him. Just then, they watch a news on TV explaining that the patients of the "Monster Doctor" at the Klasky Medical Center are protesting due to their grotesque features (one patient has three noses). Oblina then realizes that the "Monster Doctor" is Ickis, who has giving the patients a "monster makeover." So Oblina and Krumm run to the Klasky Medical Center to get Ickis back.

At the Klasky Medical Center, Ickis asks a doctor if he could help him with a procedure. As the doctor is about to perform the procedure on Ickis, Oblina and Krumm sneak through a vent and into the doctor's office. The doctor catches them and takes a whiff of Krumm's body odor. He breathes through the surgery breathing mask and is knocked unconscious. Oblina and Krumm attempt to take Ickis with them, but Ickis refuses and Oblina then scoffs at the monster's attempt to be scary-looking. After all the excitement, the appointment had turned out just to be another one of Ickis's cowardly ideas, before Oblina had thought she, Ickis and Krumm could all be friends, but not now. This prompts Ickis to trigger to his scare mode and scares all the patients in the waiting room, for this was Oblina's plan to use reverse psychology on him. The doctor then wakes up and asks if Oblina can do something about her red lips.

The Monsters are later seen taking an elevator, which stops midway down. In a panicking voice, Ickis asks, "What was that? Is it supposed to do that?"


  • This episode is available on the Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: Season 1 DVD From Shout! Factory.


  • Klasky Medical Center is a reference to Arlene Klasky, of Klasky-Csupo, Inc. The producers of the show.
  • Some TV descriptions accidentally list the episode as "Monster Make-Over".