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Mother, May I?

Mother, May I? is the second part of the seventh episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from Season 1. It first aired on December 10, 1994.



The Gromble's mother shows up at the academy unannounced. The Gromble leaves her in the care of Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm for the afternoon with alarming results.


An airplane lands at an airport and delivers a box that says "DANGER! Mongolian Wilde Yak" to the zookeepers. The animal emerges from the box and runs out. The humans scream at the wild animal on the loose and the next scene cuts to The Gromble at the Monster Academy yelling in anger over Ickis' jumpscare pose, which he berates harshly. So Gromble demonstrates himself, only to have his mother arrive, much to his annoyance. His mother embarrasses him in front of the other students and ends up giving him orders, even though he reluctantly lets her stay with him. When Ickis comes around, The Gromble puts him in charge to look after his mother. So Ickis tries to persuade Oblina and Krumm to help him out, which they reluctantly agree with.

Mama Gromble decides to take them out for a scare and tries to scare construction workers at the construction site. She scares them successfully and is saved by The Monsters from a moving bulldozer. She, however, is later captured by the zookeepers, who have mistaken her for the Wilde Yak they were searching for. So Krumm goes to the zoo to free her while Ickis and Oblina go and tell Gromble.

At the zoo, the zookeepers lock Mama Gromble in a cage, and in Gromble's room, Oblina has told him the situation, which Gromble responds sourly to and threatens punishment. At the zoo, Ickis and Krumm search for Mama Gromble and are caught by Gromble, who doesn't look pleased at all. He and the other three monsters finally find his mother's cage and hide from the zookeepers, who enter the cage. The monsters walk inside and scare the zookeepers offscreen.

Later, the other zookeepers are introducing the crowd to the Wilde Yak and revealed the two zookeepers trapped in a net emulating the Wilde Yak. Back at the Monster Academy, Gromble is getting ready for bed and says goodnight to his mother, but not before asking her if she can bring him Mr. Sluggy Buggy. Later, the Wilde Yak is shown to be back in Mongolia and walks away as the episode ends.