[It all started in the hospital. A nurse goes into the room where the lights are not working.]

Nurse: Ah cockroaches. Darn light bulb. Hello? Is someone there? Dr. Middendoll, is that you? This isn't funny you know. You're not scaring me.

[The nurse saw the pair of red eyes glowing the vent break and pops out Ickis. The Nurse was terrified but she notice he was cute.]

Nurse: Oh. Look at how cute you are. Are you somebody's bunny? Just look at that snooky wooky cheeks?

Ickis: A bunny rabbit. Do I look like a bunny rabbit to you? Oh, who could needed a time like this?

Doctor:Stop crying I'll give you a break on the bill. Trust me you'll learn to love it.

Nurse: These people are calling you a monster doctor.

Doctor:In rates you give a man an extra nostril you think he'll thank ya.

Nurse:Doctor, I can't work like this. We got a waiting room full of frighten people.

Ickis: Frighten people? This is my lucky day!

Doctor: How dare you question my ability. My senses are just as sharp as they ever been. Stop smiling at me!


Gromble: [Laughing] Class.. dismissed. [laugher] Ickis.. [laughter] I'll deal with you.. [laughter, but then to stern voice.] tomorrow. [goes back to laughter.]

Ickis: You have any idea what it's like to be called cute?

Oblina:You mean do I know it's like to jump out at someone on a dark foggy night and do this? Only to have them laugh at my face?

Ickis: Yes yes exactly!

Oblina:No. But I suspect it's quite humiliating.

Krumm: What's that?

Ickis :It's a human dictionary. I'm looking up Snooky wooky checks. Maybe it's a good thing.

Oblina:Ickis, you're making a fool of yourself.

Ickis: Don't you mean a cute fool.


Ickis:Oh easy for you to say.



Oblina:Unfortunately, I do have plans tomorrow.

Ickis: [crying] What's the use? [shirly] I'll never be a good monster.


Ickis: [groaning] What was that?

Krumm:The power of positive stinking.


Ickis: Maybe you're right.

Krumm:You're a lean mean scaring machine.

Ickis: I guess I am sort of scary.

Oblina: Frightening.

Ickis:Frightening. Ohh I like that.

Oblina: That's the spirit!

Krumm: You're bad Ickis, real bad.

Ickis:I'm bad! Bad is not half of what I am. I am the ugliest slimiest razor fanged sharped clawed monster menace..

Oblina: Good show!

Ickis: I'm feeling good!

Krumm:[laughing] Go with the feeling.

Oblina:Why don't we go above ground and let Ickis show his stuff?

Krumm: Sounds like a plan.

Ickis: Lead the way!

[Cuts to the store]

Krumm:Arr she blows.

Ickis:Just point me in the right direction.


Oblina: Okay. New strategy. Let's make this a little easier.

Ickis:Maybe we should call it a day.

Krumm:Don't quit on us now pal.


Ickis:He got placed and put on display on aisle 12. I know I know think positively.


Ickis:I told you I'm hopeless. Why are you torturing me like this?

Oblina:Don't be silly. You are simply having and off day.

Ickis:You mean a off life.


Ickis:That's not true.

Oblina: Then PROVE IT! Give this scare everything you have got.

Ickis: FINE! Let's go into the closet.

Krumm:Does he have a pear?


Krumm: [laughs] Great!

Man: All clear. Come on Don. Don, It's just a chair.

Don: I really like rice.

Man: I know you do Don. Now come on it's time for you're nappy.

Don: No nap! Rice!

Man:It's okay Don. Nap is like rice.

Don:Rise is good.

Man:Yes it is. Sweet dreams Don.


Krumm:Don't think so much. Just do it.

Oblina:I'm with Krumm.

Ickis:Today is the first day for the rest of my life.

Krumm: This is gonna be good.


[Don wraps ickis up as a teddy bear. Seeing this. Krumm and Oblina started to laugh at him, thinking it was so funny.}

Ickis: Oh fine. Laugh all you want. But you won't be laughing when you see the new Ickis.

Oblina: Where are you going? [laughter] What do you mean the new 'Ickis.

Ickis: You'll see.


Man: Now where is that dipstick?


Oblina:It's just not the same without Ickis.


Oblina:Perhaps laughing at him wasn't the nicest thing to do.

Krumm:It was funny though.


Oblina: Monster doctor?

Reporter:Ma'am why the protest- Ah! You have three nostrils!

Middle aged woman: No kidding. Look at what this guy did to me.

Oblina: Wait a minute.I know those ears anywhere. Could that be?

Krumm: It's Ickis.

Oblina: What is he doing there?

Woman:Well there you have it.


Oblina:Not if we get to him first. Come on.

Doctor:I not talking to reporters. Can't you see I'm busy.

Ickis:No wait.


Ickis:Give me the works.

Doctor:Nothing for payment.




Doctor:Old cabbage new cabbage. What's the difference?

Ickis:And brown.

Doctor:Oh yeah, whatever.

Ickis: Right now,



Doctor:Haven't you darn reporters ever heard of the door?

Krumm: I'll take that. Smell something?

Ickis: [Gasp!] What are you guys doing here?

Oblina:Stopping you from making a big mistake!

Ickis:When this is over, Ill be the scariest monster in Academy's history.

Krumm:Can't let you do it. Come on buddy.

Ickis: Leave me alone! I know what I'm doing.

Oblina: Krumm! Let him go! Look at him.

Krumm: He is kinda cute.

Oblina:No matter what you do to you're looks, you'll never much of a monster.

Ickis:I thought you were my friends.

Oblina:Isn't it obvious?

Krumm:You just don't have the stuff.

Ickis:How could you guys say that?!


Krumm:Yes Snooky wooky cheeks.

[That really really angered him. Ickis started to loom and breaks right out of the room.}

Krumm: How did you know that would work?

Oblina:I read a book once on physiology.

Doctor:Hey You ever thought of doing something about those lips?


Ickis:Can you believe it? Get me the viewfinder cause I am a real monster! What was that? Is it supposed to do that?


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